Travel Counsellors working with Dean Valley Primary School, Bollington

Anita Devonport on 22 November 2017

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I felt very privileged to be invited into Dean Valley Primary School to talk to the year 6 children about my career from the time I left School to now, running my own business as a Travel Counsellor.

The children were amazing, asking so many questions including do I have my own private jet!

The children were also asked to create a North America brochure, each child was given a State and they had to make their page look interesting, informative, using creative writing and most of all stand out from the rest.

I returned a couple of weeks later to judge and announce the winner. I sat in the class room for a while and it soon became clear that there was no chance of choosing a winner so quickly. The results just blew me away. These children are only 10 years old and their work was just extraordinary.

Because of this I decided to take it home and read through each and every one of them carefully as well as asking a few of my family and friends to choose their top three. I felt this was the fairest way considering hours of work was put into each and every page.

After lots of consideration we have chosen our top three!

1st Place - Mississippi by Olive Meggitt

2nd Place - Iowa by Luke Earl

3rd Place - Pennsylvania by Sam Grimes

Introduction page created by Beth Hadley & Lily Seldon

Well done Dean Valley Primary School, it was a pleasure spending time with you all x

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