Relax in Mauritius

Rebecca Deacon on 19 June 2018
Mauritius an Indian Ocean nation known for its beaches, lagoons and reefs. It has amazing mountainous interior which includes Black River Gorges, National Parks with rainforests, waterfalls, hiking trails and wildlife!

When I arrived in Mauritius in the southern part of the island I wasn't sure what to expect but soon I discovered what everyone talked about, the island was beautiful, so lush, easy to get around and some incredible hotels too! I travelled in early April for one week. We stayed on the North West coastline which takes about an hour from the airport. To drive from top to bottom only takes about an hour and a half, it is an easy island to hire a car on and the roads are very good, well signposted and easy to navigate.

The west coast is shielded from the cross winds and makes it a warmer coast to stay on. We had fantastic weather for our holiday, only spotting a bit of rain in the evenings, which the island often has, it has to keep its lushness somehow!

My stay at Ravenala Hotel by Attitude was amazing from start to finish! A beachfront property with a huge choice of dining options, some of which were adult only and really quite unique, they have a floating restaurant! Every person who works in the Attitude hotels is a partner so whether you meet the gardener or the manager they are all keen to ensure you have a wonderful stay, this is absolutely reflected in the service! I was amazed on my first morning that they knew my name and had a table waiting for me!

We spent lazy days on the beach, whilst taking advantage of the included water sports! You can take a free snorkelling trip directly from the hotel daily, walk along to the waterfalls, discover local castle ruins and enjoy the beautiful views. As the sun sets which were just superb and some of the best I have seen anywhere in the world, you can enjoy a bottle of South African wine relaxing on the sofas along the beachfront, ending the day in a perfect way.

We treated ourselves to a day out on a catamaran which departed from the southern side of the island and sales around the beautiful sea, where you will be lucky and see wild dolphin, turtles hatching and even an island where the giant tortoise live. This is also a trip, but you have to pay a significant amount to do this. Stopping off at one of the uninhabited islands where a disused lighthouse remains today, a perfect spot to take in the stunning landscape on the main island. From here we visited waterfalls and spotted monkeys residing along the river banks, before heading back for some lunch, a lovely trip and well worth the time out and money.

My top tips for a couple visiting the Ravenala are to book the adult only couple suite where you also get the beachfront sushi restaurant included. Reserve a table at the floating restaurant and enjoy a trip to the spa as the massage was amazing! For families equally the hotel is fantastic, with lots to do and the family suites were huge!

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