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Travelling to Maastricht via Amsterdam with KLM Airlines

06 August 2019

I've just had some customers return from an excellent weekend to see Andre Rieu in concert, in Maastricht. They wanted to give other travellers some feedback about their journey to Maastricht. When we booked, Paula advised us the flight was from Newcastle to Maastricht via Amsterdam. But Paula also advised, rather than a flight from Amsterdam to Maastricht, KLM actually run a coach service between the airports. However, rather bizarrely the coach has a flight number and even the coach drivers welcome you onto the 'flight' when you board. The coach leaves from platform C outside Amsterdam airport, but was not easy to locate as around 20 - 30 coaches are parked up in a seemingly random order. There are no electronic timetables to assist, or any information desks. The coach does have a KLM logo and the words Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Maastricht written on the side, but this can easily be missed depending on where the coach is parked. The coach journey itself was efficient, comfortable and enjoyable. Rather than stopping at Maastricht airport the coach continued to the centre of Maastricht (with the agreement of all passengers) where we were told we would be dropped at the railway station. However, the coach stopped at a street two or three blocks away from the railway station and thus there was no immediate access to taxi's, which did cause inconvenience to some of the less mobile passengers.

Helpful tips for visiting Table Mountain - Capetown

04 June 2019

Thinking about a trip to the South African capital? Then you need to visit Table Mountain - a phenomenal landmark that overlooks the city. Here are my personal tips for visiting this fantastic flat-topped mountain… 1. GET THERE EARLY: I strongly advise you to arrive by 7am, with pre-booked morning tickets (I suggest nothing later than an 8am ticket). At peak times, you’re looking at a 3-hour queue to go up and a 3-hour queue to come back down again! 2. BEWARE THE QUEUES: You should know that there are 2 queues - one for visitors with tickets and one for those without tickets. I can’t overstress the importance of being early for either, you need to be in the queue by 7am. 3. 8 TIL 8(-ish): The first cable car goes up at 8am, although in the summer months, they may fire up a bit earlier. When I was last there, the first tickets were heading up the mountain by 7:30am. Come closing time, the last cable goes up 8.30pm with the last cable car coming down at 9.30pm. 4. DON’T STRESS: If you don't get on, don't worry - you can generally obtain a refund at one of the box offices, then purchase again online. 5. STICK TO YOUR SLOT: It’s important to remember that tickets are not valid to go up before the booking time, but they are valid for any time after. Online tickets are good for 7 days from the initial date too.

Stress Free Travel

19 January 2018

Top ten tips for avoiding additional stress at your airport during peak travel 1. Long Haul - get to the airport a minimum of 3.5 hours before 2. Short Haul - get to the airport a minimum of 2.5 hours before 3. Check in online 24 hours prior to departure and print off your boarding passes 4. Set off from home earlier - no one can predict the traffic 5. Arrange parking for the Meet and Greet (nearest to the airport terminal) 6. Take plenty of snacks for the car journey and waiting for your flight as well as bottles of water for pre-security 7. Wear comfortable clothing. Belts, shoes and jewellery will all have to be removed at the Security Gate (not the clothes!) 8. Have toiletries (under 100ml) in a see-through sandwich bag ready for the Security Gate 9. Parents, as long as you have the kids, passports, money and credit card, nothing else matters. Children pick up on your stress, if you cope, they will! 10. Book with a Travel Counsellor, we worry about all this, so you don't have to!

Travelling with children

19 January 2018

You don’t want to stop travelling overseas just because you now have children and what’s more, you still want quality accommodation, great facilities and a little time for yourselves to relax. Great kids’ entertainment and occasional supervision for your children can be important. Plus, top tips on how to avoid the having a stressful journey with the kids. 1. Pace yourself. Go with the flow and don’t pack in too much. Build in rest days and be realistic about what you might see and do. 2. Travel is great for broadening the mind, even if you’re a five-year-old. Start getting your little ones prepared for their holiday by treating it like a project. Read a guide book to them or watch a DVD or perhaps even try some of the local traditional dishes you may expect at your destination. Encourage them to keep a holiday journal, collect photos, ticket stubs and draw pictures of what they have seen and record new words they may have learned along the way, and give things a try. 3. Research and prepare a “things to do and places to go if the weather isn’t great” list. This is particularly good if travelling out of season in the February or October half terms. 4. If possible check in online as knowing you are sat together will give you piece of mind and you can often turn up a little later to airport if you have checked in, leaving less time to entertain your child before boarding. 5. Choose a hotel that caters for children. Kids clubs can give parents a welcome break but make sure you check what ages they take, what hours they operate and that they are running at the time of year you are visiting (many only run for the high season). 6. Taking a buggy or pram, even if your child is now walking, can be handy as they can double up as places to rest from the heat or if up a little later than usual to rest in a restaurant, for example. 7. Check the hand luggage restrictions before travelling, including the latest rules on carrying liquids, gels and creams, which will more than likely include milk and nappy cream for example. Chances are you will be able to carry them, but they may have to be stored in a specific way and not carried over a certain quantity, as the rules change so often it’s always worth checking close to travel. 8. Requesting a ground floor room if available is often a good idea many rooms lead onto gardens giving extra play areas 9. When flying it’s helpful to have something such as a boiled sweet to suck on to drink during take-off and landing. Make sure you have plenty of ways to entertain your little one such as crayons, books and their favourite toy. 10. Enjoy. If you book with Travel Counsellors we can do many of these things for you.

