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On our 3 night Lapland trip in January we got the chance to mush the huskies, what an experience!

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City Break to Rome

17 August 2023

We decided to experience a city break in Rome in March when the weather was cooler, there were less crowds and the prices were lower. We flew from Heathrow on a late flight with British Airways and arrived in Rome in time for a late-night snack and bed, ready to wake up early the following morning and experience this amazing city. We stayed at a lovely 4* hotel, Marcella Royal Hotel, just out of the main centre. This is one of our top seller hotel, it is in an excellent location with a roof top garden, there are lots of local inexpensive restaurants within walking distance and it is a walk away from all the main attractions or it is really easy to get a taxi from right outside the hotel. On our first morning we headed over to our pre-booked tour of the Colosseum with access to the Gladiator Arena. I would definitely recommending pre-booking a skip the line tour at any time of the year, even if it is quiet, as you do not have to queue. We met our guide just across the road from the Colosseum, this gave us chance to sit in one of the cafes facing the Colosseum and enjoy a cup of coffee with a fantastic view. We avoided the crowds and entered through the back door straight onto the arena floor, this was the most fascinating tour, we learnt all about the history and secrets behind the façade as we followed in the footsteps of those who fought in gladiatorial combat. Our guide was entertaining and engaging as she relayed stories and legends about the various sites. We then explored the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill – it truly was an unmissable experience. On our way back to the hotel we stopped at the Trevi Fountain…big mistake!! It was 5pm and it was absolutely packed with tourists all taking selfies….quite entertaining though. If you want to see the Trevi Fountain the best time is very early in the morning, set your alarm and venture down before breakfast and you will have the most wonderful view and be able to take your own selfies in relative peace and quiet. We enjoyed a lovely meal on this first night at a local recommended restaurant close to our hotel. The following day we had a tour booked for the Vatican, Sistine Chapel and the various museums. We walked from our hotel early in the morning towards the Vatican, this took us across the river and into the walled city. We opted for skip the line again and were so pleased because as we rounded the corner to the entrance the queues were very long. We were able to go directly to the Vatican Museum entrance on Viale Vaticano and find our guide. We were all given a headset so that we could hear our guide speak about all the amazing works of art from the Papal collections in the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel. Among the arts are master pieces from Michelangelo, “The Creation of Adam” and “The Last Judgement” in the Sistine Chapel, Rennaissance masters in the Raphael Rooms and Leonardo’s “St Jerome in the Wilderness”….we could have easily spent hours wandering around…but it was so busy! We had lunch just outside the Vatican and then took a walk to Villa Borghese Gardens which is situated north of the main city. You can visit the Villa Borghese Gallery, again using a skip the line, tour, where you will find a famous collection of sculptures and paintings by Caravaggio, Bernini, Titian and other Italian masters. After exploring the gallery, we had a stroll through the tranquil gardens and enjoyed an ice cream whilst appreciating a view of the city from the Pincian terrace. The gardens cover 80 hectares so wear good walking shoes. You can also hire a rowing boat on the lake. This is a great afternoon our if you plan to travel to Rome with children. Walking back from Villa Borghese gardens we stopped at the infamous Spanish Steps and Piazza del Popolo which is very close by and on the way back towards our hotel. There are 135 steps which lead from the Piazzo di Spagna to the French monastery church Trinita dei Monti which was built between 1502-1587. Bit of information if you plan to go in April…… late April Rome celebrates its anniversary and the Spanish Steps are transformed into a sea of azalea flowers. We had the most wonderful time in Rome and just loved stopping off at the many pavement cafes and having a coffee and pastry, the food in the restaurants was amazing and every corner you take there is something different to marvel at. I would recommend visiting Rome out of season, we visited late March and the weather was sunny and about 18 degrees and there were vert little crowds, it was absolutely perfect.

Ally & Dannie In Lapland with Transun

30 April 2023

Wow, what an amazing experience. If you think that Lapland is just for children then think again! Myself and Dannie were offered the chance to spend 3 nights in Lapland, courtesy of Transun, to experience all that this magical country has to offer. We travelled to London Gatwick for our early morning flight to Enontekio Airport on a direct charter flight exclusive to Transun. Transun flies from 14 UK airports so there is always a departure local to you. Enontekio is a very small airport and our flight was the only flight of the day. We then took the hour-long transfer to Karesuando, a remote border village that straddles Swedish and Finnish Lapland, located some 300km inside the Arctic Circle. We checked into our hotel, the Davvi Arctic Lodge, a basic but very comfortable room, we were then taken to the store to be fitted with our thermal snow suits and boots, which definitely made you feel so warm in Lapland’s Arctic temperatures. The hotel provides full-board and the meals were very hearty and all that was needed to keep you full and warm. I didn't know but you need to eat a lot more calories in Lapland because of the extreme cold! I didn't need much persuading ha ha! We received a schedule when we arrived for all our planned activities and over the course of the next two days we embarked on numerous activities The first one was a 2-hour Northern Lights Snowmobile Safari, this was an evening excursion when, with the crisp Arctic sky overhead, we took our snowmobiles down to the frozen river, which runs between Finland and Sweden, to a vantage point in the wilderness where we witnessed the amazing Northern Lights. This was the most exhilarating experience and one we will never forget. The following morning we took our bus to do the Call of the Wild Husky Safari, the most amazing hour where you get to mush a team of excited huskies through the spectacular Lapland scenery. The huskies were so excited and could not wait to work with us. I "drove" the sled whilst Dannie relaxed in the back!! When we got back we enjoyed a warm mug of glogg..non-alcoholic! That evening we embarked on a Northern Lights Forest Trek, an hour-guided walk through the forest to a spectacular viewpoint overlooking the border-village of Karesuando. We did not witness the northern lights on this evening but it was still magical. The following morning we went to the Reindeer Camp where we spend 2 hours learning about the importance of reindeer to the people of Lapland on a visit to a traditional kota and herding corral. We then enjoyed a reindeer sleigh ride - a time-old mode of transport in these parts! We also took the time to walk across the bridge into Sweden, it takes about an hour and there is a little cafe just on the border which serves the most delicious chocolate brownies with coffee. You can also see the church where they filmed one of the first Coca Cola adverts. We did pay for an extra experience of a Cross-country ski school....I have never laughed, a fallen over, so much in my life!! We were taken for a 2-hour lesson through spectacular scenery, I spent more time on my bottom than on my feet, but it was such fun and good exercise. There are many extra experiences you can pre-book either before you go or when you get there such as a overnight stay in an igloo or Ice-Fishing. I thoroughly recomment a 3 or 4-night trip to True Lapland, it is a perfect winter holiday for everybody looking to catch a display of the Northern Lights, and also experience a host of once-in-a-lifetime Arctic activities, it is honestly like being in Narnia!

Ally's Magical Iceland Group Trip

17 December 2022

As a group of 17 we departed Dorset in the early hours of the morning to travel up to Heathrow for our flight on British Airways to Reykjavik. Upon arrival at the airport, we were met by our private driver and transferred to our hotel, Storm Hotel, for check in and a free afternoon. Many of us chose to sightsee around the capital city and have a stroll along the waterfront. On the first night we enjoyed a delicious 3-course meal at Fjallkonan Restaurant, a restaurant in the heart of Reykjavík which is lively and casual and great for drinks and delicious food. At 9pm we strolled around to the harbour for our Northern Lights Cruise where we would maximise our chances of sightings on our search for Aurora Borealis away from the city lights as Northern Lights are best displayed under dark, clear skies. As we set sail out of Reykjavik there was a slight breeze, but it looked as though we may have a fairly clear sky. Very quickly we could see a green hue. This was only visible by cameras. As the night progressed thankfully the clouds moved, this allowed us to have a fantastic view of the night sky. We could see Mars, Jupiter and so many stars! The green hue we could previously see started to fade and with it so did peoples hopes of a great show. They were proved wrong! The northern lights put on a fantastic show for all of us. We could see green and purple lights that were constantly moving and changing shapes. Everyone was overjoyed and people could tick this amazing spectacle off their bucket lists. The following morning started at 8am when we were picked up from our hotel for our South Coast & Ice Cave Katla tour. Our small group headed south, through the ever-changing scenery towards the breath-taking south coast. Our first stop is Hvolsvöllur for some coffee and snacks for the day. The next stop was Vik, where we met up with our Ice Cave Guide s and climbed into our super jeeps and took an exhilarating ride through the private back roads to reach the glacier area. The first stop is at the front of Kötlujökull – the Katla outlet glacier. Kötlujökull is actually part of the famous Mýrdalsjökull glacier – the fourth largest glacier in Iceland. From here, we had a fun 10 to 15-minute glacier hike across the ice to explore our first ice cave! We marvelled at the magnificent colours and textures inside the ice cave, and the crazy shapes and crystal ice. Our amazing guides shared with us the history of the Iceland ice cave and explained how it was formed and also how the volcanic eruptions of the Katla volcano caused the ash and sand to combine with the ice, to form the incredible shades of black and blue that appear almost like ‘dragon glass’. After some time in the main cave, we then took another short glacier walk to hunt for hidden glacier canyons. After our ice caving adventure, we headed to our next destination: a private black sand beach. Finally, our jeep took an exciting detour through the wild terrain and we drove through the actual film set from Star Wars Rogue One. From here, we headed back to Reykjavik with a few stops enroute, one at the thundering Skógafoss waterfall and the second at Seljalandsfoss, a truly magnificent and picturesque waterfall, and one that you can even walk behind during the summer months. Before heading back to the hotel, we enjoyed black crust pizzas at a fantastic pizza restaurant in Vik. This evening we headed out to Matarkjallarinn Food Cellar, a Grill & Cocktail bar, situated in a 160-year-old building in the centre of Reykjavík to enjoy a three-course meal consisting of Icelandic brasserie style of food. Sunday morning began with a leisurely breakfast before making our way to the infamous Blue Lagoon where we enjoyed a 2-course lunch at the Lava Restaurant which is built into an 800-year-old lava cliff on the west bank of the Blue Lagoon. We then entered the Blue Lagoon, an otherworldly wonder in the heart of a volcanic landscape, geothermal seawater is 70% ocean water and 30% freshwater, enriched with silica, algae, and minerals. We received a silica and algae mask each at the in-water mask bar, hoping for healthy, luminous and ageless skin! This evening we dined at Grillmarket restaurant, a restaurant who put a lot of work into co-operating with the country's farmers and this is reflected in their menu. After a great nights sleep we were met the following morning by our super jeep & expert guide to embark on our final day’s adventures around the Golden Circle Our trip consisted of seeing three equally stunning locations in southwest Iceland: Thingvellir National Park, the Geysir Geothermal Area, and Gullfoss waterfall. Thingvellir National Park is an amazing site, steeped in history and folklore and surrounded by incredible geology. It has the honour of being the first of Iceland’s three national parks to be established. It is also the only one that has been granted UNESCO World Heritage Site status. It is a place where dramatic geology meets a millennium of fascinating history. Our second stop was the Geysir Geothermal Area, located within the Haukadalur Valley. As we drove here we could see the earth’s volcanic activity grow more intense. Steaming vents and chimneys are visible along the way and notably concentrated in the village of Laugarvatn, located halfway between Thingvellir and Geysir. This settlement has a spa that is heated by hot water currents beneath the ground’s surface. Its steam rooms sit on top of bubbling hot pots, which reach a sweltering 60°C (140°F). Our final stop was one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Iceland: Gullfoss waterfall. The waterfall was less than ten minutes down the road from Geysir and is located in a plunging, ancient valley and tumbles down two drops, from an overall height of 32 meters (105 ft). For lunch we stopped at Fridheimar where they grow tomatoes all year round, despite Iceland’s long, dark winters, under artificial lighting in greenhouses. We had an amazing lunch of tomato soup and home baked bread. After lunch, my highlight of the holiday was to snowmobile on Langjokull, we spent over an hour on the snow at the top of the glacier. After arriving back at the hotel, we headed out to Sushi Social for another amazing meal. This restaurant offers a unique fusion of Japanese and South American cuisine combined with the freshness of Icelandic. This truly was a magical trip and one I will never forget.

