Life as a TC during Lockdown

Su Dillon on 13 May 2020
Life as a Travel Counsellor during Lockdown

It seems like a lifetime ago, I spent a couple of weeks in Tenerife earlier this year, just as Covid19 had been found in a hotel there, from an Italian guest. I would never have dreamt then, what the next weeks and months were to become – like nothing experienced in my lifetime let alone my Travel Counsellors career. I returned to the UK on 7th March shortly before the country was put into “Lockdown” and all-but essential overseas travel was cancelled. Many clients have assumed because no-one is travelling right now, and as they have seen in the news that all high-street and online operators have closed staff being Furloughed, that I would not be busy -well quite the contrary. At Travel Counsellors we are proud to say now more than ever we are here 24-7 for our clients. I had some customers overseas at the time- and made swift arrangements to curtail their trips and bring them home safely. All but one client who opted to stay overseas with family, but whom I’ve kept in constant contact with and assisted with plans for getting home when ready. I’m then working through all client’s bookings in date order to either re-book for later this year or into 2021 or apply for a refund. As many people now finding working from home quite challenging and something new, I have ran my business over 12 years from my home office. I’m never Alone – as I have the support of a fabulous head office based in Manchester and other globally offices which means we are available to support you our clients around the clock whenever the need may arise. I also have many TC buddies around the globe I work with and chat to via various forms as we work and support one another through these difficult times. We’ve had new chat groups formed on social media – where we’re comparing the meals we cook – sharing motivational quotes and stories and weekly events such as a quiz to keep spirits high We cannot escape the media stories on this pandemic, and I appreciate it’s a very worrying time for everyone to remain safe and healthy and in employment in many cases. Holidays and short breaks are what keep many of us going and having something to look forward to. Whilst it seems like travel for the best in 2020 may-be unlikely at the moment , it’s not too early to plan for 2021 with many options available on a low deposit and you can then pay the balance off in smaller amounts should you so wish, via the MYTC app You may not be aware that I work purely on a commission basis and only once travel has taken place. Please may I ask a massive favour if you can re-book your trip rather than cancelling it and pass my details onto friends and family. Ask them to think twice before pressing book on an online company who will likely not be there to support them should the need arise again! Thank you for reading – hope to speak to you soon – in the meantime, stay safe