Marvellous Munich

16 October 2017

At the end of August, we booked in advance to go and see my relatives in Munich/Germany. We were away for 6 days and it was simple and stress free to get there. We flew with Easyjet from Stansted and in just two hours you arrive in Munich. Totally doable for a city break. We visited the BMW Museum, Allianz Arena Football Stadium, Neuschwanstein Castle and the city. Taking kids, we visited the local trampoline park too! We also saw the preparation of the Oktoberfest, although Bavarians call it 'die Wiesn' which mean the meadow. This is because it was on the meadow that a Bavarian Prince married an Austrian Princess 150 years ago! Munich is a Bavarian city. There is lots of history, architecture, cool bars and restaurants and cafes and plenty of shopping. The favourite part of the visit for me was the visit to Neuschwanstein Castle. Enjoy a 2 hour (each way) lovely train ride through the Bavarian countryside. Walt Disney based the Magic Kingdom at Disney on this very castle. Once you arrive, you hop on the bus to get to the base of the castle. It's quite a steep hill to get to the actual castle. You can walk it, hop on the shuttle bus or catch the horse and cart! King Ludwig II was the King of Bavaria at the time. He was also known as the 'Fairytale King’. He had a passion for perfection, beautiful expensive items, decor and majesty. The castle was built with flushing toilets, as well as an air heating system for the whole castle, even the water was supplied by the nearby spring. The construction of the castle started in 1869, however King Ludwig died before it was finished. Believe it or not construction it is still not finished to this day. You just can't help but be amazed and in awe of the stunning views, magnificent landscapes and gardens. Well worth a visit. We also experienced a couple of the local beer gardens. It's definitely a way of life out there. After a hard day at work, you sit outside with friends of family or on your own. There is always someone to talk to and it's welcoming. The atmosphere is enchanting. You can either bring your own food or order from the extensive menu. The quality of food we sampled was delicious, wholesome and extremely filling. It was no more than £15 -£20 per person for a good meal with drinks and a cheeky dessert! You are never far from a beer garden in Munich! We also visited the city by tram. The city has lots of interesting twists and turns. New and old buildings complement each other and the clock that chimes which is in the centre of the city is a charming landmark of the city. Most people in Germany speak English, however it is nice to say a few words in Germany, even if it's just Hallo (Hello), Auf Wiedersehen (Goodbye) or Danke (Thank you). It is appreciated.

Mystical Marrakech

01 March 2014

After an excellent, short flight of 3 hours and 15 mins I arrived in Marrakech. We caught our private transfer. I strongly recommended booking a prearranged transfer. Hassle free. Our driver took us to our resort of Zone Touristque, Agdal a 25 mins transfer, 15mins outside the medina. A lovely 24 degrees in November! The following day, we arranged to do a half day doing a personal, private, historical Marrakech tour. It was superb. I would definitely recommend this. The Berbers from the High Atlas Mountains arrived in Marrakech in 1062 and never left. We saw the Bahia palace, Saadims tombs. We had a talk with a genuine Moroccan herbalist, who has remedies for every ailment! We passed through the Jewish quarter. The whole experience was just awesome. The sheer vibe, the narrows streets of the medina, the characters of the sellers, the aromas and Souks. I felt I had been catapulted to another world. A world of intrigue and mystery! I stayed in Zone Touristque Agdal. It is a new purpose built resort outside the medina, away from the hustle and bustle. Still under construction in most areas. It is lined with 4 /5 star hotels, most of the area is pedestrianized. This area has the Alamzar shopping mall (even has TGI Friday’s!), couple of banks and a massive Carrefour supermarket. If you wanted a more authentic experience stay in hotel or Riad, some are in the Medina. Riads are small to medium family run properties with a few rooms or smaller. Full of character and charm. Riads are beautiful oasis's of peace and tranquillity, with a courtyard in the centre which is the vocal point and generally a roof top terrace. Bliss. A welcomed haven of peace when outside is in organised chaos! I must mention the traffic. It is nothing short of insane. You'll see on a busy roundabout, a donkey pulling a cart, families hanging off a small scooter, horse and carriage. Anything goes! But, hey it works just fine. Everyone knows what they're doing ...even If you don’t! Alcohol: please remember, if you wish to buy alcohol it is freely available in the hotels. You can also buy it supermarkets, but you have to ask for it, as it is discreetly hidden away! If you have not tried it, you must try a Traditional Hamman. What can I say! Those of you that don't know what a Traditional Hamman is, it is a deep cleansing, full body wash, scrub and exfoliation. Followed by a full body, deep massage with Moroccan Argan oil. The whole experience, including a pedicure, lasted 4 hours. Wow wee! My skin felt so soft and cleansed. An experience not to be missed! Once again, we found ourselves back at the Medina. I can't explain it, the Medina has this peculiar draw. You just want to apart of it. The Medina is basically the area inside The Ramparts (the city walls) which date back to 10th Century. Outside The Ramparts is 20th century and the New Marrakech, with modern shopping malls, café's, bars, restaurants. There are no beaches in Marrakech. I went for fabulous lunch and tour of the Hotel La Maison l'Arabe. A beautiful 5 Star, Riad elegant in design. 1920's /1930's with its unique Moroccan /Art Deco influence. The attention to detail from the rooms to the service is exquisite. I felt I was an extra in an episode of Poriot! This 5 star accommodation was a favourite of Winston Churchill. It also housed the first restaurant in Marrakech. La Maison l' Arabe is famous for its cooking courses which you can book either a morning or afternoon class. The hotel has a characteristic atmospheric, 1920's jazz bar for both guests and outside guests. A perfect way to unwind after a busy day in the Medina. Time to hit Jemma El Fna Square! The heart and soul of Marrakech. The best time to experience the true feel of Jemma El Fna is from 4.30pm to 6.30 pm. It's cooler and the square becomes a hub of activity. Everyone descends to absorb the atmosphere after work. Believe me you don't know where to look first! The square has everything there from mobile phone sellers to snakes charmers. The smells, sights and sounds, herbs and spices, henna tattoos and arts and crafts ... it truly excites the senses! To make it really special go to Cafe Glacier on the square. This restaurant bar, has a roof top terrace and if you buy a drink, you can watch the antics going on the Medina/square and savour the amazing sunset all at the same time. It's a photographers dream! Marrakech is not for the faint hearted. But, please don't be put off by the intensity. It is what makes Marrakech. My advice ...Just go with the flow and prepare for a sensual overload!

