Azamara 4 night Cruise

Tracey Blackman on 19 March 2022
This was my first Adventure since Covid hit so after 2.5 Years i was beyond Excitement to be asked to go on a 4 night Cruise with Azamara . We Had 1 night in a lovely Hotel in Lisbon and it has been a while since I've been to Lisbon , what a fabulous city it is , the weather was amazing and bright sunshine in March around 19-22c , wonderful , little side streets with coffee shops , a funicula railway taking you to the top near the castle , a lovely old town . There was a Market going on in the square near to the port . We sat outside having breakfast , a lovely coffee and of course has to be done The iconic Pastel De Nata ( custard Tart ) this is there breakfast , certainly did not disappoint , i thought you could happily have 2/3 nights here .

We set sail on 19th March at 18.00 , when we got onboard all the crew were lined up with the Captain and they were so emotional as they hadnt sailed in 2 years !!.

Azamara was all sparkly and pristine ready waiting for us , We had a lovely Balcony Cabin , with enough cupboard space , a nice bathroom with shower , and the bed linen was amazing ,and the bed was really comfortable too , our itinerary was Lisbon at Sea Malaga Gibralter Portimao Lisbon Azamara Pursuit had a major Refit , she is a small Cruise Ship , she can get into small ports which the bigger ones cant manage the Itineraries are very interesting , there are 6 Decks on Board , a lovely spirit bar , Discoveries Bar great before and after dinner , The living room looks out over the sea and they have Dancing sometimes and Karaoke , The Cyber Area , a wonderful Library , all restaurants have there own bar , there is waiter service , there is also Buffet Restaurant , the food was amazing , The pool grill serves Burgers , chips , There are 2 speciality restaurants , Italian and Sea food . There is a cabaret on board , and local entertainments too . we had an amazing White night and lots of Dancing , singing and just great fun , all outside .

There is a wide choice of cabins Inside , great bathroom , ocean view and a large window , Varandah Cabin the bedding is fantastic , Continental Suite and it does have a bath , butler service , Ocean Suite a large bathroom , Butler Service big picture window , The owners Suite is the largest Cabin on board .

There is a wonderful shop selling jewellery ,perfumes , lots of lovely things , it really has a wonderful feel , comfortable and its done very tastefully , i would not hesitate to recommend this to my clients , The food was amazing , i ate far to much he he , it had a really peaceful restful vibe to it as well which i really loved .

I have been lucky enough to Cruise on many ships so its always a pleasure to Cruise on one i haven't before .Ports of call i loved Malaga with some great bars , restaurants , coffee shop culture .Gibraltar is a great find for Silver Jewellery and its Duty free , On top of the Rock it was very cloudy unfortunately but a wonderful view can be seen from there.

Portimao Portugal was lovely with its gorgeous Sardine tins , lovely church , very relaxed and friendly , before i knew it we were sailing back to Lisbon but what an amazing journey on this beautiful Cruise ship.