Sun and sailing in Santorini

31 May 2022

On 10th May, we travelled to Santorini, Greece for 8 nights. It was incredible and definitely one of our new favourite destinations. We flew from Stansted Airport with Jet2 and they were absolutely amazing. When booking our holiday, we looked at lots of options all around the island. The most famous areas being Thira and Oia which are well known for the white and blue buildings and the incredible sunset. However, because these areas are so popular, they came with the price and we realised that staying outside of here would mean that we could get more for our money. We ended up staying in a wonderful area of the island called Perissa, famous for their black sandy beaches. It is on the opposite side of the island which means we saw the sunrise instead of the sunsets, it also meant there were not crowds and that the restaurants there were half the price as they are in Oia and Thira. The whole island is only 35km, so it is really easy to get around, whether that is from hiring a car or quad bike or taxis. You can therefore, go into Thira and Oia to experience it without having to splash the cash by staying there. The hotel we stayed in was Kouros Village Hotel. This hotel is adults only and like many hotels in Greece, only offered a bed and breakfast service. We would recommend this hotel to all couples, older families or friends looking for a relaxing holiday, it was really amazing. For a couple of days of our holiday, we just sat and relaxed by the pool and had lunch from their pool bar which was excellent value and very tasty. Around the area of the hotel, it was a 300m walk to the beach where you could go swimming in the sea. The beaches in Santorini are black sand because it is a volcanic island that erupted hundreds of years ago, leaving high cliff fronts on one side and volcanic beaches on the other. The sea is completely clear and beautiful. Along the sea front it lines with restaurants, beach clubs and other hotels. There are so many places to choose from with most meals ranging from €10-€15. If we walked in the opposite direction from the beach, roughly 500m, there was a street filled with shops where you can buy water and snacks for your trip and more restaurants which tend to be a lot cheaper than the beach front. Oia and Thira are absolutely beautiful but their beauty comes with the high price of crowds during peak season and expensive restaurants. One taxi man told us that in the peak of the summer, a taxi drive just between Oia and Thira could take 2 hours because of the traffic. The hotels are also smaller as they are on the cliff face and are perfect for a honeymoon or anniversary holiday. Things to Do Hire a Quad Bike – Hiring a quad bike is definitely the best thing to do if you are wanting to explore the island. We paid €40 for 24hour hire on a 310cc quad bike, you could hire them for three days for a cheaper deal. We used around €10 of petrol for the entire day and it was a wonderful experience. We decided we just wanted to stay on the south of the island, we got recommendations of where to go from the lady that worked in our hotel and off, we went. We would recommend these places on the South: • Caldera Café: This café was a random spot that we found on our way to Akitiri. It was high up and overlooked the caldera. It would be the perfect spot for a sunset viewing. • Akitiri and the lighthouse: Akitiri is a small town and you can drive toward the lighthouse which is based right on the end of the island. It has incredible views and would also be another great spot for the sunset. • Kambia Beach: This was another random place we spotted. You had to travel about 1km down a gravel track which was fun on a quad bike, and you ended up at this beautiful, secluded beach which was surrounded by the large rocks of the island. • Other beaches along the coast (Red beach and White beach): There are several other beaches along the coast. We briefly stopped at the red beach and white beach on our catamaran cruise (read on for more information). • Pyrogos and the airbase: Pyrogos is probably one of my favourite towns in Santorini, it is small with cobbled roads and it is very Greek and pretty. From Pyrogos you can travel to the highest point of the island up to the airbase. When you get up there it is an incredible view, you can see the whole island from top to bottom. Catamaran Sunset Cruise – This was my favourite activity that we did in Santorini. We used a company called Spiridakos Sailing Cruises who were amazing. They were so kind and accommodating. The cruise was €120pp for the standard cruise, €150pp for the premium cruise and €180pp on the luxury cruise. We went on the standard cruise which included 3 stops, unlimited wine and a buffet for dinner. We stopped for a jump into the sea where the white beach was (the only part of the island that was untouched from the volcanic eruption), we then stopped at the hot springs on the volcano island. They were stinky and not extremely hot but still a wonderful experience. Our final spot was the other side of the volcano island where we jumped in and did snorkelling with the fish. After this we stayed and looked at the incredible view whilst digging into our delicious Greek buffet. The return back to port was the view of the sunset behind us. All round a wonderful experience. The premium cruise included unlimited beer as well as wine and the luxury cruise had a BBQ dinner, cocktails, beer and wine and they made an extra stop in Oia for the sunset. Hike from Thira to Oia – If you fancy a bit of exercise on one day of your holiday then this hike will be perfect for you, it is 100% worth the exhaustion. Overall, it is around 10km and can take anywhere between 3-5 hours. I would recommend going early in the morning if it is a hot day or go on a cloudy day because it can get a bit sweaty. Catch the bus into Thira (depending on where you are staying), it is €2 per person. Once you get into Thira, have a walk around and enjoy the beautiful views and cobbled streets. You then will start you are hike to Oia, the whole way you are spoilt with incredible views and the site of Oia in front of you seems so far away. It is an easy route to follow, however, we used this guide to help us: Overall, Santorini was incredible, and it can be achieved both on a budget or in luxury. The whole island was beautiful and there was so much to see and perfect weather.

Transun Holiday to Lapland by a customer

02 March 2022

I flew out to Finland with my mum on Feb 6th 2022 for a holiday of a life time. We arrived at Entontekio airport on the Sunday afternoon, the views as we flew into land were amazing and the temperature was -6. The airport is tiny, so it took no time to collect our luggage, be met by our Trans sun rep Jamie and get shown to our coach. On route to the hotel, we were given a brief precis of what to expect; the journey was only 15 mins but we stopped on route to collect snow suits and boots which were provided for all the excursions. We arrived at Hotel Jussantupa in the village of Hetta. The hotel is a small family run hotel and was open just for the guest on our trip. Check in was very straight forwards and in no time, we were in our room unpacking. The week itself was very well organised, everything was explained on the first evening after dinner. There was a timetable on the hotel notice board with the exact details of each day’s excursion as groups were broken down into 2 or 3 to incorporate everyone. Aswell as the excursions included in the holiday there were numerous ones that you could book independently through Trans Sun. The people on the holiday were lovely, aged from mid 20s through to late 70s. There were couples, friends and several people travelling alone who were soon made welcome and joined in with others. We soon got to know each other and formed a what’s app group to share photographs mainly of the northern lights. We also put stickers on our door if we were happy to be woken late at night/early hours if the northern lights made an appearance. The excursions included within the holiday were: A visit to the local Hetta museum. Huskey dog sled ride An evening trek into the local hills with an informative talk An introduction to walking in snow shoes A visit to a local Ice -hotel An evening Snow mobile ride A reindeer sleigh ride. All the excursions were superb. The huskey dog ride was my highlight, it was very informative and a real buzz physically controlling the dogs/sled yourself. It was done in pairs so you both get to have a go. You need to be a reasonable level of fitness to complete some of the activities, namely the snowshoe walking and the trek into the hills. The snow was very deep in places and it was easy to lose your footing. There was plenty of time to relax in between, my mum and I did a lot of walking and exploring covering 5/6 miles each day. It was so nice just to be out walking in the snow and seeing the fields of reindeers that residents owned. We were also only minutes away from an enormous frozen lake which was out of this world and great to walk along. The weather when we first arrived was -6 and it was very overcast so we did not initially experience the northern lights. On the Wednesday we had a 4am knock at the door, piled on our snow suits and ran outside into -15 conditions and were luck enough to see some northern lights. From that day on the weather got colder, the sun got brighter and the displays of the lights just got more and more magnificent. The temperature by Saturday was -30 but that evening around 10pm we really did get lucky and the lights were absolutely out of this world, with different colours and not just the usual greens. Those that had rooms out of the back of the hotel looking into the mountains were able to enjoy the display into the early hours of the morning. The hotel itself was lovely, the food was buffet style but there was plenty of it. If you have a big appetite you were able to have 3, 3 course meals every day! The village of Hetta was small but we found some lovely little coffee type shops so enjoyed local delicacies aswell. Alcohol in the hotel was very expensive, 17 euros for 2 beers and the bar closed at 8pm on the dot every evening. Not every supermarket is licensed so sell alcohol in fact they are very limited ones that do. We had one opposite the hotel so manged to get a nice bottle of wine for around 10 euros which we had to drink in our room; this was encouraged by the rep! Spirits etc… were very expensive it would be advisable to get a bottle at duty free to pop in your hip flask or have in your room! The snow gear and boots provided were brilliant but quite heavy; it’s not essential but I took my own snow jacket/trousers and snow boots to wear in between the excursions as it was more comfortable. I would advise layers, a definite snood or balaclava, thermals including socks and a really good pair of thermal gloves as my fingers were the first things to go as it got cold. I cannot recommend this holiday enough, memories that will last forever with my beautiful mum; we both loved every minute and would go back in a heartbeat. This is not the first holiday I have booked through Ally, and as always she was extremely helpful especially with the extra difficulties surrounding the COVID rules.

My Gambian Experience

23 November 2019

I was fortunate to be chosen to travel to The Gambia and Senegal with Gambian Experience and experience these amazing countries. I have had many customers experience this destination and now it was my time! The Gambia is known as the “Smiling Coast of West Africa” and offers so much more that glorious weather and amazing beaches. There is a myriad of exotic wildlife, cultural experience, excellent restaurants and friendly locals. The Gambia enjoys year-round average temperatures of 32 degrees, and it is very affordable when you are there with a three-course meal with drinks from approximately £20 per person. The flight down to the Gambia was only 5½ hours long and we travelled with Titan Airways direct from London Gatwick, Gambian Experience charter flights with Titan Airways and it was probably one of the best charter flights I have been on, leather seats, plenty of leg room and meals are included. We arrived into Banjul at 4pm and with no time difference to the UK and weather at 32 degrees it truly is the ideal winter sun destination. We were swiftly met by our transfer guide and taken on a short transfer to Mandina Lodges – another wow factor. Hidden away in the African Bush on a mangrove-lined tributary of the River Gambia this must be the most peaceful place I have ever stayed. There are only nine beautifully designed lodges built on and off the river and I was very fortunate to be allocated a floating lodge. We had a lovely dinner before retiring to bed, I slept soundly and could only hear the birds and baboons in the background. We rose early the next morning and embarked on a canoe ride to see a vast array of birdlife, baboons and reptiles. After lunch we left Mandina and travelled north for our ferry over to Senegal. The ferry across to Senegal was a short drive and then a 30-45-minute ferry crossing, we were picked up by our Senegal guide on the other side and taken to Fathala Wildlife Reserve – another amazing experience. Set in 2000-hectares of a 6000-hectare natural reserve Fathala allows guests to experience a wide selection of Africa’s superb wildlife. The first animal we encountered was “Kevin” the rhino! This first evening we enjoyed a sunset cruise and a glass of champagne before heading back and enjoying dinner on the terrace whilst watching the animals at the watering hole. The following morning, we were up very early for a game drive where we encountered zebra, giraffes, buffalo, warthogs, monkeys and antelopes. The best surprise of all was being able to see the orphaned lion cubs – what an experience. After a very healthy breakfast we were picked up and made our way back over to The Gambia and spent the day looking at other hotels in the area including Sunbeach Hotel, Ocean Bay Hotel, Ngala Lodge before being dropped off to spend the next two nights at a favourite hotel with my clients, Kombo Beach Hotel. The following day we were up early for a kayaking tour along the river to spot all the amazing wildlife. Despite being Africa’s smallest mainland country, the Gambia provides great opportunities for bird-watching and is home to a huge variety of habitats which support over 540 species of bird. The knowledge of our guides throughout this trip was outstanding. After kayaking we were off again for hotel visits at White Horse Residence, Coco Ocean Resort & Spa where we had lunch, Kairaba Beach Hotel, Senegambia Hotel and lastly my favourite out of them all African Princess Beach Hotel. After returning to our hotel and getting changed for dinner we had the most amazing time at Ngala Lodge. People drive for miles to have dinner at this hotel and I can see why, fantastic food, wonderful staff and we finished off the evening dancing to the live band. The following morning, we had a couple of hours free relaxing on the beach before our homeward bound flight which departed The Gambia at 4pm arriving back into the UK at 10pm. We were very lucky to travel home in Star Class with Titan which, in my opinion, is well worth the money and includes a separate area at the front of the aircraft, extra room with a 2-2 seat configuration, access to No 1 Lounge at Gatwick Lounge at Banjul Airport, dedicated check in desks, increased hold luggage of 30kgs and enhanced meal service and complimentary drinks on board. Sunbeach Hotel – 4* all inclusive hotel which enjoys a fabulous location right on the beach at Cape Point. This hotel is an ideal choice for families and couples and is quite lively. Ocean Bay Hotel – 4* hotel with a beachfront location and a very large pool which is the focal point for many activities and evening entertainment, another excellent hotel for families. Ngala Lodge – 5* hotel and one of my favourites, perched high above a quiet and scenic cove overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. This is a small boutique hotel for adults only with only 24 suites so is perfect for a romantic break. Kombo Beach – 3* hotel and one of the popular hotels in The Gambia due to being on one of the best beaches and having an infectious atmosphere with friendly staff and excellent entertainment programme. White Horse Residence – a beautiful home from home, with only 8 rooms this hotel is tranquil with stunning sunsets and is excellent for couples who are looking for an intimate, romantic, hotel experience. Coco Ocean Resort & Spa – Luxury Boutique Hotel offers a tranquil oasis whereby you can enjoy the green lawns, 3-tiered swimming pool, a superb spa and a fantastic stretch of beach. Prince Charles and Camilla recently stayed here in the Presidential Villa on their recent state visit to the Gambia. Kairaba Beach Hotel – Another one of The Gambia’s popular hotels this 4½* hotel offers a quiet and tranquil haven between the beach and Kololi’s busy nightlife “strip”. The hotel has wonderful gardens which boast incredible wildlife. Senegambia Hotel – a 3½* hotel located next to the Kairaba Beach Hotel in the heard of the bustling resort of Kololi is suitable for families and groups. African Princess Beach Hotel. – Located on a beautiful stretch of beach this new hotel is 4½* and offers ground floor rooms with direct pool access. Why the Gambia? There are too many reasons for me to list but with the perfect climate, only a 6 hour flight, no time difference = no jet lag, English is the official language and the people are so friendly combined with an abundance of wildlife and glorious beaches I cannot find an excuse not to go!

My Staycation to Cornwall

10 August 2019

For many reasons, my hubby and I decided on a staycation this summer to Cornwall. I used to visit Devon and Cornwall every year when I was growing up and had not been back since! I wanted to go back and revisit my childhood haunts and reminisce. We drove down early on a Friday morning, taking lots of stops for Bertie the Cockapoo to have a stretch and run-around, arriving at our lodge for the week. We chose Avallon Lodges, which was approximately 13 miles inland from Bude. I booked our lodge through Hoseasons and it was one of six lodges on a working farm right in the middle of the country - absolute blissfully peaceful and quiet. The lodge consisted of 2 bedrooms, lounge/kitchen and bathroom and had a balcony with a hammock! Our first full day took us to Tintagel and Boscastle. Tintagel is famous for its cliff-edge castle, long associated with the legend of King Arthur, and offers a day out that is as rich in adventure as it is in history. The castle straddles both the mainland and a weather-worn headland jutting out to sea, unfortunately at our time of visiting the access to the castle was shut due for the construction of a new footbridge, due to open mid-August. They are hoping that this will alleviate queuing time during the summer months. We did have a walk down onto the beach with Bertie who loved all the little rock pools. Boscastle is a tiny port with a beautiful natural harbour and quaint white-washed cottages. Before the railways, Boscastle was a thriving port, serving much of North Cornwall and is well known from all the news in summer of 2004 when it survived some terrible floods. We followed the footpath to the left of the quayside which took us to the Lookout, one of the most wonderful vantage points from which to see the rugged coastline. Much of the land in and around Boscastle is owned by the National Trust. Boat trips can be taken from Boscastle Harbour, down the coast as far as Long Island. During the breeding season you may be lucky to see razorbills, guillemots, and puffins. There are also seals in these waters. Sunday was stay at the lodge day as we had the men’s Wimbledon tennis final, Cricket World Cup final and the Grand Prix! A great day relaxing with a beer and a BBQ! On our third day we headed down into Bude, a seaside resort famous for its long stretches of sandy dunes and great beaches. We decided to head over the cliff top to Northcott Mouth, a beautiful walk taking in the scenery, once there we walked down onto the beach and back towards Bude all along the beaches with their many rockpools and rugged cliff faces This was a beautiful walk although we were lucky with the tide! Bude itself is a quaint little town with a good range of shops, restaurants and bars. We had a lovely brunch at Morwenna Cafe Bar at the top of the high street - thoroughly recommend. The next day we visited Widemouth Bay and had another lovely walk along the north Cornwall coastline. For many years we stayed at Widemouth Bay Caravan and Camping Park and we took a walk up there to see if it still existed and it did! Widemouth Bay is very long open bay popular with families and surfers and at low tide there are hundreds of rock pools to explore. Situated just 3 miles south of Bude and accessible along the South West coast path, Widemouth Bay offers fantastic conditions to learn surfing or bodyboarding, which is why many of the local surf schools are based there. It has also received the Blue Flag Beach Award 2019. Viewing areas with free car parking are located at both the north and south end of the bay so you can enjoy the fantastic panorama without getting your feet sandy! Surfers will experience a variety peaks from the north to the south end of the beach, breaking on sand or reef, producing spilling or heavy barrelling waves. You'll also spot the Black Rock landmark. The North beach is the only beach you can walk a dog. We did venture back to Bude and had a walk along the canal. A visit to Bude canal has plenty to do and a walk or paddle along the historic Bude canal is a must for any visitor. Parking is easy right next to the friendly Tourist Information Centre which is also an excellent first stop before you explore the canal for yourself. Several features along its length are unique in British canal history, a unique waterway, it was originally created for transporting lime rich sand to local farms. Today it is a place for fun rather than industry. Canoes, kayaks, pedaloes and bikes can all be hired easily. A really great day out. Our trip to Cornwall was very successful, the weather was very kind to us, and we came back feeling refreshed and well-rested. If you would like any details of holidays within the UK from staying in hotels, lodges with hot tubs, caravans or cottages please do get in contact - I do not just sell holidays abroad!

