Path of the gods Amalfi Coast

Tracey Blackman on 15 October 2022
I was lucky enough to be invited to experience part of a tour that Exodus Tours offer this was a place I've always wanted to go to as I've booked many people. off i went flying to Naples which is a short flight from uk 2 hours 30 mins , to the Amalfi Coast , i book lots of Honeymoons to this part of italy , as it really is a gem of the Mediterranean and it certainly didn't disappoint me .

We stayed at Hotel Due Torri which was a lovely family run hotel and passed down from generations , food was excellent , a lovely room with a balcony , and woken by Cockrill's in the morning , its in a village called Bomerano , very quaint , with a church and coffee shop, and bakery .

1 st day we were walking the Path of the gods and it felt like a pilgrimage , as we went up and up the scenery got better and better , i was very glad i had walking boots on though as we climbed over boulders , fantastic coastal views , it took us 2.5 hours and it was 6km , Ascent 100m , Desent 100m fabulous experience and a sense of achievement .

day 2 was very special as we visit Herculaneeum & Pompeii all included in the price Mt vesuvius erupted in AD79 and it wasn't until 18th century that it was discovered , there are Roman homes , baths , frescos , 300 skeletons discovered , and plaster bodies , its amazing for us to be able to see this and go back in time so far.

Day 3 was a boat trip to Positano and this is Quintessentially the jewel in the Mediterranean , coming into it by boat is magical with its little houses all white and glistening , there are little Alleyways , coffee shops , restaurants , it is so so pretty , the cliffs are very rugged , with the blue sea and white buildings , its fabulous to see. I managed to have a quick swim before being picked up again for our 20 min boat trip back .

The Amalfi coast touches your heart with its food , culture , scenery , passionate people , and really will stay with me that's for sure , and also Exodus who have been going for over 40 years , Taking solo Travellers , couples , families , there guides certainly know there stuff and really enhance your holiday as most are from the countries they guide , our Guide Servio was amazing , the lovely Limonchello we had at the start of our meals , pasta , pizza , fruit was also so memorable , i will be returning to the beautiful Amalfi Coast .