Capitvating Cayman Islands

19 June 2013

I thought the Cayman Islands were a place you just read about! Well I had the good fortunate to visit there for six days. What an amazing destination. The Cayman Islands are made up of three islands; Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. I stayed on the main island, Grand Cayman. It is 22 miles long at it longest point and 8 miles wide and neighbouring islands include Jamaica and Cuba. It takes about 10 hours to get there. BA has a direct service that stops on route in Nassau/Bahamas. It is also home to the famous Seven Mile beach (which is actually 5 miles…but don’t tell) and has an abundance of natural beauty that is breath-taking. The Cayman Islands boast all year round sunshine but I think people don’t talk about it much because it is usually linked with the wealthy as it is a tax haven for 750 businesses worldwide! The Cayman Islands is an all year round resort with the rainy season from May to October is hot and humid. In the winter months it hardly rains and it is dry, hot and a lot less humid. Seven mile beach is one of best beaches I have ever seen in the Caribbean with its crystal turquoise blue waters. There are all sorts of activities at your fingertips to tempt the adventurous and not so adventurous. From paddle boarding to snorkelling and from kite surfing to just bobbing around. A number of hotels line seven mile beach and whether you are in an affordable hotel or not, you boast an enviable position! Georgetown is the capital and is on Grand Cayman. It is lovely for a mooch around and is full of character with plenty of shops, designer boutiques, trinket shops, restaurants, tours and the odd cruise ship to keep you amused. Grand Cayman is not a place for rowdy nightlife, although in the winter months it will become busier. You will find some bars close at midnight but there is the odd bar that closes later. Beach bars and open restaurants are plentiful and are open to the wee hours. Sunday brunch is a big thing in Grand Cayman and most hotels, cafés, bistros and restaurants have a brunch time menu. One of my highlights was swimming with Stingrays. It was adrenaline pumping, exciting and a bit alarming all rolled into one - you’ve got to do it! Not far away is Camana Bay. This is the hip and trendy place to hang out. The motto is Live, Dine, Work, and Shop. It’s a purpose built area with fabulous water features , a lake, chic shops, open air bars, restaurants and café and a, cinema. You won’t be short of something to do in the evening here. For diving, Cayman is a Mecca! Dive around Little Cayman where you have the Bloody Bay Wall and with Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac too you are spoilt for choice. All three islands have some superb small and friendly dive properties all geared up for divers and non-divers alike. The Caymanians (as they like to be known) are proud of their heritage and love to talk about days gone by whenever they get a chance. Take a visit to Pedro Castle, take in the historical show and listen and hear about the Cayman Islands wonderful history. I also took a hop to Little Cayman. It’s only 30 minutes by plane. Only 150 people live on this island. It is a picture postcard island with crystal clear blue turquoise waters and ‘jaw-dropping’ white sandy beaches to relax on. Peace, quiet and tranquillity are key here. Either get away from it all completely or stay as a twin centre but Little Cayman is a must. It is heaven on earth! You can dive, snorkel or take in in scenery whilst reading a book on your veranda…sheer bliss. Cayman Brac is also about a 40 minute flight. This may appeal to the more outdoors person in you with its rugged, rocky coastline, with natural trails, bird watching, hiking and biking. It does have beaches but you see more if you are willing to explore its natural beauty. For those of you who are interested in ecology and historical heritage sites this is ideal place to explore. There is so much to see and do; there is definitely something for everyone. If you would like to know more please give me a call.

My customer stories

Sent by Camilla Belgrave-Parr

Unwavering attention to detail and genuine care for her customers.

Sent by Justin Souster

Paula goes that extra mile to make sure your holiday is just perfect I would never travel abroad unless Paula had booked it for me 110% service. Look forward to booking many more get aways with her.

Sent by Robert Marsden

Fantastic person who will always be there for you!

Sent by Mandy Whitby

Paula knows her customers and what they want.

