World Cup 2006 Germany

Su Dillon on 23 June 2006
A visit to Germany in 2006 had a dual purpose. We decided to go on a 'memory lane' trip for Ken having served in the army in Duisburg and also to be in the country when the World Cup was being played. We flew into Dusseldorf and caught a train over to Duisburg. Still speaking a little bit of German, Ken spoke to several people on the train en-route asking about the area as nothing appeared familiar but then not surprising as it had been several years.... We stayed in a lovely bed and breakfast accommodation where, as with most German guest houses, we were treated like the owners personal guests and nothing was too much trouble.

We had tried to get flights and accommodation to be in Germany actually when 'England' were playing but having left it too late and/or not willing to pay as much as the mortgage to do so we actually left the day before England's game in Dusseldorf.

Nevertheless the atmosphere was electric. I had bought several t-shirts of different countries to wear and remained totally neutral when the matches were being shown and it didn't matter who you were supporting there was an amazing 'buzz' about the place! I know there is a lot of bad publicity for football supporters but in my experience here I wouldn't hesitate to go again.

We actually saw most of England's game in the airport lounge just before we left and again it was like everyone there were long lost friends it was such great fun.

I watched this year more the surroundings and places the games were being played in South Africa as I'm sure it was again fantastic.

Already planning ahead I would love to be in Brazil in 2014!