Is cruising a great holiday for families?

13 June 2019

Cruises are an absolutely fantastic alternative to a family holiday with the main benefit being that they are so easy! Cruising brings everyone together all in one place and still ticks all the boxes for every generation – even the fussy ones! They are great for multi-generational holidays with heaps of entertainment and activities to keep children of all ages happy, adult only areas for relaxation and show and shore excursions for everybody to enjoy together. You can even start your holiday from day one with exciting no fly cruises from Southampton, this means no lengthy car journeys to the airport, no tired children before you've even arrived at your destination, no airport delays etc plus you get to take over 90kg luggage per person! There are currently two ships sailing from Southampton in the Summer of 2019 and 2020 and they are Explorer of the Seas and Independence of the Seas in the Summer of 2019 and next year Anthem of the Seas will be here on her own. Cruises from Southampton enjoy fabulous destinations in Europe and the Baltic including Norway, Finland, Estonia, Russia, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain including the Canary Islands, Portugal and Italy. At Royal Caribbean Cruises, family comes first. There are slides, pools and splash parks, a carousel, rock climbing, ice skating, surfing, ziplining, video games, bumper cars and so much more. That will keep Granny and Grandad happy! At the award-winning Adventure Ocean® Kids Club, the fun never stops. From babies to teens, anyone between 6 months and 17 years is welcome – giving you some time to kick back and relax. There are playgroups for toddlers, parades for kids and teen-only hangouts. The areas for different age groups are located closely – making it easier for siblings to be near each other if they prefer. From 6-36 months you can bring them along for a 45-minute interactive playgroup whereby they can enjoy all kinds of extraordinary music, fun & games. If you want to relay at the spa or explore on shore, then you can drop your little ones off at the Royal Babies and Tots Nursery (fees apply). From 3-11 years Royal offer three groups; Aquanauts (3-5 years), Explorers (6-8 years), Voyagers (9-11 years), all of which enjoy heaps of activities from sports and backstage tours to a heap of other activities which have been cleverly created for these age groups. Your teenagers can enjoy Young Teens (12-14 years) who can go active and test their strength on the Rock-Climbing Wall, then unwind with a movie. Older Teens (15-17 years) can make lifelong friends at pool parties and karaoke. There is also a teen-only hangout area with a disco for late night fun. Royal Caribbean are also embracing autism at sea and offer an autism friendly initiative for families living with autism, Down Syndrome and other developmental disabilities. This includes sensory friendly films and toys, dietary menu options, and overall autism friendly training for Adventure Ocean staff and more. Services include priority check-in, boarding and departure and special dietary accommodations including gluten and dairy-free. With almost everything included in the one price they are also very good value for money. From lunch at Johnny Rockets to dinner in the main Dining Room, family dining is fun and tasty for everyone. The main dining area, Windjammers offers a buffet style which is great for children with lots of variety or you can eat in the Main Dining Room where your every requirement will be taken care of by your very own waiter who will be with you for the duration of your cruise. If you have family members with any allergies or just picky eaters, then just let me know and Royal Caribbean will make sure that nobody goes hungry! When it comes to staterooms all ships have rooms to suit every type of family and budget from comfy interior rooms or luxurious family suites. If you’ve a child with special needs, the accessible rooms come equipped with all the little helpful extras for a comfortable and relaxing stay. Family rooms are set up with families in mind with plenty of storage, safe and a fridge or mini bar. Cots are available on request as well as bed railings. If you have a larger family or you want a mix of family time and personal space, then a family connecting suite is the one for you. With private bedrooms and bathrooms and a shared communal space, you get the best of both worlds. For an extra special fun-filled stay on Symphony of the Seas book the Ultimate Family Suite. This out-of-this-world suite has a games table, chalkboard wall, play area and hot tub but best of all there is a slide from the top bedroom down to the communal area! So, what are the best ships for families within the Royal Caribbean fleet? The newest and biggest ships of the Royal Caribbean fleet are Symphony and Harmony of the Seas, both have an impressive selection of family-friendly activities and entertainment – including four fantastic pools, 10 hot tubs, a 3D theatre, rock climbing walls, ice skating rink, two FlowRider surf simulators and a zipline. Anthem of the Seas also offers many amazing activities for the family and sails out of Southampton in Summer 2020. Every day onboard Anthem of the Seas is like embarking on a whole new adventure from roller skating at SeaPlex, bumper cars or circus school or FlowRider and North Star, the list is endless. If you want any information or quotation for a cruise on Royal Caribbean please do not hesitate to contact me.

“What is expedition cruising all about?”

05 May 2019

Expedition cruising is about as different to a traditional holiday at sea as is possible. On normal cruises, shore excursions consist of walking around cathedrals and museums, visiting beautiful islands in the Caribbean or visiting quaint Greek villages. Outings when expedition cruising mean visits to glaciers and waterfalls, fishing for piranha fish, tiptoeing through basking iguanas, learning about penguins and whales or watching out for polar bears. Another difference is general life on board is very casual. Dress codes are almost unheard of and jeans and t-shirts are more appropriate than dinner jackets and cocktail dresses. Rather than production shows, there are lectures about the environment and wildlife that passengers will encounter from teams of biologists, geologists, historians, marine scientists and other experts. There are expedition teams onboard who also guide trips ashore such as kayaking or camping in Antarctica and hosting zodiac cruises up close to glaciers, rainforests and wildlife. Expedition ships are also a lot smaller, holding anything from 200 to 500 passengers meaning they can navigate into little bays and convey passengers ashore by tender quickly and efficiently. In Antarctica, only ships with 500 passengers or fewer are allowed to offer landings and then only 100 people can be ashore at any one time. Many cruise lines limit passenger numbers to 200 and allow just an hour ashore, ensuring a smooth landing operation with the minimum waiting time. In the Galapagos, ships are not allowed to carry any more than 100 people and itineraries are carefully planned so there is only ever one vessel at each of the landing sites to ensure the wildlife is not disturbed. WHERE TO GO? Antarctica is top of the list for adventure cruises. It’s a long way to travel but visitors are rewarded with icebergs the size of houses, hundreds of whales and millions of penguins. Antarctica is the coldest, windiest and most remote place on earth; a frozen world almost 60 times the size of Britain that spends half the year in total darkness and is cut off from civilisation by the Drake Passage - 1,000km of one of the most feared sea crossings in the world. Once Antarctica is done, it’s time to swap penguins for polar bears on a cruise to the Arctic. There’s lots of choice in the Arctic, with cruises around Spitsbergen, the nearest most vessels can get to the North Pole, and voyages along the coast of Greenland and through the Northwest Passage, the icy waterway between Greenland and Canada. A new must-do itinerary, the Northeast Passage, takes passengers across the top of Russia on a journey from Alaska to Norway. Those who prefer warmer climes can get close to wildlife in the Galapagos, where the animals have no fear of humans. The islands, part of Ecuador but some 600 miles off the coast of South America and ships of all sizes and quality sail around the archipelago, from small yachts to luxury craft, but none is allowed to hold more than 100 passengers. Most will visit two islands a day during a seven-night cruise, each time taking folk ashore in small tenders or inflatable Zodiacs to see the wonderful wildlife which has no predators and therefore no fear of humans. Or why not see gushing waterfalls, coral reefs and crocodiles in the Kimberley, a remote area in Northern Australia that’s the size of England but with a population of just over 40,000 people and a couple of roads that become almost impassable in the wet, between November and April, when up to 50 inches of rain falls. Only a handful of cruise lines sail here offering different and unique experiences every day that travellers with a sense of adventure will love. The Amazon rises in the Andes Mountains and flows 4,000 miles through nine countries in South America before emptying into the Atlantic. The river is so big that ocean-going ships can sail nearly 650 miles upriver from the Atlantic to Manaus, taking passengers on a real getaway-from-it-all adventure. You’ll trek through jungle that’s home to sloths, howler monkeys and colourful parrots, meet indigenous people, maybe kayak along narrow tributaries, and see piranha fish and caiman up close. The Mergui Archipelago is a scattering of 800 islands off the southern coast of Myanmar in the Andaman Sea. You can expect to see monkeys and tropical birds ashore, and whales and dolphins at sea. WHEN TO GO Antarctica cruises run between November and March, when much of the sea ice has melted. In November the continent is at its most pristine (but it will likely also be much colder); December and January is the time to see the most plentiful wildlife; mid-February to early March is the best time to spot whales. Cruises to the Arctic (that’s Spitsbergen, Greenland, the Northwest and Northeast Passage) run between June and September. In June and July, the days are long as the sun never sets. Galapagos cruises operate year-round. The hottest weather is January to May, when it is most likely to rain. June to December is dry and a bit cooler. The Amazon is warm and humid year-round (between 21 °C and 31 °C). High water season is December to May, low water from June to November, but this is rainforest so you should expect precipitation anytime. Ocean-going cruise ships are there in winter between December and March. Cruise lines sail in the Kimberley in the dry season, April to October, when temperatures average 30 °C. During the wet, November to March, temperatures top 40 °C and roads become impassable due to flooding. IS EXPEDITION CRUISING FOR ME? • Perfect for those with a sense of adventure keen to see places away from the tourist haunts. • Ideal for those who have cruised the Med, Caribbean and Baltic and want to do something different but not miss out on a few weeks at sea. • A ball for baby boomers who missed out on a gap year and fancy some soft adventure without having to rough it. • Spot on for those interested in seeing and learning about wildlife, nature and the environment. • Brilliant for teenagers who do not need constant entertaining. It’s not a cheap holiday, but an experience they will never forget. • Expedition Cruising is still not totally suitable for disabled passengers although the new generation of expedition ships might be more suitable than the older vessels still in operation but getting ashore will always be a problem. If you would like any more information then please call me on 01202 375180

A Night on MSC Bellissima

07 April 2019

I was lucky to be invited to one of the launch days of MSC’s brand new ship Bellissima, sister ship to Meraviglia. The ship was christened by Sophia Loren in Southampton in March 2019 and I was fortunate to spend a night on board to see what the ship has to offer my customers. The ship accommodates 4488 passengers but with over 33,000 square meters of space for public areas, the ship is generously designed. We were welcomed onto the ship and were straight onto the indoor promenade which spans two decks and houses many great places to eat, drink and ship. This is very much the social hub of the ship illuminated by a dazzling 260ft long LED sky dome which displays atmospheric visuals and digital magic. In the evening this promenade came to life with street party vibes and a lively community spirit. On board there are a variety of different cabins and suites with options and budgets to suit everybody including family options for interconnecting cabins or cabins with bunk beds for the children. Furthermore, there are the duplex maisonette suites with private whirlpool on board as well as an extended MSC Yacht Club with numerous solariums, Jacuzzis and a separate member-only restaurant. One of her fantastic features is ZOE, the in-cabin, voice-activated cruise assistant. Simply say 'OK Zoe', and follow up with just about any question about your cruise and the equipment will deliver up your answer. MSC has forged a relationship with several big-name chefs, including renowned French chocolatier, Jean-Philippe Maury, who has his own chocolate shop along the Promenade, or Galleria Bellissima. Spanish Michelin-starred chef Ramon Freixa, who has his own restaurant, Ocean Cay, on sister ship Seaview; has a new-to-the-line, for-fee tapas bar onboard Bellissima, Hola! Tapas, on the main promenade. Specialty dining options include Kaito Sushi Bar and the Kaito Teppanyaki Restaurant serving sushi during the day and in the evening and offering a traditional Teppanyaki experience in the evenings. An American-style steakhouse Butcher's Cut, which has specialty meats from around the world and from Seaside and Seaview, popular French restaurant, Bistrot Atelier, makes its debut on Bellissima, again in the main promenade, replacing Eataly. The main dining room is divided in two by a corridor which features a stunning mirror and glass-encased wine cellar. The Marketplace Buffet is open 20 hours a day and will serve Mediterranean specialties and international cuisines - including world food, cuisine based on where the ship is and healthy options. On board there is a huge entertainment area which features a huge water park as well as a sports area, the Sportplex. Here, you can do sports during the day and during the night, the Sportplex will be changed to a disco. At the F1 simulator you can take part in exciting races and challenge the other travellers. At the bowling alley onboard, you can find out who is the best in throwing "strikes". Another highlight is the new and unique cooperation with Cirque du Soleil. Six nights a week, the artists of Cirque du Soleil will perform two unique performances for about 413 guests each. The main Pool Deck will feature a 25-metre pool and will have one of the most generous poolside spaces at sea (along with its sister). At night, the pool will be illuminated with special lighting. There is a 10-meter indoor pool with a dome that can be opened when the ship is in port or when the sun is out. The Aft Pool on Deck 16 will be an amphitheatre-type space with tiered seating surrounding it in a semi-circle; at night it is transformed into a dance space. The ship also has a large outdoor water splash park for kids. In my opinion Bellissima would suit multi-generational families as there is so much to do and with the option to interlink “cluster cabins” for family groups which can accommodation up to as many as 10 passengers this would be ideal for those larger families and groups. If you would like more information, please get in contact with me.