Sent by Meadows -Jones Phillippa

Without Paula's enthusiasm and committed approach, it's highly likely we wouldn't have gone on holiday at all. We're grateful to Paula for ensuring we didn't give up, resulting in a wonderful and much needed holiday.

Sent by Tracey Saggs

I have been made to feel my trip is the most important one Paula is planning and that all my concerns / considerations have been thought of! Stress free holiday planning! Thank you so much

Sent by Justin Souster

Paula has never let me down and I wouldn’t book with anyone else.

Sent by Theresa Bearcroft

Fab service!

Sent by Stephanie Gordon

Paula has used patience in dealing with two elderly people with a very limited computer knowledge.

Sent by Valerie Thompson

I have already recommended Paula. Am also looking forward to using your services again soon!

Sent by Karlie McGowan

We have used Paula's services before and have also recommended her to others. Helpful, attentive and professional.

Sent by Paul Steeples

We have worked with Paula twice on holiday bookings and I can highly recommend her. Nothing is too much trouble and she really helps take the stress and strain out of holiday booking.

Sent by Rona Wade

Explored all the travel options available to me. Listened to what I wanted and was very honest about my expectations. I am hugely appreciative as always with Paula Ross.

Sent by David Sheehan

Paula is the best. One phone call explaining what I am thinking about and the ideas pour out! A wonderful person offering the highest quality personal service.

Sent by Arthur Gould

Paula is most efficient and friendly made us feel relaxed. Making sure we understood every detail. Very proud parents!

Sent by Richard Bledowski

We could not have chosen a better person to organise our most perfect honeymoon. It will be something we will not forget. Thank you Paula.

Sent by Claire Fenn

Paula has been amazing. Always has been and continues her professional, fun, personal support. We have highly recommended Paula to many friends and would never book a holiday without her...

Sent by Maverick Taylor

I’ve not known Paula that long, but have found that every step of booking any trips Paula has gone above and beyond what any agent would do for someone who is slightly ocd about my bookings. I’ve not had to worry about a thing. I would recommend Paula to anyone without a second thought.

Sent by Samantha Davies

Paula is such a great support. I will definitely book with her again! I have already passed her details on to others, as she was a delight, efficient and professional. Paula made the whole process easy and stress free!

Sent by Timothy O'Neill

Paula provides great guidance, experience and expert knowledge when assisting with a holiday booking.

Sent by Amy Waples

So friendly and helpful

Sent by Cindy Howes

Paula is very knowledgeable and supportive. No pressure, just great customer service.

Sent by Linda Newman

I have used Paula for a number of years and she is always available to make suggestions and offer advice. I have total confidence in Paula and wouldn't use anyone else. Her knowledge of the travel industry is outstanding

Sent by Ella Bevan

Very helpful and speedy with any responses. Excellent service.

Sent by David Boobyer

Paula, is efficient and extremely knowledgeable.

Sent by Allison Hitches

Paula was really helpful from start to finish. Honest and upfront about what is and isn’t included in the package, as well as what can be added and when. She considered the travel times too, which is really helpful with two children in tow!

Sent by David Sheehan

Paula was brilliant organising our trip. Paula was always one step ahead of us which made things so simple and of course the best customer service as always!

Sent by Deborah Eastwood

Always helpful nothing too much trouble fabulous service

Sent by Amanda Jeffery - Hughes

Paula as always is amazing, so professional and efficient. We've used her time and time again and will continue to do so. Thank you Paula for being so good at your job!

Sent by David Eagle

Persevered to ensure our 2022 Namibian holiday gave us all we wanted and more. Thank you so much Paula

Sent by Robert Marsden

Always ready to help at any time.

Sent by Linda Ross

Paula is extremely helpful and gives very good advice and it is a pleasure to do business with her. We do and will continue to recommend her to our friends!

Sent by Abbeygail Shortt

Paula was the only travel consultant we spoke with who took time to listen to our ideas and then took time to look into exactly what we wanted. As this was our honeymoon, we were quite specific on our requirements. Paula then came back to us and rather than just agreeing with us she came up with better ideas, better hotels and created a bespoke holiday for us. Thank you xx

Sent by Peter Hughes

This is the second time that I’ve booked with Paula and I certainly wouldn’t do that if I didn’t have total faith in the services she provides.

Sent by Sarah Palmer

Paula is wonderful. She takes time to understand what a great holiday means to you personally and then finds a great match. She listens, discusses, suggests and guides but overall she makes booking a holiday the fun it should be. It doesn't end there. She ensures you're happy every step of the way and is always in the background in the very unlikely event you should need her. I can't recommend her enough. Thank you Paula - keep caring!

Sent by Stephanie Cowper

Lovely lady with enthusiasm to get the right holiday. Already recommending to everyone.

Sent by Shaun Stacey

Paula enthusiasm is so infectious and warming, along with how helpful she is it makes you want to come back for the next holiday

Sent by Richard Bland

Fantastic support, quick and supportive. Paula listened to my holiday requirements and quickly made recommendations for my family to enjoy. Thank you for your kind efforts!

Sent by Sharon Brown

Paula, what can I say but a big thank you. You have been such great support to us and given us the best advice. Throughout all this you have been so honest and straight with us, so thank you, thank you. You are truly a professional.

