My Top 5 Travel Essentials

Sally-Jo Asser on 04 December 2022
My Top 5 Travel Essentials

Having recently returned from travelling I thought I’d share my top 5 travel essentials that made a significant difference to my travel experience. You’ll find a link at the end for ease of purchase if you so wish.

Carhartt Beanie Hat

The perfect accessory for travels to colder climes. No more itchy forehead, this is the softest, most comfortable beanie hat I’ve ever worn. It comes in a selection of colours and styles, with and without pom poms. I love the look of the pom pom but it doesn’t fit easily if you also need a water/wind proof hood over the top so I travelled with two beanies, one with pom pom, one without…… problem solved!

Crossbody Travel Bag

This is possibly the best solution I have found that provides safety of documents & money, is comfortable to wear. I also think it looks stylish. With multiple pockets, I was easily able to carry passport, travel documents, phone, reading glasses, pen and iPad, with everything being easy to access and in its own little section. Comes in a few colours, strap is adjustable to body size. It also fits discretely under a hoodie/coat etc.

Travel Belt

I use the Travel Belt in conjunction with the Crossbody Travel bag. So I haven’t got all my worldly goods in one place I split my credit/debit cards and cash, some in the Crossbody bag for immediate ease of access, some in the Travel Belt should something untoward happen to the more accessible Crossbody bag.

Travel Adapter

Charge your phone, tablet and headphones all at once with this Worldwide Travel Adapter with 4usb ports. Suitable to more than 200 countries including onboard cruises (check you cruise ship spec to be sure). Taking just this one adapter meant a good luggage space saving. Make sure you take it in your hand luggage though, you may need to charge enroute if your travels are unexpectedly delayed.

Luggage Vacuum Storage Bags

I’m not sure why I haven’t discovered these sooner….. my loss will hopefully be your gain. With limited luggage size allowance on my recent travels these bags allowed me to reduce the size of the suitcase contents, without having to compromise on what I packed. So whether you’re limited in size for your hold or cabin luggage these handy vacuum storage bags will ensure you don’t have to get the family sitting in your luggage so you can zip it up!!!

For your ease, to buy any of my top 5 travel essentials, copy this link into your browser and shop away