Western Greece twin centre

Trish Griffiths on 17 June 2023
This year we completed our ‘map of Greece’ – meaning we have now visited every single area of Greece both on the mainland and the islands – we are true Grecophiles.

In June we had a Twin Centre once again on the mainland – staying in EPIRUS and CENTRAL GREECE.

Our first part of the holiday was spent in PLATARIA – a lovely coastal village in Epirus which looks towards the island of Corfu. It has a nice big beach and a good variety of local restaurants & a nice Marina. From here many people set off on their sailing trips so Sunday is a busy day for the turnaround on the sailing boats. It is mainly Greeks who holiday here which is what we like – you can always tell it’s not very touristy when you don’t pay for a sunbed on the beach, you just need to buy a drink.

We visited Syvota and Parga whilst up in this area as they are both popular places with my clients.

Parga is beautiful but was much busier (even in June) – lots of shopping, bars and restaurants. It’s very quaint with the cobbled streets & as it is built on the slopes of a mountain it can be quite hilly. Syvota is much smaller, again very nice and not quite as busy. It is considered to have some of the most stunning beaches of the area and little islets which create little fjords.

For the second part of our holiday we headed south to central Greece and to MYTIKAS. This is typically Greek with not many tourists, apparently the Greek tourists mainly arrive in August so it was wonderful having somewhere so quiet and calm.

It has a variety of supermarkets, local bars and restaurants all serving good traditional Greek food. There is a small Marina and as it looks towards the island of Lefkas there is boat hire available to visit the island or a Water Taxi to take you to one of the more remote islands for the day.

It is surrounded by beautiful scenery and beaches dotted around – some of the beaches we had to ourselves – heaven!

It’s a great place to sit and watch the world go by.

Here’s to our next visit to Greece!