Sent by Maryon Lawry

What can I say… Another excellent holiday booked for us to Istanbul along with a side trip to a friends Wedding .Thank you so much Paula. Absolutely superb. Our tour guide for old Istanbul was incredible. Like you do , he looked after us brilliantly. Loved the Pera Palace Hotel in Istanbul our stay was very enjoyable…not many hotels are a Museum ! 12 /10! Always delighted to refer Paula on to friends and family without hesitation because I have complete confidence in her ability.

Sent by Penny Pedroli

Paula is an absolute gem! From our first conversation I just knew that she would be such a help in arranging our travel to the USA. I was not disappointed. Paula priced flights for us, provided suggestions about the most convenient hotels with parking at Heathrow, hotels in Boston for a one night stop over, and the most cost effective solution for car hire during our stay in the States. Thank you, Paula, for your expert advice, your cheery voice on the telephone, and your professionalism. Your in-depth knowledge of the travel market saved me hours of internet searching. I shall be recommending you to our friends who travel.

Sent by Sharon Brown

Just wanted to say a big thank you for arranging our lovely holiday in Malta. We were blessed with great weather and went on amazing trips. Would definitely recommend our hotel. Location was very good for getting around. Thank you so much for everything once again. You are a true diamond.

Sent by Paul and Judith Sanders

Paula’s knowledge and experience of the holiday market enables her to quickly interpret her clients’ requirements and translate them into competitive quotations. It was a relief to delegate this task to her and to benefit from her detailed advice and her ability to obtain special needs, such as arranging ‘assisted boarding’ for my wife. All this with humour and great efficiency. We shall certainly use Paula's travel service again. Paul and Judith Sanders

Sent by Richard and Valerie Gardiner

Some weeks ago, my wife and I needed to travel to Inverness at very short notice for an indefinite period. Rather than spend time at various Railway Stations trying to find the most efficient route to our destination, we remembered having seen Paula's advertisement in a local magazine and decided to try a Travel Counsellor. We are glad we did! Paula looked after us splendidly, advising us on options, arranging the journey up to Inverness and even delivering the tickets personally. When we decided to come home, Paula was at the end of the telephone line to order tickets and e-mail instructions. Things could not have been more smooth. Indeed we felt we had a guardian angel looking after us. We were pleased, on our return to welcome Paula to our home to discuss how well things had gone. We are only too pleased to support Paula with this testimonial and we have warmly recommended her services to several friends. Thank you Paula. A potentially traumatic situation was eased by your help. Here's to the next time. Richard and Val Gardiner

Sent by Ann Newsome

It was with considerable apprehension that I decided to visit my sister in Australia. I am elderly, but reasonably fit person, though not confident with the idea of such a long journey. I remembered that Paula helped an elderly couple, in our village, plan their trips to visit family in New Zealand. Paula has been the answer to my concerns and organised my flight, that catered to my needs. Paula responds quickly to my queries and has given me reassurance and confidence. Every aspect of my travel trip has been efficiently dealt with. Where Paula is concerned, there is NO such thing as a travel problem! I had a wonderful holiday. I would definitely make the journey again, but only with the help, guidance, and care that Paula provides. Thank you.

Sent by Melisa gammage

Paula, just a short note to thank you so much for arranging our holiday of a life time for Paul’s big birthday. Cruising around the Med was perfect (apart from some of the weather but that is not your department!). Being new to cruising we were amazed at just how easy it all was to fly out to the ship, transfer then get on board. Our luggage arrived very quickly and both on and off was just so easy. The trip was amazing and just what we had hoped it would be and we just can't thank you enough for all the planning involved. We need to now think of our next adventure and will be sure to ring you first for that friendly advice and assistance

Sent by Paul Newman

Just a quickie to say cheers for another blinder. The riad was a real Newman gaff, mum and dad were blown away. And Marrakech itself was lovely, a guided womble on the first morning gave us an enlightening introduction to it's heritage. The markets and souks were great, no hassle. Nosh was lovely. Me 'n 'er will definitely be revisiting. Luvved it!

Sent by John and Jennifer Hughes

Just a few words to thank you so much for your help with booking our holidays for 2018. Your help and guidance for our proposed Corsican holiday were superb and your recommendations were so helpful. Sadly, as you are aware, we found it necessary to cancel our arrangements and, again, your help, kindness and understanding was superb. Thank you for that. You also helped with our 4-day Parisian trip in July, recommending the hotel, which was perfect for what we wanted to do, and booking tickets for the Moulin Rouge – Eurostar, taxis to and from the hotel, dinner and show. All this contributed to us having a wonderful time. Thank you again. Best regards

Sent by Richard Fowler

Paula, just wanted to thank you for arranging our recent holiday in Barcelona and subsequent Mediterranean Cruise. The whole holiday was seamless in terms of the organisation and transfers. As someone who is busy running a business, my time is limited, so leaving the research of flights, transfers, accommodation and offering advice on all aspects of the cruise was invaluable. I also thank you for your regular contact and updates particularly the assurance of knowing you “are always there” if needed. I will be recommending you wherever possible as I am confident all your customers receive first class service. Regards Richard Fowler

Sent by Clare Marshallburke

Paula - thank you so much for organising our perfect holiday! Arranging a holiday to Disneyland Paris for 9 could have been a headache, but after a friendly chat with Paula she presented us with the perfect tailored holiday! Paula's organisation meant that there was nothing for us to do but concentrate on having a brilliant time and create amazing memories for us all! Everything went without a hitch, everything was arranged perfectly and we cannot thank or recommended Paula enough! PS, Having Paula on the end of the phone had we needed it was a reassuring bonus!

