My Sustainable Travel Pledge

Caroline Joyner on 22 November 2023
I am both personally and professionally passionate about ethical, sustainable travel and the incredible potential tourism has to be a positive force in sustainable development.

Here is my poetic commitment to travelling more sustainably, both as a traveller and a travel professional!

Our planet is changing by the day,

To explore it is a privilege, if we don’t respect that we will surely pay,

The world’s beauty is there to see, slowing down to appreciate it is the key,

Treading light now will aid our planet’s plight,

And there are many ways we can add to that powerful fight,

Precious wildlife are already rare, observe them only from afar to show you care,

Cultures and traditions of the world are there to be celebrated, and the immersive experience is to what I am dedicated,

I will point you towards authenticity, and advise you to use local guides, try street food, shop local and enjoy that simplicity,

Along the path towards your holiday, we will walk the options from hotel to hacienda,

Making sure our planet’s future is top of the agenda