Trish Griffiths on 25 December 2018
We last visited Tenerife 24 years ago, so I thought perhaps it's time to go back and see how things may have changed.

I book many clients to Tenerife and they always come back having loved their trip so I wanted to go and see how the resorts have changed over the years.

We were lucky enough to stay in a beautiful apartment which one of my clients allowed me to use it was in the resort of Puerto Santiago which is not a very busy tourist resort and actually is more Spanish.

We had a car whilst we were there so we explored. I wanted to see Puerto de la Cruz which is on the north part of the island and often experiences different weather from the south of the island.

On Christmas Eve, we experienced how the Spanish celebrate, finishing work for Christmas in the beautiful Santa Cruz which is the island’s capital - lots of Christmas decorations and people having lunch and drinks, the atmosphere was great.

The resorts do differ quite a lot from very touristy and built-up to more laid-back local and Spanish resorts.

If you are considering a holiday to Tenerife and would like to know a resort which will suit you, please get in touch and I will suggest the right place or you.

We stayed over Christmas and New Year and the weather was excellent I would highly recommend Tenerife for a Christmas break.