Cruise the Kiel Canal

Trevor Smith on 27 July 2010
This was the first highlight of my Baltic Cruise, departing Dover on Monday 26 July, 2010 and arriving at the entrance to the Kiel Canal soon after lunch.

The Kiel Canal covers some sixty four miles from Brunsbuttel to Kiel in Germany and many cruise liners use this route alongside many commercial and private boats and ships to reduce the distance from the North Sea to the Baltic Sea by over two hundred miles

Our transit took a little under eight hours and took us through some very interesting places along route as well as passing beneath many bridges.

Much farmland was alongside this narrow canal for the forty three thousand tonne vessel of the MS Balmoral run by Fred Olsen Cruise Lines at a cruising speed of a little over six knots.

I was definite not expecting this transit to be eight hours in length but gave us a good day sunbathing and taking note of what was around us - a very interesting cruise