Nevis Naturally - Family Adventure #2

Kaye Dunbar on 30 August 2019
After 3 nights in St Kitts is was time to cross the Narrows and explore Nevis!

The crossing over to Nevis is very easy. The water taxi, leaves from Reggae Beach or the Park Hyatt and takes just a few minutes. A very short taxi ride took us up to the Mount Nevis hotel. We had a lovely warm welcome and were shown are room. This is a very different style of hotel to the Hyatt, but fantastic! In blocks or villas, we had a full kitchen and a spacious room. The view from the balcony was breath-taking, looking across to St Kitts. The restaurant on site is fantastic! Indian food mostly, great quality and service. The team at the hotel went above and beyond to enable us to get the very best from our stay.

On our first morning we took a jeep tour of the island, for four of us with Andy driving, taking in the best beaches and historical sites. It was a great fun way to explore, whilst following a guide so we didn’t miss any of the best bits! We were able to visit some of the beautiful plantation hotels before a fantastic lunch at the yachtsman on the beach.

Nevis has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I would recommend hiring a car to explore the island at your own pace. It is easy to hop between the natural and secluded beaches, snorkelling from the shore at Nesbit beach or take a boat trip from Oualie, and exploring the different sugar plantations, now converted to beautiful restaurants and hotels. The food is fantastic, Creole and West Indian Seafood specialities, rids are also popular as are Indian and Chinese options!

That evening as a family we experienced something that we will all remember forever! We are all interested in wildlife conservation. The Tourism Authority had suggested we get in touch with Lemuel Pemberton from the Nevis Turtle Group whilst on the island. Jewella at the Mount Nevis spoke to him and drove us out to meet him on the beach. There is an issue on the island with fire ants attacking the turtle nests and getting to the hatchlings before they can leave for the sea. We drove around and walked a few beaches, following trails, until he expertly found a nest to check. There were three hatchlings left in the nest. One had already been lost to the ants, but two others were still alive. The children were able to hold and warm them before taking them away from the ants and closer to the sea to release them. It was magical and made all the better by the fantastic people on Nevis.

The next morning was spent with Black Rig Fishing Charters. We spend 4 hours trolling for Barracuda, it was a fantastic trip – separate blog to follow! We had dinner at Oualie Beach Resort, chatting with some locals whilst the children made friends and played together on the beach.

We all had a fantastic time on St Kitts and Nevis. I had never stayed in the Caribbean on a bed and breakfast basis before, but I would certainly recommend it!