Baltic Cruise - Warnemunde, Germany

Trevor Smith on 28 July 2010
What a great stop point for our Baltic Cruise, first time ashore since leaving Dover a few days ago and two places of great interest and beauty - Warnemunde and Rostock in Germany.

A wander around the delightful seaside town of Warnemunde was welcome after being on board our cruise for a couple of days. Pleasantly surprised of the beauty of the town alongside the river and sea frontage - miles of sand and traditional "victorian" seating - quite quaint!

The cruise terminal is so close to the town centre as well as the train station, which gave us the opportunity of visiting Rostock at leisure.

Arriving in Rostock, we commenced a self guided tour of the centre of this city with its century old red brick architecture. As the roads in the centre are very narrow and partly closed to traffic, our visit to Rostock was easy to see the old market square and beautiful City Hall and also St Marys Church, Rostock's landmark at the Goat Market.

A pleasant day in Warnemunde and Rostock during our 12 night cruise of the Baltic States on the MS Balmoral with Fred Olsen Cruise Lines.