48 Hours in Singapore

Rebecca Deacon on 19 June 2018
It is amazing to think what you can achieve with the right planning, and certainly that is what I did with Singapore!

A bewitching blend of east and west, and a melting pot of Malay, European and Chinese cultures, Singapore is a popular holiday destination and a fantastic city for you to discover. Renowned for its shopping malls and street markets, explore exquisite restaurants serving up a world of culinary adventures, charming colonial attractions, outstanding natural beauty and a full calendar of exhilarating and colourful events to enthral and enchant.

A multi-cultural city with Chines, Malaysian, Indian and Western inhabitants, you will be sure to discover something from them all! Take a trip to China town and discover the live food stands, the beautiful decorations and of course the perfect place to pick up your cheap souvenirs! Little India is stepping back in time with narrow streets, lively markets and once again some amazing food delights for you to indulge in! I took a trip to the gardens by the bay and the famous Super trees, the best time to do this is in the evening, where they perform a sound and light show. They are so pretty when they are all lit up! If you are brave enough (I was) you can take a trip to the top and walk along the rope bridges between them. This is also a perfect place to get some amazing views across the Marina Bay. No trip to Singapore should miss the incredible Botanical Gardens, a UNESCO - World Heritage site, the unique Bonsai Garden and Orchid garden will simply blow you away. The smells are also something to take in!

I would certainly recommend including in your trip a 10-minute boat ride to the older part of Singapore Pulau Ubin, where you can hire a bike and explore this island, escaping the Singapore as we know it now with skyscrapers and magnificent hotels! The famous Raffles hotel is the perfect spot to taste the world-famous Singapore Sling. This iconic hotel is one of the worlds most loved hotels, if a cocktail isn't what you are looking for then afternoon tea is also a top pick here!

If you are looking for a spot of nightlife and an amazing viewing spot then I highly recommend a trip to Altitude, the world’s highest al fresco bar! With 360' views, trendy music and a cocktail list to die for, you won’t be disappointed!

If you are planning a holiday that can incorporate Singapore I wouldn't hesitate to include it, you will be sure not to be disappointed!

For your next adventure and my personal recommendations please get in touch and before you know it you too could be enjoying your own Singapore Adventure!