Family Fun in Lapland 2018

12 December 2018

My mother-in-law approached me earlier this year to enquire about taking my nephew and niece to Lapland. I booked them a 2-night stay in Saariselkä, Finland with Santa's Lapland and this is their story. “Thank you Ally for booking our amazing weekend in Santa’s Lapland Finland. We stayed at the Santa’s holiday Club, Saariselka, Finland. Nanna, Granddad, Mum, Dad and 10-year-old Charlie and 7 year old Ruby enjoyed every single minute and cannot praise the whole trip enough from arriving in Bournemouth airport to landing in Finland - the organisation was excellent. We all arrived on the Saturday lunchtime and were met by Santa’s helpers who entertained the children while the adults collected the luggage. We were then allocated our coach for the short journey to our hotel, stopping off on the way to collect our snow suits, gloves, boots and socks for our time in the snow. It literally took minutes to get the whole coach kitted out and back on our way to the hotel. On arrival we were given our room keys and set off to unpack and get kitted out in our snow gear ready for the toboggan slopes. We had a quick meeting with our Santa's helper and off we went. Sunday was our trip to find Santa, our time for the coach was 9.15 am and it was an amazing full day. We enjoyed a Husky ride, Reindeer ride, a show in an igloo, ice fishing and hockey and the children rode the skidoos. We enjoyed hot berry juice, pancakes and biscuits whenever we wanted to warm up, also a tasty and very welcome lunch was provided. Then our time arrived to find Santa. We were picked up in a snowmobile and set off into the forest and found his cabin. It was truly magical, and the children enjoyed every second and came away with such happy memories and a gift of a cuddly husky toy. That evening we put on our Christmas jumpers and enjoyed a gala evening with a Christmas dinner and entertainment. The Monday was our day to go home but we still managed to do a bit more tobogganing and enjoy the hotel's swimming pool. Thank you once again Ally and thank you for the reassuring e-mails when the possibility of no snow was highlighted in the media, we needn’t have worried it was just right. Maggie Case x

Captivating Crete

30 August 2018

I flew into Heraklion Airport on the Greek Island of Crete with EasyJet landing at 11 pm at night. Crete is the largest and most populous of the Greek islands, it was my 3rd time visiting the island which has always been a favourite. The island has two main airports, Chania on the West and Heraklion on the East. The East side of Crete is the most popular with many tourists flooding into popular destinations such as Malia, Gouves and Elounda. After a short 30-minute transfer I was safely tucked up in my bed at a small bed & breakfast family-run hotel in Anissaras. Anissaras is located 24kms east of Heraklion, 1km west of the bustling resort of Hersonissos and adjoined to the small village of Analipsi. It’s neither a village nor a town, just a place where several 5* all-inclusive hotels have been built including Tui’s Sensatori Atlantica, Mitsis Laguna Resort & Spa and Lyttos Beach. There are a few bars and restaurants but mainly hotels. Analipsi is a typical Greek Village with a population of just over 1000 people and here you will find a wider choice of bars and restaurants, this is where the Tui Sensatori Atlantica is situated. I spent many days lazing by the pool or down on the beach but also took the bus and travelled into Hersonissos and on to Agios Nikolaos. Agios Nikolaos is a medium-sized town with lots to offer. I spent the day walking around the different waterfronts as the town has three faces to the sea: the lake and port, Kitroplatia beach and the Marina. It has a unique feature called the “lake” which is a body of water connected to the sea by a narrow inlet, surrounded by cafes and restaurants. I spent a pleasant couple of hours here having lunch. There is lots of shopping in Agios Nikolaos and I found a lot to do with my time here. It is very easy to travel around Crete, I would recommend hiring a car and exploring this wonderful island which is home to 650 miles of coastline and many Blue Flag beaches.

Magical Disney and Clearwater Beach

30 August 2018

I’d won a trip to Disney World in Florida! I could not believe it and then the reality set in – Disney World in Florida with older teenagers, would it work? Do teenagers still want to go to Disney? We spoke as a family and decided that we would all love to go to Florida and experience Disney so on 26th July 2018 myself, hubby, Dannie and her 17-year-old bestie boarded our Norwegian Airways flight to Orlando for 11 nights in Florida. The flight on Norwegian Airways was fantastic, a brand-new Dreamliner equipped with a service we could not fault. We had pre-booked our seats and meals in advance, so we had nothing else to pay for onboard unless we wanted an extra drink or snack, the meals and snacks provided were excellent. 7 hours later and we arrived at Orlando Airport, the queues during the summer holidays were busy as expected but we were out of the airport and onto our Disney Express bus within 90 minutes. We arrived at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, checked in and were given our keys to our 2-bedroom family apartment which was situated in the “Cars” block. At Art of Animation, they have various themed blocks of rooms such as the Little Mermaid, Cars and Lion King (great for the children). We can’t say that it impressed two 17-year-old girls although they did blag the main bedroom with the ensuite bathroom, so they were happy! We had already booked our fast-passes for all the rides in the parks during the week and had a plan sorted. There is so much to do and see in Disney World that you do need to plan your park days, rides and where you plan to eat as during school holidays it can get very busy. The great thing about staying in a Disney hotel is that the buses run to all the parks and Disney Springs regularly, from early morning to late night, so you can quite easily do 2 parks in a day. Over the course of the week, we went to all the parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, both Water Parks and Disney Springs for a lovely dinner in Planet Hollywood. My favourite rides were Avatar and Soarin’, and my worst one which made me a bit green was Mission Space! After 7 busy, fun-filled days we packed our bags and headed over to the Car Centre in Disney to pick up a hire car to take us on the 100-mile drive to Clearwater Beach. We chose to stay in Barefoot Beach Resort in Indian Shores, a 2-bedroom condo which was perfect for the 4 of us. It was right on The Narrows strip of water which allowed us to us to fish during the evenings and watch the Dolphins swim past. The beach was on the opposite side of the road and was very quiet. We did venture to Clearwater Beach and spend the day there embarking on a Dolphin Watch cruise. We also drove down to St Petersburg beach and came across a fantastic area called Pass-A-Grille. It was a wonderful area which reminded me of Sandbanks in Dorset back home, perfect for a lazy Sunday outing. After the busy fun-packed days of Disney, we enjoyed 5 days of rest and recuperation on the beach - we had a perfect holiday!

Magical Mexico

18 June 2018

I was very lucky to win a place on a 7-night trip to Riviera Maya in Mexico. We departed from Manchester on a Thomas Cook flight and were lucky to be travelling in Premium Class. I was impressed and would recommend that you upgrade if flying Thomas Cook even if it is in one direction as all your food and unlimited drinks are included plus premium movies. We landed in Cancun and were whisked through customs very quickly and into our awaiting transfer to our first hotel, Dreams Riviera Maya which was a 20-25 minute transfer from the airport. We arrived at Dreams Riviera Maya and were allocated a Preferred Club Ocean View room overlooking the beautiful beach. The rooms were fantastic, with fully stocked minibar and amenities. We had the afternoon at leisure whereby we sat on our balcony and watched a wedding taking place. We dined at the Himitsu restaurant on our first evening which specialised in Asian food. The following morning I took a walk along with beach and had a look at two neighbouring hotels from the AM Resorts Collection: Excellence Riviera Cancun and Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun. Both were absolutely excellent and highly recommended. After a site inspection of the hotel and all that it has to offer we checked out and made our way to our second hotel, Occidental at Xcaret. We checked in and had our second site visit of the day around this vast complex. The Occidental Xcaret nestles in 200 acres of verdant jungle within an ecological and historical preserve once home of the Maya. We were given single basic rooms, but they were still very lovely and perfectly suitable for both couples and families. After our site inspection we spent a leisurely afternoon around by the pool. Our evening meal was at the a la carte restaurant which was situated in the Royal Level - this was absolutely excellent. The following day we spent most of the day at the Eco Park which is situated next to the hotel. You can either walk to the park or catch a little boat from within the reception area of the main hotel. The park is very large and as the weather is hot I would recommend having an inclusive park ticket included with your hotel stay and spending a couple of hours each day or every other day at the park. Here you can see many shows, swim with dolphins and Manatees and experience a wealth of natural wonders and eco activities as you delve into the mysteries of the Mayan world. After returning from the park we spent a leisurely afternoon down by the beach which is a man-made cove with gentle shallow water, ideal for families with small children. Our next hotel was a further 50 minutes down the coast to Akumal. We checked into the 5* adults only AM Resort of Secrets Akumal and first impressions were "wow". We were allocated the basic room and even these had the wow factor. As soon as we arrived we had a site inspection. The grounds of this hotel are quite narrow leading down to the beach but the way the hotel is set out would appeal to almost everybody. At the back of the resort is the reception area with many of the restaurants and bars plus spa and gymnasium. There are three pools, the first one you come across is at the back of the resort and is quiet and calming with very relaxing spa music playing. There is the middle pool and then finally the pool down on the beachfront which can be lively with activities throughout the day and live music, plus more importantly a swim-up bar. The hotel has a myriad of restaurants including French, Mexican, Asian and seafood cuisine. You have unlimited access to all the gourmet a la carte dining restaurants without reservation, unlimited international top-shelf spirits plus every other drink you can think of, 24-hour room and concierge services, pool and beach waiter service, daily refreshed mini-bar and endless activities and live nightly entertainment and also not forgetting free Wi-Fi! I absolutely loved this hotel! On the first night we dined at El Patio Mexican Restaurant and on the following night at Oceana Seafood Restaurant and I can honestly say that I could not fault anything about the food or service at all. On the second day we left the hotel at 9am in the morning and enjoyed a lovely morning visiting the Tulum Ruins which was about 15 minutes car ride from the hotel. If you are interested in Mayan history, then this is a must but the best time to visit is first thing in the morning before the sun gets too hot. We arrived back at the hotel just before lunch and enjoyed a leisurely afternoon by the pool. We also hired snorkels and masks for 45 minutes to swim with the turtles in the sea - a must for any holiday here! We left Secrets Akumal early the next morning to head to our last hotel - Grand Velas. Wow - this hotel was set in the jungle and consisted of three different areas. The Grand area is luxury on every level for adults only and a must if you're intent on spoiling yourself with the most amazing spacious suites with private plunge pool and stunning ocean views along with your own concierge/butler. The Ambassador level is beachfront and is conveniently located around the main pool and is suitable for both couples and families. Lastly the Zen area is situated in the jungle, less than a mile to the beach and again is suitable for families and couples as it is the ideal treat for peace and serenity. Families can be accommodated in family rooms which can accommodate up to 8 people and they also have access to a family pack which consists of stroller, highchair, tent, highchair, bottle steriliser etc. Amazing attention to detail. The kid’s clubs are absolutely amazing, offering lots of activities. The hotel has many restaurants and we were lucky to dine in Frida on our first night which is a world-class Mexican restaurant and Piaf on our last night which is an award winning French restaurant. There are lots of different activities to do within the resort and we were lucky to experience a mixology class, eco tour and eco-bites class. The weather wasn’t great during our stay, so we also experienced the spa and enjoyed our last morning with a Water Ceremony. This is usually $80 but it is included if you pre-book a spa treatment. Again, very well worth the money. I would thoroughly recommend this hotel to anybody who requires an award-winning world class hotel which offers the ultimate luxurious all-inclusive holiday.

Life on Marbs!

07 November 2017

When I gave my 16 year old daughter the choice of where we would spend 4 nights in October half term I was not expecting Marbella! I had not visited mainland Spain before and my only experience was watching the The Only Way is Essex cast and Life in Marbs living the high life in one endless round of parties. We left Bournemouth at 9 o'clock in the morning on Ryan Air and within 2 hours had landed at Malaga Airport. With no transfer booked we headed out of departures to try and find the kiosk to book the coach for the 45 minute trip to Marbella. It was so simple, we purchased our tickets for 6.15 euros and after a quick coffee were on our way. We were staying at the 4* NH Marbella Hotel which on arrival was more than adequate for our needs. Lovely decorated and comfortable room, restaurant, bar and outside swimming pool. The weather was a lovely 22 degrees, and after dropping our bags and changing, we headed out to explore. The hotel is about a 5 minute walk to the beach and promenade, if you turn left you will reach Marbella and the old town in about 20 minutes, and if you turn right you will have a longer walk, albeit lovely all along the promenade, into Puerto Banus. We walked to Puerto Banus on our 2nd day and it took us about 90 minutes. On our walk into Marbella we passed the 5* Gran Melia Don Pepe which is absolutely fantastic with sea views and the ideal location. As we continued walking we passed lots of beach side restaurants and cafes until we reached Marbella Marina. Turning inland at the Marina and walking approximately another 5 minutes we reached Marbella Old Town which is steeped in history and typically Spanish. On one of our nights we ventured up here and experienced authentic Spanish Tapas with a class of Rioja! The following day we ventured into Puerto Banus with a leisurely 90 minute walk all along the promenade, passing many runners and walkers on the way. Puerto Banus has a marina full of expensive yachts, Ferraris are parked in abundance in the street, and the cafes and bars are full tourists watching the world go by. To drink and eat in Puerto Banus is a lot more expensive than Marbella due to the location and captive audience. We enjoyed strolling around but much preferred Marbella. Our four nights were excellent and I would definitely not hesitate to recommend this wonderful place to all types of customers, couples, families, hen weekends etc - there is something for everybody.