Sent by Cheralyn Hitcham

After weeks of trying to find our perfect holiday we decided that we weren't getting anywhere and needed to get some help. I looked at the Travel Counsellors website and emailed Paula straight away. She was extremely professional, friendly and helpful and within 24 hours she had found us 3 options to chose from, well within our budget. We picked our favourite and from then on, everything just ran so smoothly. From beginning to end we had a relaxed, stress free holiday. We will definitely be using Paula and her service again and I would recommend her services to anyone!

Sent by Terry Coles

Impeccable service from Paula. My holiday was already chosen prior to finding Paula however, it needed experience as their was so much to organise. Regardless of complications caused by the organisation that I will be going with, she went the extra mile, and within a matter of days it was all systems go she had orchestrated it with sheer professionalism. Thank you Paula Ross you're a star. Revelstoke Glacier House, Canada, here we come, get those snowmobile's ready!

Sent by Peter and Barbara Stelling

We would like to thank Paula and Travel Counsellors for making our holiday to Malaysia go with such ease. Everything was in place at the right time all our connections and hotel reservations all went without a hitch making, it a relaxing and worry free holiday. We have dealt with Paula before and will be using her again thank you

Sent by Amanda Jeffrey- Hughes

We have used Paula now for around 3 years and have had some great holidays. I cannot recommend her enough and would never book a holiday now without her!!! She is friendly, professional, honest, knowledgeable, but most of all knows exactly what we like from our holidays. Using Paula is like have your own personal travel counsellor at your finger tips. She's great and you'd be mad not to use her amazing service!!

Sent by Brian and Elaine Birch

What can I say ....I would always choose Paula to research and book our holidays and business trips. Fantastic service and after service too. Love her to bits

Sent by Terry Hopkins

I hold this lady in high esteem for sure ... 100% reliable, knowledgeable, understanding, thoughtful, and kind - She deserves an award for her part in 'Travel Counsellors'. My vacations & flights that Paula has organised to and from the UK to USA over the past 4 or 5 years have been GREAT!" Thank YOU Paula

Sent by Diana Douglas

I've used Paula's services three times now and she is superb. Very informative, efficient and friendly. Great for taking the hassle out of booking a holiday, so we can just enjoy it!

Sent by Louise Frohock

Paula is an incredibly friendly and approachable person. Paula did a brilliant job sourcing excellent quotes for me for my forthcoming trip to Thailand and Cambodia. Her verbal and written communications were excellent and she provided us with a wealth of information on fights and accommodation in our chosen destinations. Highly recommended.

Sent by Neeta Patel

We would like to thank Paula for arranging a lovely cruise for us. Yes, we could have booked this ourselves but we wouldn’t have received the personal service that Paula gave us. If we had any questions regarding the holiday, no matter how small, we would ping a quick email or text to her and she was always happy to help. A few days before we went on holiday, Paula came round and brought all our documents to us so we didn’t have to print them ourselves. On our return she called us to find out how the holiday was. I don’t think any travel agent has given us this level of service. Thank you Paula! We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you or to use your services again.

Sent by Helen Dowling

Cannot recommend this lovely lady enough! Paula has created two of the most incredible holidays for me - Japan in 2016 and Bali in 2017. She has so much knowledge and passion for her job! Cannot wait for my next adventure!!

Sent by Ken and Liz McArthur

Paula has been looking after Liz & myself for quite some years now, her advice and suggestions are invaluable to us to have a stress free, enjoyable holidays. Always available, something money can't buy when you come across a sticky problem abroad, one phone call and its sorted! The influence she has is considerable, Paula can reach parts that no other travel expert can!. I've said it before, if you're going on holiday...Pack a Paula! Take Paula with you and it's not as daft as it sounds, she's the only 24/7 x 52 week year travel service accessible from anywhere in the world! I know I will have no fears or worries if I've booked through Paula.

Sent by Kate Howard

Paula sorted our Lapland and Disney holidays. She's so knowledgeable and helpful. Nothing is too much trouble. Its so relaxing having someone else do all the work would definitely recommend her.

Sent by Wendy Laviniere

Nothing is impossible with Paula around. I was chasing perfection but caught excellence instead. She is dependable, reliable, resourceful, flexible and persistent. If you want to delegate the pressure of planning a bespoke holiday aim for someone who is P- proactive A- active U-unfazed L- likeable A-accountable. Had a fantastic time in Brazil and looking forward to working with Paula again.

Sent by Bhapinder Madahar

I was recommended to Paula from my brother in law who previously booked with Paula. My experience with her has been amazing. The whole booking and advising me where to go made my life so much easier. Paula's customer service is superb! The first time I spoke to her, it felt like I was talking to a friend who was just telling me where to go. Paula made my whole booking experience stress free. I didn't do any research into where we were going in Thailand, as I trusted Paula to pick the best and when we got there and stayed at the BelAire Bangkok & Centara Phuket, the resorts were outstanding and I couldn't believe Paula had booked us into an amazing resort. Myself and wife absolutely loved our honeymoon. We cannot thank Paula enough for making our experience the best ever. Thank you Paula, I look forward to booking with you again.

