BARBADOS Gem of the Caribbean sea

Steve Fletcher on 04 October 2013
Barbados is the gem of the Caribbean Sea. It is one of my most visited and favourite destinations! Just 21 miles long by a smile wide (14 miles), this paradise island with palm trees swaying in the tropical breeze, coral pink and white sand beaches all washed by the emerald and turquoise warm waters of the Caribbean has something for everyone!

Having gained its independence from Britain in 1966 it still keeps a lot of its British heritage. Made up of 11 parishes, the island is affectionately referred to as “Bimshire” or “Little England”. I have found Barbados and its people to be one of the friendliest places I have visited.

From self-catering studios to five star deluxe hotels and from fast food outlets to gourmet restaurants the island is diverse and appeals to everyone.

I have stayed in many hotels including The Club Barbados Resort and Spa – Adults only and Tamarind by Elegant on the west coast and Couples Barbados – Adults only and Turtle Beach by Elegant on the south coast. I also have first-hand knowledge of many other accommodations including self-catering.

My must do’s include venturing out, hire a car and start exploring, they are driving on the same side as the UK! See sugar cane fields, plantations houses, rum shacks, just soak up all the sights. Visit the rugged East Coast reminiscent of Cornwall with the Atlantic Ocean crashing on its shores. The scenic Scotland district with the islands highest point, Mount Hillaby. North Point and the Animal Flower cave are amazing. See the beaches of the fun south coast where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean and the west coast, lapped by the calm Caribbean Sea.

If you enjoy excursions try the Jeep safari that takes you off the beaten track or take to the sea for a relaxing day on a catamaran, or The Jolly Roger fun cruise and go swimming with the turtles.

Take Sunday brunch at The Crane beach Hotel, whilst listening to a Gospel choir. Crane beach is said to be one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. Visit Oistin’s Friday fish fry for some tasty local fare, where you can learn how to dance like a Bajan. Don’t forget St Lawrence Gap with its abundance of restaurants and bars featuring local calypso and reggae bands. Stop off at a rum shop for a chat with the locals and have cool refreshing drink. And for cricket fans take a visit to the Kensington oval on the outskirts of the capital Bridgetown.

Don’t go to Barbados without sampling, flying fish cutters, Macaroni pie, Bajan style pork chops, Banks beer and Rum punch. For more information and advice of this destination, please give me a call.