5 Nights in Dubai

02 September 2017

We had just spent 3 weeks exploring Vietnam and myself and Danielle, my 16 year old daughter, decided to stop in Dubai to experience the destination and complete 12 hotel site inspections. We had an absolute ball and loved Dubai, totally different from Vietnam but they do share a similarity in the level of customer service and food are second to none. We stayed at JA Ocean View which is situated in a perfect position right on Dubai Marina, within walking distance of lots of shops and restaurants and the perfect beach. If you do use the beach though there is quite a steep charge to use any of the sunbeds or parasols. The hotel is a very good 4* standard with a lovely restaurant and rooftop pool overlooks the marina and Jumeirah Palm. A good choice for those who are on a limited budget but still want to be near to the beach and marina. Our first hotel inspection was at the Grosvenor House Hotel followed by sister hotel Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa. Again both of these hotels are situated on Dubai Marina and within walking distance of lots of restaurants and shops and the lovely beach. The Grosvenor House stands tall in two towers with a roof top pool and Le Royal Meridien has a prime position right on the beach with beautifully landscaped gardens, multiple swimming pools and direct access to a private beach. Both hotels feature a spa and award winning restaurants. The following morning we ventured over to the Palm to visit 5* Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, wow, what a fantastic property nestled on the quiet west crescent of the Palm. As a sister hotel of all the other Jumeirah hotels, you are able to have full use of all the restaurants if on a Half Board basis plus access to Wadi Wadi Waterpark. I would definitely recommend upgrading to a Club Room at this property along with Half Board basis. We then spend the remainder of the day at the Ritz Carlton lazing by one of the free-form swimming pools, the hotel again has a prime position with direct access to a private beach within the Marina area. In the evening we dined at Palm Grill restaurant which is situated on the beach - a fantastic experience and one I would definitely recommend. Again I would definitely recommend half board basis at this hotel with an upgrade to a Club Room so that you can take advantage of the Ritz Carlton Club Lounge. Two inspections on Jumeirah Palm followed the next day with a quick informal inspection at Anantara The Palm, a 5* property offering pool access rooms and rooms large enough to take families in 2-bedrooms suites. The rest of the morning and afternoon spent at the iconic Atlantic The Palm hotel and water park. This hotel really does have the wow factor, we turned up to find no less than 6 Ferraris parked outside the hotel, the hotel inspection was equally impressive with a full range of rooms catering to all customers and budgets. If staying at the hotel then all guests have free unlimited access to the waterpark on site. On our penultimate day, we drove off to the airport to see Jumeirah Creekside, an airport hotel owned by the Jumeirah group, a fantastic option for customers on a short stopover. We then proceeded to Jumeirah Beach Resort, a fantastic hotel situated right on Jumeirah Beach with fantastic views of Burj al Arab Hotel and Jumeirah Marina. Again this is a fantastic 5* hotel and I would definitely recommend half board basis with an upgrade to Club Room if budget allows as this will give you access to all the Jumeirah properties, 2 of which are within walking distance to this hotel. Our final day saw us back on the Palm at The One & Only the Palm - what can I say.....this hotel is for customers who like complete privacy, located on a private peninsula of Palm Island with a stunning secluded beach and privileged views of the Dubai skyline. It really is the ultimate luxury. We finished our stay in Dubai with a tour on the Yellow Boats, for 90 minutes we were taken around the Marina, the Jumeirah Palm, Buri Al Arab, and Dubai skyline - a fantastic end to a memorable 5 days in Dubai.

Amsterdam & Antwerp on Cruise & Maritime Columbus

02 September 2017

After a long journey by coach from Bournemouth to Tilbury Docks via Victoria Coach station I eventually boarded Columbus at 4 pm on Friday 25th August. I was given my cabin key where I met my fellow cabin buddy for the next 3 nights and set off to complete the safety drill which is mandatory on all cruise ships before exploring the ship for the 1st time. CMV Columbus is a 3.5* ship but I was really impressed with the facilities on board. The ship carries 1400 guests and is classed as a small to mid size cruise liner by today's standards. The ship was refitted in August 2015 with further upgrading completed in April 2017. Columbus is very well suited to those who prefer small ship benefits and a more traditional experience. A group of 20 Travel Counsellors was on board to experience Columbus and all that it has to offer. We first met as a group at 6 pm for a Sailaway Cocktail Reception at The Dome which was located on Deck 14 followed by pre-dinner drinks in Tavernas and then dinner in the Waterfront Restaurant located on Deck 7. Dinner was a fantastic 5-course with many choices and as much as you could eat. After a long day, the majority of us retired to our cabins as we knew we had a busy few days. Up at 9 am for breakfast in the A La Carte Waterfront Restaurant, we had the morning at the leisure of which I decided to try out the gym whilst others took to the spa or pool areas. At 12 pm we disembarked for our pre-arranged Amsterdam City Tour and Canal Cruise. Amsterdam was fantastic, I have visited on many occasions but will never bore of this beautiful city. We met that evening at 6.30pm for pre-show drinks before making our way to the Palladium Show Lounge for "Back to the 80's" show. This was followed by Dinner in Fusion, an Indian restaurant located on Deck 12 - this truly was one of the best meals I have ever had and well worth the additional £14.99 cover charge. In true Travel Counsellors fashion, we all danced the night away in the nightclub eventually retiring about 2.30am!! The following morning breakfast was at leisure at the Plantation Restaurant, a buffet style restaurant located on deck 12. We then had free time to explore Antwerp before meeting at 3 pm for our tour on the Antwerp Beer Train. I loved Antwerp and will definitely return to spend longer in this cultural city which is full of historical buildings and lots of beer! We met a 7 pm for a Farewell Cocktail Party in Raffles before having our last dinner back at the Waterfront Restaurant. Again this evening we joined all the ship staff for a farewell dance in the Atrium before hitting the dance floor again until 1 pm. We docked the following morning at 6 am and after a hearty breakfast disembarked at 9 am. I can honestly say that I can thoroughly recommend this ship and cruise, fantastic for groups, couples or anybody who would like to get away for a weekend to see two fabulous cities without spending a lot of money.

Family trip to Vietnam

16 August 2017

Travelling Through Vietnam This year’s family holiday was spent travelling through the unique and diverse country of Vietnam for three weeks followed by a stop off in Dubai on the way back. Our trip started with a lovely stay in the No 1 Lounge at London Gatwick North Terminal, a luxury I would wholly recommend! We then embarked on a 12-hour flight to Hanoi on Emirates via Dubai. The flight was excellent aboard one of Emirates new A380’s, we had seats 62ABC and they had lots of legroom and a widescreen TV, take off was smooth and it was very quiet! We arrived into Hanoi and joined the visa queue - we had not pre-arranged our visas before we left the UK and had gone down the route of obtaining a “letter of authorisation”, you must join the queue on the right-hand side first to give in your forms and passports and then wait for your name to be called on the left-hand side to get your visa – very straightforward and took approximately 30 minutes. TIP: we got off the aircraft and to the visa counter very quickly so we were near the front of the queue but there was a long queue behind us! Our luggage came through very quickly and we were soon out of the airport and into our private transfer to our first hotel – The Impressive Hotel in Hanoi. During this car journey, we quickly got to grips with the Vietnamese life-style by seeing and experiencing how busy the roads were with motorcycles coming at you from every direction. We arrived at our hotel which was situated in the old Quarter of Hanoi and were welcomed with drinks and fruit, we dropped off our bags and headed straight out to explore the unique streets of Hanoi’s old quarter. We spent the afternoon walking around the Hoan Kiem lake which was amazing, as it was the weekend all the roads were closed so we wandered around and watched all the street performers etc. Overall our two days in Hanoi were busy and hectic, we visited the war museum, a plight of Vietnam to the present day, a prison where prisoners were detained during the French Revolution and American POWs during the Vietnam war and the women’s museum which showcased Vietnamese women throughout the ages. It was very interesting and fascinating to learn about Vietnam's history and experience the restaurants in Hanoi and see the many places where you can eat very good typical Vietnamese food. Our next destination was Halong Bay, it was a four-hour drive from Hanoi which meant we got to see more of the country side and experience a little bit more of Vietnam. Our 24-hour trip on Halong Bay, travelling by boat (Paloma Cruises) through the mountainous stacks and stumps, was short but sweet and very full on with plenty of activities completed in the short amount of time we had. The food provided was absolutely amazing and it was our first experience of tasting all the different Vietnamese food and realising that it did live up to its name as some of the best food in the world. Activities that we experienced included exploring caves in one specific stack that was surrounded by a beautiful beach, kayaking (during a thunder storm!) squid fishing, Tai Chi, visiting a floating village and a cooking class. Once we’d got back to Hanoi we just had time to have a lovely dinner and then it was time for us to indulge in a new experience, an overnight train ride to Hué. We had booked a 4-berth sleeper for the four of us so we had a nice private cabin but the air-conditioning was on full blast all night so it was very cold and noisy and we didn’t really get much sleep. TIP – take warm clothing, take snacks and be prepared for little or no sleep! We arrived into Hué the next morning, at first glance it seemed a much quieter city than Hanoi and everything was more spread out so a lot more walking was needed to see all the famous landmarks. We visited the famous Citadel which is a large area where the various Vietnamese Emperors lived although a lot of the buildings had been destroyed in the Vietnam-American war. Our hotel in Hué had a lovely but extremely affordable spa where we had some amazing Vietnamese massages. Hué was interesting to visit and a must on a first-time vacation to Vietnam. The next stop was An Bang Beach in Hoi An, we were picked up by private car transfer and drove via the famous Hai Van Pass as featured on Top Gear Vietnam! On our way, we stopped off at three various places, a lagoon, top of a mountain and Marble Mountain where we went into caves and got to see ancient Buddhas. After a fantastic 3-hour drive, a definite must if you are travelling between Due and Hoi An, we arrived at our lovely home for the next 6 nights – The Life Beach Villa on An Bang. We spent these six days relaxing and recuperating whilst getting a tan in the beautiful Vietnamese sun. There are lots of different restaurants within walking distance of our villa and we ate some beautiful Vietnamese food. After 6 nights, we moved into the city of Hoi An and spent another four nights in at Banana Garden Villa which was closer to the town and allowed us to explore Hoi An. We used these four days to get some amazing new clothes made at a local tailor and eat yummy food at a small local restaurant which was within walking distance from our villa – a two course meal with beer for the 3 of us was coming in around £10! It was now time for us to move on again so we took another over night train to Hoi Chi Minh City, luckily this time it wasn’t as cold and we got a bit more sleep than last time. We arrived into Ho Chi Minh city 5 hours later than scheduled due to a delay but apparently this is to be expected on the Vietnamese railways and we were quite lucky that only one of trains was delayed. We checked into our hotel, Saigon Prince, and went straight out again on a private tour to Cu Chi Tunnels. Throughout our journey our local guide, Jackie, told us all about the history of the Vietnamese war and the way of life for the Vietnamese people during their 100+ years of war. On our way, we stopped off at a place where people who had deformities from the chemicals used during the war were employed making bowls, pictures and other beautiful objects with egg shell, Mother of Pearl and paint – most of the profits they make here go back to the workers. The Cu Chi tunnels were amazing; we got to go down tiny tunnels and went 100m through a tunnel that was used during the war, we also saw some of the machines that the Vietnamese used to trap the Americans. Overall it was a wonderful experience and we all learnt lots about the war and the history of Vietnam. After spending the evening in Ho Chi Minh our next adventure took us to the Mekong Delta by a local bus. We spent 3 hours travelling through the Vietnamese country side on the local bus with various stops at “service stations” and eventually arrived in the Mekong to be met by three motorcyclists ready and waiting to take us to our final destination. We had 24 hours at a homestay, Jardin du Mekong, near the Mekong River with activities including; travelling by mopeds, cycling through the Mekong Delta, cooking classes, foot massages, river boating and exploring markets. Once our 24-hours were up we headed back to Hoi Chi Minh City to spend our last day of our three-week holiday in Vietnam there. We visited a statue of Hoi Chi Minh, went to the Hoi Chi Minh Museum, visited the War museum and looked round some shops. Overall Hoi Chi Minh was a very different city to the rest of the country as it was more cosmopolitan and filled with high rise buildings and expensive shops, it was almost like being in a different country all together. The next stop was Dubai.

Regent Seven Seas Visit

05 October 2016

My journey started with a Business Class flight on British Airways from London Heathrow to Rome. The flight was very busy but I was very impressed with the service and staff. We arrived into Rome and were transferred directly onto Regent Seven Seas brand new 6* ship Explorer. Wow, wow, wow what an absolutely amazing experience. We spend a good few hours touring the ship and straight away could see that the ship offered an inclusive and completely luxurious experience. Carrying a maximum of 750 passengers, all the cabins are suites and feature some of the largest balconies in the industry. At the very top is the luxurious Regent Suite, a two-bedroom, two and a half bathroom cabin that is absolutely out of this world. Then there is the dining – the food on board is outstanding no matter where you dine, but there are speciality restaurants which are included in the price. These include the signature steakhouse, Prime 7; Chartreuse, a Parisian experience at sea; Pacific Rim, a Pan-Asian speciality restaurant and the main dining options, Compass Rose and La Veranda. The ship features more than an acre of granite and an acre of marble, almost 2,500 pieces of art including work from Picasso and almost 500 chandeliers. Canyon Ranch Spa Club is situated on deck five and offers a selection of ultra-luxurious treatments. There are eight fully equipped treatment rooms and a private outdoor deck which surrounds the infinity edge plunge pool. My total experience on Explorer was one of total amazement and I could definitely see myself completing a world cruise on here! On day two we were transported back to the Cruise Port to spend our second day on the sister ship Navigator, a small ship carrying up to 490 guests. A very elegant and contemporary feel awaits you as you board the ship with a much more intimate feel. Navigator has had a major refurbishment this year with highlights including a brand new library, Coffee Connection self-service drink and snack bar; completely refurbished Compass Rose restaurant and La Verandah. All cabins on Navigator are suites with 90% having balconies. What stood out about Nagivator was its size. The ship was very intimate which makes it an ideal ship for destination-intensive exploration. Everything on board is close at hand and there is just enough dining and entertainment areas to keep you busy and interested. Regent Seven Seas is one of only a few truly all-inclusive cruise lines so absolutely hassle free when trying to work out how much extra money you will need to take with you. All premium alcohol, wine, spirits, soda, all gratuities, entertainment, dining, unlimited Wi-Fi, unlimited shore excursions and airfare are all included in the total price. I would totally recommend this cruise line to all.