Sent by Sarah Garley

To anyone looking to book a holiday, whether it's just a trip to the sunshine or an amazing trip of a lifetime, I would like to recommend Paula Ross from Travel Counsellors. Paula did a fabulous job at listening to what we wanted on our trip and part of the reason we had such an amazing time is because of her hard work and perseverance when we kept changing dates, hotels and destinations!!! One of our internal flights was cancelled because of bad weather and with one phone call, Paula had sorted it. Rebooked us on a flight the next day, booked an extra night at the hotel in New York and advised the hotel in Las Vegas we were arriving a day late... this enabled us to still attend a wedding in Las Vegas which was the whole point of our trip....!!!! We have already booked a trip to Florida with Paula for next year and I'm sure there will be many more to come!! Thanks Paula! x

Sent by Peter Peter

Paula booked my holiday of a lifetime to Australia. She was very efficient, thorough and a pleasure to deal with. I would definitely recommend her. Peter Phipps

Sent by Karlie McGowan

After finding myself left with the task of organizing my families first group holiday I knew it wasn't going to be easy. I had the age range of just under 1 year old up to a 60 year old with a few 30 somethings and teenagers thrown in too....not an easy task. Then comes Paula Ross, Travel Counsellor. Paula just listened. It sounds so simple but actually when does this happen? Paula took on requested flight times, transfer times, distance to the beach, all inclusive, half board and self catering requests for the three different parties. Nothing was a problem for her. With every problem we created, Paula was there with a cure. Even down to an unforeseen medical condition. Paula made super arrangements for us to travel with ease. The hotel we stayed in was perfect just as she said it would be as many of her customers have been there before. Paula really invests time and effort with great efficiency and enthusiasm to get you what you want because she really knows how important holidays are. I would definitely recommend using Paula Ross. Paula will take all the hassle out of booking your holiday. It makes more sense to sit back and relax! You'll be in very capable hands. We will be using her services again. Thanks Paula. Couldn't have done it without you!

Sent by Richard Oberman

Paula is efficient, helpful and good humoured. She goes the extra mile. I have recommended her to a friend who has been extremely satisfied with her, and she has saved him a lot of money on a major trip. I would recommend her widely.

Sent by Peter Clements

I have used Paula's services for many years. She is wonderfully efficient, takes all the worry off our hands and knows what we like in a holiday. She has never failed us yet and I look forward to many more years of bookings with her.

Sent by Maryon Lawry

It has been fun organising holidays and flights with Paula. Always arriving at a perfect choice. With add on ideas to find more adventure when there.

Sent by Paul Ambler

I have used Paula for the last 8 years and have recommended her many times! Excellent service!

Sent by Linda Hunt

Having just returned from my dream trip - six weeks in the USA and Canada - I simply cannot thank Paula enough for everything she did in organising it all. In a nutshell, I bundled up everything I wanted - which was quite complicated - and handed it over to Paula and she fixed it all, discussing various options and the fine details with me. I was simply left with the excited anticipation of a wonderful trip followed by the relaxed enjoyment of it all, because everything had been taken care of. I also knew that if there were any problems, Paula was on hand back home to help sort them out - but there were none. I have already recommended Paula to several friends and will continue to do so - she has not been just my travel agent, she's been a confidante and a sounding board for my ideas and has become a friend!! Thanks Paula, it was as amazing as we both hoped and planned it to be!!!!

Sent by Hannah Wagstaffe

Paula is brilliant to work with and such a lovely person! I had no idea where I wanted to go but it was like she read my mind and has booked me the most amazing holiday. She makes it so easy and I would recommend her to everybody!!! - thank you

Sent by Bill & Kath Gosden

We have no hesitation in recommending the services of Paula Ross to anyone who is in need of a Travel Counsellor. She has personally handled our travel requirements, holiday and world travel for this last decade and given us every satisfaction. With her wide knowledge and experience of the travel industry she has been able to eliminate all the frustrations of making reservations and often suggested alternatives to us, which have proved more convenient and less costly than our own efforts. When making bookings we find it easier to call Paula rather than wrestle with the complexities of manifold brochures, since she now knows our preferences etc. and has not ever disappointed us.

Sent by Dean Tyszka

I was looking to go off the beaten track on a personal trip to Africa and Paula was recommended to me through a friend. With mission impossible passed onto her she returned promptly with many options, all of which ticked my boxes. Once I chose my trip, she did a wonderful job guiding me though the whole experience keeping me informed at all times. I can not recommend her enough - set her a challenge and she will surpass it. 11 out of 10!

Sent by Becky & Steve Healy

We have just retuned from a honeymoon trip of a life time! Paula listened to our needs and desires right from the word go. She took us through all the options and tailored a perfect Honeymoon to our personal needs. The honeymoon was everything we wanted it to be and even more! Paula delivered a personal service with a smile every step of the way. I would not hesitate in a flash to recommended Paula! We have even already discussed our next trip over tea and cakes while looking at the honeymoon snap shots! Mr & Mrs Healy

Sent by Rita Willis

Paula Ross, well what do you say, the most pleasant, helpful and deadicated person i know. Paula has booked our holidays for the 12 years sometimes 3 a year, just name the hotel and date she does the rest down to the last little detail and we've never been dissapointed. A gold medal winner for me, keep up the good work Paula, all the best, Rita & Alan x

Sent by Amanda Benamore

Just got back from another wonderful holiday organised by Paula. Completely stress free no hassle as everything arranged for us.You never fail to deliver a 1st star service and can't recommend you enough.Thank you so much Paula for making life easy will be back to book our next holiday with you!

