Marvellous Munich

Paula Ross on 16 October 2017
At the end of August, we booked in advance to go and see my relatives in Munich/Germany. We were away for 6 days and it was simple and stress free to get there.

We flew with Easyjet from Stansted and in just two hours you arrive in Munich. Totally doable for a city break.

We visited the BMW Museum, Allianz Arena Football Stadium, Neuschwanstein Castle and the city. Taking kids, we visited the local trampoline park too! We also saw the preparation of the Oktoberfest, although Bavarians call it 'die Wiesn' which mean the meadow. This is because it was on the meadow that a Bavarian Prince married an Austrian Princess 150 years ago!

Munich is a Bavarian city. There is lots of history, architecture, cool bars and restaurants and cafes and plenty of shopping.

The favourite part of the visit for me was the visit to Neuschwanstein Castle. Enjoy a 2 hour (each way) lovely train ride through the Bavarian countryside. Walt Disney based the Magic Kingdom at Disney on this very castle. Once you arrive, you hop on the bus to get to the base of the castle. It's quite a steep hill to get to the actual castle. You can walk it, hop on the shuttle bus or catch the horse and cart!

King Ludwig II was the King of Bavaria at the time. He was also known as the 'Fairytale King’. He had a passion for perfection, beautiful expensive items, decor and majesty. The castle was built with flushing toilets, as well as an air heating system for the whole castle, even the water was supplied by the nearby spring.

The construction of the castle started in 1869, however King Ludwig died before it was finished. Believe it or not construction it is still not finished to this day. You just can't help but be amazed and in awe of the stunning views, magnificent landscapes and gardens. Well worth a visit.

We also experienced a couple of the local beer gardens. It's definitely a way of life out there. After a hard day at work, you sit outside with friends of family or on your own. There is always someone to talk to and it's welcoming. The atmosphere is enchanting. You can either bring your own food or order from the extensive menu. The quality of food we sampled was delicious, wholesome and extremely filling. It was no more than £15 -£20 per person for a good meal with drinks and a cheeky dessert! You are never far from a beer garden in Munich!

We also visited the city by tram. The city has lots of interesting twists and turns. New and old buildings complement each other and the clock that chimes which is in the centre of the city is a charming landmark of the city. Most people in Germany speak English, however it is nice to say a few words in Germany, even if it's just Hallo (Hello), Auf Wiedersehen (Goodbye) or Danke (Thank you). It is appreciated.