My Family Holiday to Lesvos, Greece

06 September 2016

I have just returned from a wonderful family holiday on the Greek Island of Lesvos. Lesvos is the third largest of the Greek Island after Crete and Evia and is situated in the northern Aegean Sea off the coast of Turkey. The capital city is Mytilini and it is famous for its Ouzo. Lesvos is virtually unaffected by mass tourism of many other Greek Islands and is the perfect place for people to visit who want to experience the real Greece. We started our journey travelling on Thomas Cook from Gatwick at 6.40am on Saturday 20th August, the flight was excellent and after three hours we landed in Mytilini Airport. We had booked to stay at the Hotel Anaxos in the small village of Anaxos on the north-eastern coast. The transfer journey took an hour, travelling over the lush green mountains to arrive at our destination. Anaxos is a small seaside resort which is ideal for holidaymakers wishing to stay in a tiny resort. There are several Greek style tavernas and bars and also places to hire cars and motorcycles. The Hotel Anaxos is absolutely superb and highly recommended in the heart of Anaxos. We were welcomed by family owners Efi and Paul and their sons Tony and Frank. We were allocated a lovely room overlooking the pool. All the rooms are large and airy with a small kitchenette including a kettle! The hotel also provides a cocktail bar, lounge and restaurant which serves Greek traditional cuisine and local fish. We tried a few other restaurants in the area and you cannot beat the food and service at Hotel Anaxos! Many days were spend lazing by the pool relaxing although we did venture out to try the many water sports on Anaxos beach, a mere two minute walk away! Anaxos is also close to the town of Petra which has many shops, bars and restaurants and is either a short ride in a taxi costing €5 or a pleasant 45 minute walk. From Petra you can also catch the land train and venture a bit further to the stunning town of Molyvos. Molyvos is the tourist capital of Lesvos and definitely worth a visit. A taxi from Anaxos cost us just €11. The town is situated on a small mountain topped by the impressive Castle of Mithymna. The town is built of stone houses and shops which surround the castle and follow the coast to one of the most scenic harbours in Greece. It is a fully working fishing harbour and if you sit in one of the cafes or restaurants in the morning your will see all the fishing boats arriving in and watch as they unload boxes of sardines, mackerel, tuna etc. We visited Molyvos during the day to visit the castle and then again in the evening to have dinner at the harbour. I would recommend this island to anybody who wants to experience a real Greek holiday. There is an abundance of activities including castles and ancient sites, spas and thermal baths, traditional villages, birdwatching, monasteries and churches and for the more active cycling and hiking trails. Lesvos was hard hit by the migrant crisis back in the summer of 2015 and the island is still trying to recover. The people of Lesvos helped the refugees, rescuing many from the sea, giving them warm clothes and food and assisting them on their onward journey through northern Europe. The refugees have stopped coming but Lesvos has been badly affected by all the negative media hype. Even the cruise companies have abandoned the island. Please come to Lesvos and visit what I think is the most beautiful island in Greece, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Paris and Avalon River Cruise

06 September 2016

I was very fortunate to be chosen to visit Paris and experience two nights on Avalon Tapestry II River Boat up the River Seine. After an early start on a British Airways flight to Paris we were met by a representative from Avalon and transferred onto the waiting ship in Rouen. We spent two magical nights aboard before docking in Paris. Avalon Tapestry II was launched in 2015 and offers two full decks of unrivalled Panorama Suites each with 200 square feet and featuring wall to wall panoramic windows that transformed our stateroom into a unique open air balcony. There is a spacious sky deck with premium lounge chairs, shade system and whirlpool, two lounges, spacious open-seating dining room with full panoramic viewing, an outside viewing deck and observation lounge, fitness centre, self-service hot drinks centre with complimentary drinks and free Wi-Fi access. With Avalon cruises everything is included in the price including flights, all meals including beer, soft drinks and wine with lunch and dinner, excursions, gratuities and all transfers. On day two I chose to take one of the included day trips at Conflans to Napolean and Josephine's Chateau de Malmaison which was a half day trip with a fully guided tour around the house and grounds. This was the highlight of my trip. We docked early in the evening in Paris and after a luxurious dinner were able to go out and see the sights of Paris before spending another comfortable night aboard the ship. This was a memorable trip and one I would highly recommend.

My Switzerland Experience

17 October 2015

I arrived at London Heathrow for my 0840 flight to Zurich courtesy of Swiss Air. I had already checked in online so just needed to drop my bag and I was free to explore London Heathrow Terminal 2. I had the privilege of travelling Business Class on my outbound flight so with priority boarding we were on the flight with our complimentary small bar of Swiss chocolate in hand, all seated and ready for take off at 8.30, after a small delay we were air bound within 15 minutes. The service on board was excellent, a lovely breakfast consisting of bacon, scrambled eggs, tomato and hash brown, plus fruit yogurt and croissants and a choice of two delicious Swiss cheeses all washed down with two cups of tea from a China mug! The one hour 15 minute flight passes quickly with the help of the informative I flight magazine and free Sunday Mail newspaper. We touched down at Zurich airport at 11.25 local time. We then proceeded onto the Swiss rail system which was very easy and one of the cleanest I had ever encountered. We had to get from Zurich Airport to the city in order to change finally arriving into Andermatt at 3pm where we were met by a chauffeur from the 5* Chedi Hotel who transported our cases to the hotel, whilst we walked the short distance of 100m to the hotel. Upon arrival we were welcomed into the hotel by Sven with a champagne reception and then a tour of this splendid establishment. After a quick change we spent a leisurely night at the hotel restaurant with a mouth-watering Asian dinner, retiring to the lounge for after dinner cocktails. We met the following morning for an hour guided tour of Andermatt, this was absolutely fascinating, Andermatt is a very typical Swiss ski village with little chocolate box houses and hotels and lots of fascinating history stories. After our tour we checked out of the hotel and were all very excited for the next leg of our journey on the Glacier Express from Andermatt to St Moritz. This wonderful 5 hour journey meanders its way across the Alps passing lakes, over viaducts, through tunnels, the scenery is absolutely breath-taking. We travelled 1st class and enjoyed a sumptuous 3 course meal and wine. We arrived into St Moritz at 5pm where our transfer was waiting to transport us to 5* Hotel Walhaus in Sils Maria, a 15 minute transfer from the station. This hotel really has the wow factor, built in 1908, this family run establishment, currently being managed by the 5th generation, is truly a hotel with a difference. From the mountain side setting over-looking the lake to the traditional decor which spans the whole hotel. We were met by Patrick and Claudio Deitreich, the two brothers who are the currently manage the hotel. After a tour of the hotel which included the hotels private museum with artefact dating back to 1908, to the impressive wine cellar we retired to our rooms to prepare to dinner. This evening we were treated to a five course dinner in the hotels dining room, it was absolutely superb. After dinner we retired to the lounge for after dinner drinks in the company of the in house pianist. The following morning we were transported back down into St Moritz to await the Bernina Express, a rail journey which enjoys the scenery along the world-heritage Bernina Line. We disembarked at Bernina Diavolezza and took the cable car to the top of the mountain. Here we enjoyed a traditional Swiss fare to the Graubunden Region. There was a lot of snow at the top of the mountain but unfortunately the cloud was very low so we were unable to take in the spectacular views that we could only see on the many photos hanging around the restaurant. We were shown the many rooms which are available to book at the top of the mountain including the private hot tub which is available to pre-book. After descending the mountain we took the train back to St Moritz and a transfer back to the hotel where we enjoyed a few leisurely hours in the hotels spa. After another sumptuous buffet dinner consisting of local game we again retired to the lounge for after dinner drinks. The following morning I opened the curtains to snow! What an absolute delight, this totally transformed the landscape in a winter wonderland. We enjoyed a horse-drawn carriage ride through the Val Fex, stopping along the way to take in the magnificent scenery of this part of the region. An afternoon transfer took us back to St Moritz for our train journey back to Zurich and our flight home. All I can say is that I was totally blown away with this country, not much bigger than Wales but with so much to see and do. I would recommend it to absolutely everybody - cyclists, walkers, winter sports, train enthusiasts etc. A must on anybody's bucket list!

A Weekend in New York

19 March 2015

In early March, during one of the coldest snaps the city has every experienced, I was fortunate enough to be able to take my daughter for her 14th Birthday for an exciting 3 night “girly weekend” to New York City. Arriving on a Virgin Atlantic flight from Heathrow at lunchtime on Friday we hit the floor running and did not stop until our return flight on Monday evening. Staying in a relatively inexpensive hotel directly on Broadway, in a room overlooking the Empire State Building, and all within a 10 minute walk of Macy’s and Times Square we knew that we were going to have a fantastic weekend. In ‘the city that never sleeps’, tourists have the best in food and entertainment at their fingertips. The largest city in the U.S. is also one of the world’s most energetic. From a night in a museum to a street-food festival, this metropolis has it all. Home to more than one-and-a-half million residents, Manhattan is the heart and soul of New York. The street pulse is electric – everyone seems to run on high-octane energy and you’ll find yourself synchronising in no time. With no time to waste we headed to Times Square and onto the Rockefeller Center, where we soared 70 floors to the “Top of the Rock” Observation Floor for unobstructed 360° city views of the New York skyline at sunset. Unforgettable! With our 72-hour Hop On-Hop Off bus tickets in hand early on Saturday morning we ventured downtown (south of 14th Street). Quintessential Manhattan views abound – skyscrapers, water towers, cast-iron buildings – as do a plethora of boutiques, hip and eclectic eateries, and offbeat, intimate bars. We took in the sights of Brooklyn Bridge, Ground Zero and the Statue of Liberty. After a spot of lunch a trip to SoHo was on the agenda, home to boutique hotels, designer stores once found exclusively in the Upper East Side, and major clothing chains along Broadway (Zara, Top Shop, Uniqlo, etc). On the eastern fringe of SoHo, Nolita (from “North of Little Italy”) has a quaint, relaxed feel, with a healthy smattering of jewel-box boutiques and cosy bohemian cafés. Mott Street is the best for browsing, followed by Mulberry and Elizabeth. On Sunday morning we took a tour of the Midtown East and the Upper East Side home to Madison and 5th Avenue. This is museum territory, home to numerous entrances to Central Park (every New Yorker’s backyard) and seriously decadent shopping. Museum Mile is featured along a section of Fifth Avenue running from 82nd to 104th Streets, anchoring ten cultural institutions alone. Absolute musts include Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art and Solomon R Guggenheim Museum. We broke up our tour for a visit into Central Park where many New Yorkers spend their weekends. The Bethesda Fountain is the perfect base for people-watching. We ended this part of our tour with a visit to Grand Central Terminal visiting its magnificent marbled main concourse with its vaulted astronomy-themed ceiling (featured in a zillion movies) – a hive of activity at peak times. Monday morning saw us back on the bus for a tour of Harlem and the Bronx followed by a River Cruise along the Hudson River giving us another chance to take in all the sights and last-minute photography opportunities. No trip would be complete without a visit to the iconic Empire State Building, the queues were long but we were up on the observation floor within an hour before we finally said goodbye to New York. No doubt we will be back again before long!

My family holiday to Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

03 January 2013

We were in desperate need of some winter sun so decided to head for the sun guaranteed resort of Sharm el Sheik in Egypt for a relaxing two weeks of bliss! After a flight just over five hours long with Easyjet we arrived safely into Sharm Airport. Our hotel was only a quick ten minute transfer from the airport so we were safely checked in and in our room within an hour of touchdown. We stayed in Shark's Bay which is a laid-back, relaxed area with stunning views of Tiran Island and is ideal for divers, snorkelers and swimmers alike. There is also an abundance of activities and entertainment in both the hotels and Shark's Bay shopping area. Even though our hotel was all-inclusive, which is very common in Sharm, we still ventured out on many an evening to enjoy the entertainment in "downtown" Shark's Bay, a short five to ten minute walk from our hotel. We embarked on a couple of day trips, the most memorable being Abu Galoum and The Blue Hole. We were picked up from our hotel early in the morning for a jeep safari across the picturesque area of Abu Galum where we stopped at a Bedouin camp to enjoy a traditional Bedouin tea whilst learning all about the Bedouin life. We then enjoyed a camel ride before lunch which was an experience but the camels all behaved impeccably with no spitting! After lunch we snorkelled in the amazing Blue Hole for a good hour or so - this was amazing. On the way home there was a stop in the unspoilt town of Dehab for some shopping. It’s a great day out with amazing sightseeing. The main shopping area of Sharm el Sheikh is Naama Bay which offers an array of shops, bars and restaurants. Most hotels in Shark's Bay offer a regular transfer into Naama Bay should you wish to visit. You can also take a day trip out to Cairo and the pyramids although it is advisable to fly rather than take the very long, long coach journey which I would not recommend especially if you are only away for a week. I would definitely go back to Sharm; it is a good holiday if you need to relax with guaranteed weather and a very reasonable price.

A Wedding at Disney World in Florida

03 January 2013

What an amazing holiday! My husband was asked to be best man at his friends’ wedding which was to take place at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Did we need asking twice? No! We decided to stay with the happy couple in Disney and chose Sarasota Springs Resort & Spa which is a lakeside equestrian-themed hotel near the Downtown Disney area. We flew into Orlando and because we had booked a Disney hotel, had our transfers included with the Disney transfer bus. The whole seven days of our holiday was action-packed and as our package had included a 14 Day Ultimate Ticket with unlimited entry to four theme parks and two water parks. We didn't stop from getting up in the morning to going to bed at night, visiting a different park each day and sometimes up to three in a day! My daughter, who was nine at the time, absolutely loved it. She was tall enough to go on all the rides including Space Mountain, Splash Mountain and the Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom, Soarin' at Epcot and Rock 'n' Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Best of all was the Expedition Everest at Disney's Animal Kingdom. We left the last day to experience Blizzard Beach but only my husband was brave enough to try Summit Plummet; a 120 foot high water slide! Our friends were married on the third day of our holiday at the beautiful Polynesian Resort which provided a tropical paradise setting featuring lush vegetation, koi ponds and white sand lake beaches which provided a spectacular setting for their wedding photos. We couldn't come to Florida without experiencing one of the many shopping malls and it didn't disappoint us. We came away with a suitcase full of clothes, sunglasses and trainers, all a fraction of the price we pay in the UK.

Top End Discovery

03 January 2013

I have travelled extensively all around Australia but I think that if I had to pick a favourite, Darwin and the Top End would come extremely close. We flew from Adelaide to Darwin on a cold, crisp winter’s day in July, arriving into Darwin to a beautiful 30 degrees of pure blue sky. May to October is the perfect time to visit as it is the dry season and the majority of days are dry with clear blue skies and regular 29/30 degrees heat. On arrival we picked up our campervan and proceeded to our first holiday park in Darwin's city centre. Darwin has an abundance of things to do; we visited Aboriginal art galleries, the famous Mindil Beach Sunset Market and the chic Cullen Bay Marina and wharf. My husband ventured on a deep sea fishing trip returning home jubilant with his many catches much to the amusement of all our fellow campers - they had to help us eat all the fish! Upon leaving Darwin we set off for the Adelaide River where we took a cruise to see the acrobatic jumping crocodiles. We proceeded into Kakadu National Park, 250 kilometres east of Darwin, which is home to one of the world’s highest concentrations of Aboriginal rock art. We visited Nourlangie Rock and Ubirr Rock to view various examples of art. We also hiked to the top of Gunlom Falls, made famous in the movie Crocodile Dundee and onto Maguk (Barramundi Gorge), where a hike was rewarded with a swim in the plunge pools. Kakadu changes dramatically with the seasons and needs to be visited more than once to truly appreciate its dramatically different seasons. We based ourselves at a central holiday park in Jabiru whilst exploring this diverse landscape. Our next stop was Katherine Gorge (Nitmiluk) which is part of the Nitmiluk National Park. We enjoyed a leisurely cruise through the gorge having to get on and off different boats due to the low water levels common in the dry season. Our final stop before heading back to Darwin was Lichfield National Park which features an abundance of waterfalls, walking tracks and intriguing magnetic termite mounds. We spent many hours in the many waterfalls and plunge pools. Sadly our time in Australia had come to an end and it was time to return our campervan to Darwin and head back home. I would not hesitate to recommend this beautiful area of Australia; it has plenty to offer any age group or ability with options of self-drive through to fully escorted tours.