Sent by Susan Simpson

My daughter recommended Paula to me about 6 years ago when my husband and I travelled to New Orleans for a cruise. It was a great holiday and her attention to detail gave us the confidence that nothing was overlooked. Our return flight was changed at the last minute due to adverse weather and Paula phoned us in the middle of the night so that we were able to catch the earlier flight the next morning.

Sent by Sylvia Paterson

Paula is like one of the family. She is always interested in what we are up to and always ready to go out of her way to arrange a memorable trip for us when we ask. I even suggested one of our favourite sweets for her family!! Will no doubt enjoy this years holiday even though it's not quite as exciting as last years. Many thanks for all your help Paula and take care of yourself!!! Love Sylvia & family xx

Sent by Janet Williams

We booked a holiday with Paula a few years ago and she couldn't do enough for us, we don't travel very often and she "held our hands". She responded very quickly to our questions and was always there on the end of the phone when we needed her with good advice. It was a nice touch when she personally delivered our tickets too.

Sent by Michael and Maureen Walsby

Having known Paula for a great number of years and used her services we can vouch for her commitment to all clients, whether the holiday be a world tour or a two week trip to Europe. Her knowledge of the travel business is vast; if there is anything she is not too sure about in whatever country you can think of, she will make certain that it is researched thoroughly before recommending it.

Sent by Richard Fowler

Paula has booked a couple of holidays for me and I have found her to be very helpful. On one occasion I had particular criteria which Paula was able to fulfil with a massive amount of effort on her part. She did not give up in trying to complete the task of finding the trip I wanted. Great service!!!

Sent by Louisa Carpenter

Arranging and booking a holiday can be an absolute nightmare, especially if you need to get away and don't have the time to sort it out...or don't know where you really want to go...or if the destination would suit you...what the weather's like, the food or the people. I dont have that problem because Paula sorts and arranges all that for me...BRILLIANT...I just buy a few more bikinis !!

Sent by Keith Walters

Paula has helped us many times over the last ten years with our holiday plans and ideas. She has always provided impartial advice and we love the personal touch of our Travel Counsellor despite living so far away. 10/10!!!

Sent by Fred Nyawara

Dear Paula, Your services are second to none, I do appreciate how fast you respond to my emails and the support as well is great. Dedication to your work whether you're in or out of the office means I am always 100% confident in your services, It's always good to hear from you and about your new adventures,Well done keep it up. Best Regards Freddie .x

Sent by Edward Mander

We always use Paula where it's possible. She is polite,efficent and has a willingness to go the extra mile where needed. In the days of the bucket shop it's good to be treated by her in an honest and ethical manner.

Sent by Jane Smith

Paula managed to sort out our trip to Australia, combining this with a trip already arranged with other friends. Working around arrangements already in place was easy for Paula who knew what she was doing, but difficult for us to do ourselves. The personal service and help was really appreciated and I would recommend Paula to others without doubt. All we need now is some time to get away again!

Sent by Pauline Gray

Paula has always given excellent service, arranging several holidays to our exact specifications. The travel, accommodation, maps and other information were of the highest quality so that our holidays flowed seamlessly from day one to the end.

Sent by Ken McArthur

Most people who go on holiday pack things such as a toothbrush, change of underwear, money, etc. When I go on holiday I pack a Paula. I would never travel without one, more useful than a toothbrush, more essential than underwear and more valuable than money! I would recommend to all travellers, take a Paula with you. How do you do this? Well simple. Book your holiday or trip through Paula Ross and apart from all the help, advice and personal service she gives you beforehand, she is also available whilst you are away too. So if anything goes wrong or you just need help, 24/7 Paula will be there for you. I know, I’ve been there, it couldn’t happen to me! Guess what, it did. One quick phone call to Paula and everything was fixed within the hour. You can’t ask for better service. If you want a personal recommendation, I’m happy for people to contact me directly.

Sent by Brian Cox

More than happy over the years with the happy and profesional way in which you conduct your business. Nothing is too much trouble and we would recommend you with complete confidence. Thank you Paula, June & Brian Cox.

Sent by Ian Hibbert

We've used Paula's services on a number of occasions to head off to the sunny climes of Northern California. The service is first class, with excellent attention to all the small details that usually trip you up! Paula is extremely helpful at all times, keeps in constant contact so you know you're being looked after and I've absolutely no hesitation in recommending her services - thanks!

Sent by Catherine Harker

Paula went out of her way to ensure we had a perfect honeymoon in South Africa and Mauritius. Nothing was too much trouble for her, no matter how many times we changed our minds. Paula suggested where to stretch our budget and I'm delighted we did, the hotels were amazing. All our flights and transfers ran like clockwork. We wish we were still there. A huge thank you, it was magical.

Sent by Clem & Friedel Clements

We have been using Paula for many years. She has always provided an excellant service with a smile/laugh.