Fun and Friendly Silencio

Su Dillon on 30 November 2007
Everyone's heard of Playa De las Americas, Los Christianos or Puerto De La Cruz in Tenerife - but not so many have heard of Costa Del Silencio. The secret is in the name - it means Silent coast in Spanish. If it's bright lights, wild night life and sandy beaches your after then this isn't the place for you - but if you want a relaxing inexpensive break in the Canarian sunshine then Silencio is just the ticket. You fly into South Tenerife airport and jump a taxi which takes you no more than 15/20 minutes to reach Silencio.

Ken and I have been going to Silencio for over 10 years and have usually stayed in private apartments - rented locally. However, along with our 4 very good friends last year, we discovered the Hotel Marino. I believe it is an ex-time share property and the standard has been well maintained. The rooms are very spacious and have all the usual "equipment" in a small kitchen area, and all overlook the pool. Perfect for us!

We stayed on a self-catering basis and having sampled only a cup of coffee at the hotel and speaking to other guests - perhaps wouldn't recommend you stay here half-board or full-board. This isn't a necessity either really as we found plenty of places to eat around the clock. We had our breakfast at Morgans for around 4 Euros and evening meals at the harvester from about 6 Euros. We even had a "Sunday Lunch" type meal here which was superb - well recommended!

With regular flights to Tenerife now available from most major airports you can visit Tenerife for anything from 3 days to 3 months !

My photos don't show Silencio or the Hotel Marino - but hopefully show that in Silencio - everyone SMILES.... It's one of the most friendliest places we've ever been. Once you've been in a bar or a restaurant they remember you the next day, week, or even 2 and 3 years later! One picture shows our friend Lorraine with "Abdul", one of the guys who visits the bars every night trying to persuade you to buy their latest bargains! Ken bought a watch from Abdul in 2006 - he went swimming in it and discovered it wasn't waterproof! He took it back to Abdul and joked with him that it had a 12 month guarantee. Abdul then sat and took the watch to pieces - cleaned it and replaced the battery - now working good as new! They are such likeable people that we found ourselves buying things most days whether we wanted them or not!

If looking at my photos makes you smile too then think what a week in Silencio could do for you, it certainly made us smile and want to return time and again!!