My customer stories

Sent by Emma Beal

Ally was so helpful, accommodating all our tweaks quickly and with a virtual smile! We’ll definitely use her again.

Sent by Dan Chalkley

We’ve had two trips organised by Ally now and she’s been excellent.

Sent by Gary Baker

Booking a holiday with Ally is effortless and she is always so helpful with any changes we want to make to our itinerary to get the best out of our holiday booking. She goes out of her way to try and find a better or different tour so we have options. We have recommended Ally to our friends and they have booked with her.

Sent by Anita Renyard

Just back from Valletta and wanted to say thank you for all your expertise, pulling together the package for our weekend in the sun! The hotel was in a great location (we even got upgraded to a one bed suite with side sea view), Malta Airlines were great and they served lush food, and the transfers were spot on - to quote Paul on our way back to the airport ‘Ally does brilliant packages’!

Sent by Sue Lavender

Very good service from both you & Dannie . As you know we would not hesitate to book with you in the future. Thanks again Sue and James

Sent by Sarah Jeremiah

Ally always responds promptly and, from our experiences so far, provides just what we’re looking for.

Sent by Deborah Viney

Ally Case always tailors our holidays perfectly to our wishes . Wouldn’t use anyone else !

Sent by Jason Froget

Thank you to Ally and her team for a wonderful trip to Iceland - a truly amazing adventure. Great organisation from the start - a carefully balanced itinerary which Ally took the time to talk through with us, and lots of good tips on what to wear and bring for this action packed trip. We were spoilt at every moment: ice caves, snow mobiles, natural hot springs, geysers, waterfalls, and scenery from a film set, all in luxury four-wheel cars with interesting local guides to fill us in on the magic of Iceland. And all followed by delicious meals in fantastic restaurants, catering perfectly for vegetarians too. With Ally’s planning, we really made the most of our 4-day trip. We’ve already asked Ally to look at our next holiday.

Sent by Caroline Naughton

We’ve had such a wonderful holiday, it’s been amazing and we’ve loved every part of it. The hotel in NY was great and the location was perfect and I can see why you recommended it, the hotel here in Washington is fabulous and so interesting. The virgin flights were amazing and we are so pleased we went for premium. Can you also thank Dannie for suggesting watching the Knicks Game - it has been one of the highlights of the trip and a great evenings entertainment. We’re so grateful to you both for organising the trip, you provide such a brilliant service, and are so knowledgeable.

Sent by Phil Whitehurst

Always the quickest and best responses to our queries, I can't fault Ally!

Sent by Lynn Cox

Ally has planned and organised our holidays for the last few years. In 2023 Ally organised a 3 week trip to America for our family of 3 from start to finish it was flawless, we had a fantastic trip of a life time fill with lasting memories.

Sent by Hayley Penny

Great service as always. I gave Ally a long wish list for our honeymoon, she came back with 4 hotels one of which is absolutely perfect so we have booked. Quick to respond to any queries and just really helpful

Sent by Graham Stickland

Ally is very responsive and very knowledgeable. She understands what we are looking for and handles queries very promptly, which instils confidence.

Sent by Harold Griffin

Having planned trips for us previously, Ally very quickly came up with a complete trip itinerary for us that met our needs completely and at a competitive price! We are looking forward to our trip next year. Thanks Ally!

Sent by Scott Bryant

Fantastic Service, Nothing seemed too much trouble.

Sent by Sharron Domanska

Nothing is too much trouble- amazing patience and knowledge

Sent by Alison Titheridge

We were recommended Ally by family and so pleased with everything Ally has done for us. We have since found out she has also arranged trips for a friend who says she is best in the business!

Sent by Jason Sparks

Ally was very professional. Easy to talk to. Communicated effectively. And we've ended up on the holiday that we really wanted.

Sent by Pauline Legg

Brilliant service and advice, holiday completely designed around my requirements.

Sent by Kelvin Bailey

Ally has been brilliant, always quick to respond to any of our queries, very informative in all aspects of travel and easy to talk with. Ally is at the top of her game and Travel Counsellors are very luck to have her.

Sent by Jefferson Fawcett

Ally Case is a brilliant Travel Counsellor and i always recommend her to friends and family .

Sent by Stephen Topping

I have used Ally and Travel Counsellors for some years and she and they never ever fail to deliver a wonderful service!!

Sent by Leah Kennett

Ally has been brilliant so far with booking our holiday and responding so quickly to my requests, thank you.

Sent by Matthew McGivney

Ally was able to give us great direction in where and when to go abroad. She has given us every confidence that all our requirements as a new family of 3 will be met. We are now super excited for our holiday.

Sent by Barbara Shirley

Ally never fails to make your trip enjoyable and less stressful, I have booked with her so many times and have never been disappointed. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. I am a mature widow so need all the help I can get and Ally never lets me down. Big Thank You Ally x

Sent by Colin Birt

I first emailed Ally and she immediately replied to answer my questions, we organised a conference call as I live in another country and obviously time zone. She was very understanding and soon came up with three different holidays and prices all within our particular wants and needs for a special holiday. First class service and I for one couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Sent by Victoria Miles

Allly was extremely communicative and understanding of our concerns and requirements for our planned trip. Would thoroughly recommend. Offers peace of mind when booking everything under one umbrella so to speak.

Sent by Andy and Sue Greenfield

One week today we arrived back from an incredible holiday organised by Ally Case. We packed so much into our time in Vietnam and loved every minute, the tours that Ally recommended were great fun and so well organised and we saw and experienced so much more than we thought possible. Our tour guides Nam and Ryan in Hanoi, Tina in Hue and Hoi An and last but not least Nancy in Ho Chi Minh were brilliant, they were all very knowledgeable and we had many laughs with all of them so if possible. We can’t thank Ally enough for organising such a brilliant holiday and we will be in touch soon to put together our next adventure ????

Sent by Ian Lord

Ally was so knowledgeable and understanding of our needs, it was so simple to book and we will definitely be booking again through Ally.

Sent by Alan Fletcher

Ally provides a great service, nothing is too much trouble and she is always available if you need her.

Sent by Michael Thommes

Fantastic service and communication throughout the initial investigation stage, plus the overall price quoted was very competitive.

Sent by Pete & Pat Ashdown

Where do I begin! The holiday was absolutely wonderful. Blue Waters was fantastic. The Villa was fabulous, the gardens were beautiful and the staff wonderful. Top marks all round. Thank you so much for your bottle of champagne, it was the cherry on the cake and you were right we made happy and wonderful new memories together. Thank you so much, so very thoughtful of you, and much appreciated. Thank you so much Ally – you are a star!

Sent by Graham Stickland

We dealt with Ally and she did an excellent job of matching what we were looking for with the proposed itineraries and hotels. We both felt that she quickly picked up on what we liked and did not like and matched hotels very appropriately indeed. She was knowledgeable and responsive and we would certainly recommend her to others.

Sent by Julie Dransfield

Just want to say thank you for organising our amazing holiday! From the time we arrived in Mauritius everyone was helpful and we loved the hotel. It was perfect and all the anniversary extras were great. We booked other trips with Maurtourco, again they were brilliant and would thoroughly recommend them.

Sent by Luke Piper

Amazing service and extremely helpful! Very grateful to Ally for taking all the stress away from a tricky journey!

Sent by Karl Butler

Ally is awesome. Very helpful, very knowledgeable, and would recommend her to anyone.

Sent by Pat & Nicky Donnelly

Ally is absolutely fantastic. We wouldn’t use anyone else. She always delivers exactly what we want every holiday wherever in the world we go. Thanks Ally.

Sent by Georgie Wilton

Amazing, always at the end of the phone and managed to arrange exactly what I needed effortlessly.

Sent by David Marsh

Superb service with first-class follow-through. If problems occur during the planned vacation the troubleshooting skills are outstanding.

Sent by Elaine Murphy

Very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Looking forward to a lovely holiday and Ally took all the stress off the usual booking, Just had to say where I’d like to go and just like magic it was booked. Ally communicated throughout and it shows she is very enthusiastic and loves her job.

Sent by Jacqueline Peck

Ally was extremely considerate to our requests. Ally took away our pressures and organised a perfect break for us. We would definitely book with Travel Counsellors again.

Sent by Avril Coulton

Ally has so much patience when booking holidays. She doesn't mind how many times you contact her for queries and she comes back as soon as she can. I have already told friends about her and will continue to do so. Best travel agent we have ever had.

Sent by Steve Boothman

Ally's calm, caring professionalism coupled with her warm personality, brings confidence to the services she provides.

Sent by Paul Clarke

Amazing Service and so easy to deal with.

Sent by Carol Stonier

We have booked a few times with Ally now and will always use her for our holidays. She is knowledgeable, friendly, always comes up with great holiday suggestions, and is always incredibly helpful beforehand, during your trip, and when things go wrong! I always recommend her to my friends for their bookings,

Sent by Pat & Nicky Donnelly

Ally is absolutely fantastic. We wouldn’t use anyone else. She always delivers exactly what we want every holiday wherever in the world we go. Thanks, Ally. Nicky and Pat.

Sent by Lynn Cox

Ally is brilliant. If there is any problems, you just email Ally and she gets straight back to you. Customer service is brilliant and the prices of the holiday.

Sent by Michael Thompson

I was delighted with the service Ally provided. She was very efficient, approachable and thorough. Ally was able to equal and then better the deal I was going to get. I would highly recommend Ally.

Sent by Paul Dawe

Have recommended Ally many times now and every time its followed by a huge thank you from the recipients. Without fail, Ally delivers.

Sent by Debbie Viney

Ally as always listens to what you want from your holiday and puts a great package together so you don’t have to worry about anything! Would always recommend Ally to family and friends .

Sent by Vicky Woodings

Love Ally’s patience and determination to deliver us the holidays we want. Her professionalism, kindness and efficiency makes me recommend her to anyone.

Sent by Gary Baker

Ally is approachable, extremely helpful and understands what you want out of your holiday.

Sent by Clare Butler

Absolutely brilliant in putting our holiday together and tweaking where necessary. Regular communication to keep me updated.

Sent by Dan Buckley

Ally is wonderful to work with, excellent at her job and provides top class customer service. Working with her has completely changed how I book trips.

Sent by Andy Pasker

Booking a trip through Ally is so easy and quick, I can't imagine us ever doing it ourselves again!

Sent by Claire Bartlett

Ally went out of her way to suggest hotels that she knew would be perfect for us for our next family holiday and she nailed it! Thank you again Ally, we can trust you to find the perfect holiday for us every time!

Sent by Brian Hirst

Always available, responds quickly to enquiries, doesn't just work 9-5 and is always looking at ways to enhance one's vocational experience.

Sent by Carol Murawski

I have engaged the services of Ally Case in booking several holidays, each holiday has been tailored to mine and my families needs. Ally makes sure that nothing is missed out including transfers and special assistance (my husband has disabilities) I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone. Most recently we have booked a holiday to Venice Italy and euro Disney.

Sent by Jodie Keen

Ally was incredible and literally helped me with every single different option as we were thinking of so many different travel options for our honeymoon, she has now helped us book the perfect trip which we cannot wait to go on!

Sent by David Trehane

Awesome service as always. Its the little touches on top of great knowledge that really sets you apart. Thanks!

Sent by Clare Rowes

Nothing is too much trouble. Ally deals with and manages all questions and queries promptly and professionally. She is very accessible and has always gone above and beyond even whilst being away on holiday if issues have arisen. I would highly recommend.

Sent by Malcolm James

Have used the services of Travel Counsellors for many years and always receive excellent service from Ally, Very knowledgeable, always helpful and willing to go that extra mile.

Sent by Katie Wilford

Ally rescued me by calmly and quickly finding flights home for my daughter living overseas. The flights were much better than I could find at a similar price. All questions promptly answered and everything dealt with very smoothly. My daughter is safely home and I am delighted. Well done Ally!

Sent by Jo Pasker

Hi Ally I just wanted to say that we have returned from a fantastic holiday and to say a huge thank you to you for booking it all! Everything went so smoothly-we were lucky with our flights, no problems from Bournemouth and back, the transfers to and from Faro airport were seamless and our accommodation at The Patio Suite hotel was lovely, with such helpful, friendly staff. Portugal was definitely a winner for us, we loved it and will certainly return again. Before we left, we had recommended you to our friends, however, I think we’ll be recommending you to everyone now! I’ll be writing a Trip advisor review after this email too.

Sent by Irene Prior

Always very helpful and gives up to date advice on where you are planning to go. Personally the best travel agent around.

Sent by Caroline Naughton

Ally provides a fantastic service, offers great advice and offers plenty of options. The app is really helpful and easy to use.

Sent by Carol Murawski

Wow what can we say……. Firstly can we thank you for your assistance in helping make our Holliday so special. We originally booked the holiday for our goddaughter Emma’s 18th birthday gift, however due to the Covid pandemic it had to be postponed several times. Your patience and support in rebooking this several times was simply Amazing! Now to the actual holiday…having visited Venice a couple of times before we can honestly say this has been the BEST trip yet, the water taxi transfer both to and from the airport was wonderful, prompt, efficient and thoughtful, the drivers helped with the luggage and took great care to assist Mark (who has mobility problems) to board and depart the boat. The hotel was WONDERFUL, fantastically situated near a water bus stop, the staff where very kind, knowledgeable and informative about the area. They managed to arrange our special requests, a low floor and two rooms next to each other and as the breakfast room was on the second floor the reception assistant also offered to bring us breakfast down to the ground floor outside waterfront seating area if Mark found the stairs too difficult (luckily this was not needed) Your little welcome note in our room was a thoughtful addition. We would like to recommend the hotel to others and will definitely be visiting Venice again and staying there. Once again please accept our thanks for making this a very special holiday and allowing us to make some wonderful memories with Emma.

