The Recipe to Successful Travel

Sally-Jo Asser on 22 January 2021
The Recipe to Successful Travel - Is there a recipe?

The Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Industry has enriched and influenced most of my working life and throughout this, planning lay at the heart of successful travel.

Successful planning is key to everything and knowing why you want to take the journey and what you want to achieve is the first stage of planning. Successful planning and advice lays at the heart of my unique business which specialises in advising and organising your travel agenda.

Later in 2021 I will be embarking on an Antarctic Cruise with Intrepid Travel, a trip won last year through an industry competition and now I need to embrace this unique life changing opportunity and create my successful travel plan.

Why do I want to do this trip? This unique life changing opportunity is a cocktail of adventures to be explored, embraced, valued and an experience that will maximise knowledge of the Antarctic and adventure cruising. This adventure with an off the beaten track agenda excites my inner passion for travel. The journeying will take me through a myriad of experiences: meeting new cultures, people, challenges, developing a new inner strength to become physically and emotionally fit. It is a life changing turning point, a milestone from which new educational experiences can grow. It is an opportunity to be shared with all who have a love for travel and who value that planning is central to every unique holiday experience. The trip will help me to advise and help you get the best from your unique Antarctic Adventure – should you choose to go.

What are your reasons for travelling? Visiting friends & relatives, fly & flop, archaeological & cultural focus, language development, practice a hobby …. Different choices require different arrangements: flight & car hire, All Inclusive beach package, City Break, Homestay, sailing/cycling tour. There’s little point me suggesting you an All-Inclusive beach package if you want to learn about Greek Mythology. So, to the person organising your travel (that’s me), working hard to understand your travel needs is my speciality. I aim to ensure you feel understood, then I create the right itinerary for you.

What do I want to achieve? Learning about the Antarctic’s natural environment, history of explorers, to experience some Argentine culture and then share the unique experience and photos with my friends & clients. I want to experience some optional activities which require a good degree of fitness, skill and tolerance a of cold.

What does this mean for me? I need to plan. Things need effectively planning prior to departure, some things now, some later in the year will prepare me and maximise the benefits which I can gain from the experience.

What would you want to achieve on your travels? Relaxation, learn or practice an activity, meet new friends, experience a new culture, have some time to yourself, learn a language, attend a conference, personal development goals, the list is endless, and I can help you to plan your unique future travel adventures with my unique travel planning skills.

Who can help you to make your travel recipe successful? Whether you’re embarking on an epic once in a lifetime journey or taking an annual relaxing 2 week fly & flop, once you know why you want to do it and what you want to achieve, you have got the building blocks to your Successful Travel experience. What next? That’s where I can help; my honed travel planning skills can help you to successfully plan your adventure, perfect planning with a person who is passionate about maximising the client’s experiences to be gained from their travels.

If you’d like help with the recipe to your Successful Travel, then please do get in touch and let me help you plan to realise your dreams with the minimum of stress… Wherever there’s a travel blog, there’s always more to follow. Interest? Please follow my adventures as they unfold on Facebook