Alaska stay & cruise days 13-16

Sarah Bolton on 12 July 2019

Sadly the final day in Alaska, before we headed down to Canada.

Another beautiful day sailing into Ketchikan. We were the 2nd ship into port, but ended up being busy with 4 ships!

Today’s excursion was another boat cruise - this time the Misty Fjords Wilderness Adventure. I’d been a little bit concerned that after all the magnificent trips I’d done that this would be slightly disappointing as it was billed as a scenic cruise, however it was excellent, with some wonderful scenery, excellent narration from the naturalist on board, and a fascinating talk from a local Tlingit bone carver about the people and their culture. One of the highlights for me was seeing a young black bear swimming in the sea and then climbing the rocks onto an island.

Afterwards I explored the town including the boardwalk along the front, and onward to Creek Street - the infamous Red light district in the Gold Rush days (and now full of cafes and gift shops!) Although touristy the area is well-preserved and makes for great photos with the multi-coloured buildings.

In the evening we had our special AzAmazing Evening - a complimentary event put on by Azamara on the majority of its sailings. Tonight was great fun at The Lumberjack Show with a welcome by First Nations tribal singing and dancing plus great music by the Ratfish Wranglers. The show itself was highly entertaining as well as being very skilful with competitions to show off all aspects of a lumberjacks work including axe work, chainsaws, climbing poles and running logs in water!

Day 14: Day at sea

Cruising the inside passage today from Alaska to Canada. Sea like a millpond. Lovely to sit out on my balcony or on the promenade deck and watch the world go by. I love the sight and sound of the sea.

One of my favourite Azamara foodie events took place today - the jazz brunch. This is a spectacular brunch buffet put on in the Discoveries restaurant with great live music. It’s always popular and people queue from early on to be the first ones in!

Bit of a foodie day really as went back to Prime C for dinner again with new friends I made on board. But before dinner started we were treated to a fabulous spectacle. It was dusk (about 8 ) and suddenly we were amongst lots and lots of humpback whales. As far as you could see there were whales breaching, fin slapping, diving with flukes showing etc. This went on for quite some time and was a real treat. Everything stopped for the whales - even the chefs came out of the kitchen to see! I’ve never seen anything quite like it. No matter how often you see whales they never fail to impress. (Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me so no pictures to show you - you’ll just have to believe me - or come and see for yourself!)

Day 15: Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada

We came into Victoria today - but I didn’t go ashore. You see I’ve spent some time here before and had seen/done everything I wanted to, plus it was Canada Day and the city centre was bedlam, plus it’s my last day on board so it’s nice to make the most of the ship when it’s quiet as well as boring stuff such as packing!

In the evening we had our White Night party on deck. This normally wouldn’t be done on the last night of a cruise but due to noise regulations in most Alaska ports plus weather considerations it made the most sense. The crew put on an amazing event as ever with a huge buffet and great live music. Once the sun set it did get a bit nippy but it just made you dance all the more!

Day 16: Vancouver

Disembarked to explore the Aquarium & Granville Island market before heading to the airport for my flight home.

To roundup this was the ultimate trip of a lifetime ... and I’d love to return some day.