Trish Griffiths on 14 February 2023
Whilst I have many families who visit Lapland to see Santa (as it is every child's dream to meet the magic man himself) - Lapland is also a great experience for Adults & I have many couples who like to visit to experience the magical scenery.

From staying in a log cabin or a glass roofed cabin to experience the Northern Lights from your bed or going off on Reindeer rides / Snowmobiling / Aurora hunting / Husky rides - all these things make it extra special.

Here are some handy tips.....

1. Take a head torch - if doing a snow shoe walk at night - aurora hunting 2. Alcohol isn’t as expensive as everyone makes out. €8.50 for a pint of local beer (nice too!) or glass of white wine, however, some excursions are at night and if doing husky sleighs or snowmobiling then you cannot drink and by the time you get back either the bar is closed or its well past bedtime! (We actually didn’t spend that much in the bars - in fact very little) 3. Get a cheap set of thermal underwear from Decathlon or Go Outdoors etc, they are worth every penny. 4. Don’t take too much ‘going out’ clothes, you won’t need it - you’ll spend most time in your ‘outdoor’ walking/hiking type clothes, fleece etc 5. Get a nice bottle(s) of whisky or whatever takes your fancy at duty free - if the bar is closed when you come back from trips out at night, you can just have a nice relaxing tipple before bed whilst watching the aurora or stars! 6. Optional - get a selfie type stick that doubles up as a tripod for your mobile phones for when you’re aurora hunting at night. Hope you have a decent camera on your phones or a decent camera in itself - it’s worth it! 7. All our guides did say that the best time to go is February (which is when we went) - this is the most opportune time to see the Aurora in all its ‘dancing’ glory. We couldn’t agree more.

Hope you like the photo's.....