Travelling to Maastricht via Amsterdam with KLM Airlines

Paula Ross on 06 August 2019
I've just had some customers return from an excellent weekend to see Andre Rieu in concert, in Maastricht. They wanted to give other travellers some feedback about their journey to Maastricht.

When we booked, Paula advised us the flight was from Newcastle to Maastricht via Amsterdam. But Paula also advised, rather than a flight from Amsterdam to Maastricht, KLM actually run a coach service between the airports. However, rather bizarrely the coach has a flight number and even the coach drivers welcome you onto the 'flight' when you board. The coach leaves from platform C outside Amsterdam airport, but was not easy to locate as around 20 - 30 coaches are parked up in a seemingly random order. There are no electronic timetables to assist, or any information desks. The coach does have a KLM logo and the words Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Maastricht written on the side, but this can easily be missed depending on where the coach is parked.

The coach journey itself was efficient, comfortable and enjoyable. Rather than stopping at Maastricht airport the coach continued to the centre of Maastricht (with the agreement of all passengers) where we were told we would be dropped at the railway station. However, the coach stopped at a street two or three blocks away from the railway station and thus there was no immediate access to taxi's, which did cause inconvenience to some of the less mobile passengers.