Sent by Owen Perdrisat

I just wanted to thankyou for helping myself and Jessica with sorting out our holiday. We had a great time and it wouldn't have been possible without your help organising and making it simple for us. We really appreciate the work you put in to sorting all the documents and giving us all the necessary information for flying out and back. I will definitely be using your services again in the future if I go away. Thank you again.

Sent by Anita Renyard

Ally is just brilliant - so knowledgeable and great at offering options tailored to your needs. Would highly recommend :)

Sent by Charlotte Goddard

Ally was fab! Great advice and knowledge and a wonderful holiday package booked! Super excited :)

Sent by Debbie Dowsett

Ally quickly found us perfect options with all our boxes ticked. We can't wait to go!

Sent by Andy Pasker

Asking Ally to arrange our family holiday has been the best thing we have done! She has provided a responsive, adaptable & professional service throughout, which has made the whole process stress free. We will, without a doubt, be asking Ally to arrange our trips planned in the future & look forward to it!

Sent by Carole Sharpe

Alll was recommended to me and I will be recommending her to others. She has been more than helpful spending whatever time was needed . Old fashioned service with a capital 'S' using modern tools of the trade....Thank you Ally - you have taken the pressure off!!

Sent by carolyn Polden

Great support, very patient, knowledgeable and professional.

Sent by Conor Mullan

100% happy with everything Ally does - she is a great help and a great source of knowledge. Very happy.

Sent by Clive Snell

Just brilliant!

Sent by Simon Kilminster

Have used Ally on several occasions, recommended her to my sisters and two friends. Would never go anywhere else now. Thank you Ally

Sent by Wendy Slater

When you're looking for the trip of a lifetime and you don't know where to start who better to ask than Ally. A knowledgeable Travel Counsellor with help and advice at her fingertips!!

Sent by Mark Hillier

Ally's brilliant! Takes all the hassle out of figuring where to go on holiday ourselves + no stresses with all the booking stuff.

Sent by Gary Baker

Ally was very easy to deal with by phone and email in booking our 2023 holiday. Ally explained the flight booking process as they are not available to book yet, and made us feel assured with our booking.

Sent by Irene Prior

Wonderful service, Ally takes away all the worries of booking myself. Recommend every time.

Sent by Jessika Clark

Ally has been so patient and so helpful through the booking and rebooking of our honeymoon. We are so looking forward to it and feel in safe and knowledgeable hands with Ally!

Sent by Carol Wiles

Ally is always professional, helpful, and friendly. She deals with the booking without fuss, and within a very quick timeframe, and we would recommend her every time!

Sent by Owen Perdrisat

Ally was really helpful and quick to reply. She gave multiple options to fit around the information I have her. She was very informative with the information needed to travel due to Covid and she had everything sorted for me including flights, transport too and from the airport to hotel and all of the accommodation. There is nothing negative to say about the service I received as without the help, I would probably still be trying to sort it all out by myself.

Sent by Alan Fletcher

Ally is always available and nothing is too much trouble. She is very knowledgeable, particularly in these difficult times for booking holidays, and knows exactly what we want.

Sent by David Marsh

Ally has very good attention to detail and has excellent interpersonal skills. She is a pleasure to deal with.

Sent by Elaine Wilkins

Supportive, answers any query and always willing to give as many options to make sure you end up with your perfect holiday!

Sent by Bethany Perdrisat

Super quick response times, got my holiday sorted so quickly and efficiently. Feels like they care about what I want out of my holiday, have already recommended to others :)

Sent by Claire Bartlett

Ally has been just amazing helping us to find our perfect holiday and also, reassuring us at every step of the process. Her knowledge is so impressive and her customer service is just outstanding. Thank you Ally!

Sent by Tom Parkinson

Ally has provided myself and my fiancé the best service I have ever received. She was not only very thorough, accurate and promoted lots of thoughts, she also secured a great honeymoon package at a great price. I cannot wait to go away. I would book all my holidays with Ally if I could! I highly highly recommend her now.

Sent by Avril Coulton

Many of our holidays have been booked through Ally. She listens to what YOU want from a holiday and fits everything around it, talking to overseas agents to get it just right. Travel and accommodation are fitted to what you want to pay. She’s at the end of a phone to sort any problems you may have whilst away - 24/7. Go on, book through Ally Case, we as a family can recommend her absolutely.

Sent by Alex Smith

Ally was incredibly helpful in choosing and booking our trip. I am completely confident that she will be there at any point in the build up and during the trip and we are very much looking forward to it!

Sent by Ian Hobday

Outstanding personal service from a very knowledgable person.

Sent by Zoe Thornton

Ally was extremely helpful in finding me the right holiday that I wanted for my 50th. I had spent days trying to source a holiday that was going to be special, and she straight away made 3 suggestions from her own experience that fitted what I wanted. She was really prompt in sending 3 fantastic varied holidays/quotes through to me (on a Sunday!) and it was difficult to choose. She made sure that everything I needed was included and when the holiday was booked she even made a note to the hotel to advise them it was my Birthday and to help me celebrate and to upgrade where possible. I will certainly be using Ally again, and will and have already recommended her to everyone that I speak to about my trip booked. Thank you again Ally

Sent by Brian Willis

Coral and I have just retuned from our holiday to Thailand. Just wanted to say a big Thank You, it was brilliant. We really enjoyed it, your organisation was faultless.

Sent by Stuart Morgan

Fantastic stress free holiday planning hence we have returned now for our fourth booking!

Sent by Brian Hirst

Ally’s always available and prepared to go the extra mile to deliver an enjoyable and interesting experience.

Sent by Emma Martineau

For the last 5 years we have used Ally and will never use anyone else, or book anything ourselves, because she does everything for us, is warm, friendly, very personable and approachable. We love her! We are always secure in the knowledge that everything has always been thoroughly reseached and properly booked, and so we can truly relax and enjoy our holidays.

Sent by Rachel Gibson

Fantastic service, really took the time to communicate with us and listen to our requests.

Sent by Trevor Smith

Allly has been supremely patient, hugely informative and wonderfully enthusiastic. We can't wait to book our next trip with her.

Sent by Gladys Quick

The service was amazing. Professional, friendly and very efficient. I have already made recommendations to friends who are considering a holiday in the future.

Sent by Tina Avey-Hebditch

Really helpful, flexible to our requirements and excellent guidance to get the right package for our special trip.

Sent by Clare Hawkins

So helpful and efficient and takes the stress away from booking a holiday. Definitely recommend and have done several time to friend and family.

Sent by Andy Greenfield

Excellent service with information given quickly.

Sent by Sarah Jeremiah

Very happy with the service Ally has provided so far. I told her what we were looking for and our budget and destinations we had in mind. She was very prompt in her responses and gave us quotes for what we had in mind but also for a destination we hadn't considered ( which we then went on to book). It's so nice to feel you matter and that thought and consideration has gone into the options suggested.

Sent by Oscar Bol

Service is superb

Sent by Cliff & Zoie Thrumble

Ally was amazing, listened to all our needs and has booked a trip of a lifetime. This is the second time we have used her and would highly recommend her to anyone. Makes booking your perfect holiday so easy. Thanks Ally

Sent by Julie Allen

Ally is a true professional - I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone for their travel plans.

Sent by Mark Whitaker

Just wanted to say thank you for arranging the trip! Excellent service from start to finish - great transfers, hotel, location etc. Would definitely recommend Dubrovnik and the Valamar resorts!

Sent by Stephanie Omosevwerha

Just a quick email to thank you for organising everything. We had a fantastic holiday and it was great that everything was so well organised and went so smoothly. I would definitely have no hesitation about booking with you again and will certainly recommend you to friends and family. Thank you so much for all your help.

Sent by Paul Dawe

Superbly efficient as always. Choose a destination and Ally hits the target every time :-)

Sent by Matt Haydon

We found Ally to be very knowledgeable and was able to point us in the right direction, nothing was too much trouble. Ally was recommended by a friend, we in turn will recommend to other friends.

Sent by Carol Murawski

Brilliant, service as always, we have booked through Ally Case before after being recommended by a close friend and she was honest, helpful and efficient, if she can’t beat your deal and can match it I’d still use her service as she gives that extra bit of personal service that you don’t always get with the larger companies.

Sent by Bob Bowater

Ally went the extra mile to obtain the cruise I was really after.

Sent by Debbie Viney

Definitely recommend Ally Case as she caters for your individual preferences and needs, making recommendations that you just don’t get with a package holiday or high street travel agent.

Sent by Mandy Rishton

Fantastic working with Ally to build our perfect honeymoon. We made changes several times with no qualms whatsoever. Ally has been informative and supportive throughout I will definitely be recommending her to friends and family

Sent by Tony & Marg Fletcher

Just returned from our amazing holiday to Singapore, New Zealand and Fiji. Thank you Ally for arranging all our itinerary, all flights and excursions were great. We stayed in some amazing places and we managed to see as much as possible in the time that we had. It was a holiday of a life time and it was all down to Ally's hard work and planning we cannot thank you enough . Here's to our next trip , Ally you are the best.

Sent by Claire Van Tonder

Nice personal service. Our booking was not easy to accommodate but Ally made sure she found something that was suitable. Thank you.

Sent by Helen Steel

I have used Ally now for a few years and each of the holidays that she has arranged for us has been amazing. Not only does it take the pressure off having to find somewhere nice myself but also I know that the places that we go to will have been checked Highly recommended

Sent by Carol Stonier

Once again, Ally come up with quotes for our summer holiday which were perfect for us - places we would like, accommodation to suit our family and within our budget. Her attention to detail in booking all aspects of the holiday is reassuring as I know I don have to think of anything myself! We are now booked, paid and waiting patiently to go enjoy the sunshine in southern Spain!

Sent by Nicky Donnelly

Ally is fantastic. She is always approachable. She’s knowledgeable too and has always organised some great holidays for us being flexible when we have wanted certain hotels or airlines etc. I have recommended Ally to family and friends and will continue to do so. Great service.

Sent by Stuart Morgan

The holiday was so good we booked again for this year within a few days of getting back!

Sent by Phil Waite

We are so glad that you were recommended to us because you have done a fantastic job of arranging our trip to Las Vegas and San Francisco. It has been a pleasure to speak to you personally. You couldn’t have been more helpful.

Sent by Susan Farmer

Ally always gives good service, pleasant, courteous and helpful. I would always be happy to recommend customers to her.

Sent by Neil Leat

Ally delivers an absolutely excellent service and I recommend her to both friends and family. She is knowledgeable about her subject and offers really sound advice. I particularly value her availability via email/phone to respond to queries.

Sent by Mark Hillier

Well….we’re home all okay and just wanted to say a massive thank you for recommending and booking our holiday to Mauritius. The hotel was absolutely fantastic, the staff were all so friendly. You took out all the hassle of the holiday arrangements for us. Thank you for the little things such as the personalised welcome message from you when we got to our room, and mailing the hotel our return boarding cards so we didn’t have to worry. It was great, .thank you again. Your recommendation was spot on and your service has been first class.

Sent by Joanne Chittey

Thank you for finding us a fantastic holiday so close to our travel times. Ally went the extra mile - filled in travel information and contacted the hotel with a special request. A fantastic service.

Sent by John Wilson

Ally has been amazing! Nothing was to much trouble, and came back very quickly with any information required. We would highly recommend Ally and will certainly use her again.

Sent by John Wilson

Extremely helpful and knowledgeable person who we trusted 100% getting a holiday of our dreams and advising us on a holiday that would accommodate us and my 80 year old mum.

Sent by Sharon Hughes

The easiest way to book a holiday!

Sent by Lauren Rawlinson

It was a pleasure to book through Ally. Takes the pressure off looking at endless hotel options and we got a fantastic deal going through Ally which we certainly wouldn’t have been able to get otherwise.

Sent by Andrea Mills

Ally has been very helpful and patient! We are now looking forward to our fabulous honeymoon x

Sent by Ian Hobday

Outstanding, attentive, creative, hard working, responsive - just bloody brilliant!

Sent by Wynne Davies

Ally is very patient, we were originally going on a family cruise for 8 people, she worked tirelessly to provide quotes with different destinations, but circumstances changed and it came down to just 3 people and we changed from a cruise to a beach holiday. She came back quickly with the perfect holiday within budget which we gladly accepted. Again a brilliant service.

Sent by Vanessa Mills

I just wanted to touch base and say thank you so much for organising a fabulous trip for us all to Sri Lanka. We all loved every moment and have been sharing our memories with everyone back at home. Columbus travel were great and a really good mix of hotels. Really liked the way that we could pick and choose our tours, I think though that we very nearly did everything! I’ve recommended you to lots of friends, so hopefully you may be getting a little more enquiries coming your way. Many thanks again and I’m sure we will be back in touch in the future.

Sent by Mike & Carol Stonier

As always, Ally came up with the perfect holiday flights, accommodation and car hire for us. She is efficient, professional, and a good friend! She also recently helped a bereaved neighbour of mine to sort out a trip to America to see her son and dealt with it all with such lovely kindness and helpfulness. My neighbour could not believe that Ally sorted out all the little details like helping her fill out her visa and doing labels and such thing. An awesome, exceptional service which I ALWAYS recommend.

Sent by Luke and Lynne Punchard

Ally has been great, she has had loads of patience with numerous emails back and forth! She always responds pretty much immediately and always offers great advise. Thank you and can’t wait for our cruise next year.

Sent by Julie Allen

Ally is very professional, prompt and knowledgeable - I would have not hesitation recommending her to anyone.

Sent by Peter Cushing

Ally was recommend to us by a friend and has been very helpful in sorting a holiday this year. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to our friends.

Sent by Pamela Bouyssou

I found Ally extremely friendly, helpful and experienced. It was such a relief to just explain what I wanted and leave it to her to sort out - which she did, and I appreciate my holiday is still 14 months away but I am sure it will be an excellent experience. At the moment I have no intention of going anywhere else to get my annual holiday sorted.

Sent by Steve Boothman

You deserve to be the best rated service in the world! You provide an excellent caring service in a wonderfully friendly way whilst you identify and then try to satisfy your clients requirements. Well done and thank you!

Sent by Lisa Honeybun

Ally is brilliant! I have used her service several times and regularly tell people about her. She listens to what you are looking for and is very prompt about coming back with options. She keeps you updated and sorts everything out for you. Couldn’t recommend her enough.

Sent by Patricia Warmer

I recommend Ally to all my family and friends. She is honest, patient and very conscientious. It's reassuring to know that she's only at the other end of the phone/computer, if we need her. I will never use a high street travel agent or book a holiday on the internet ever again. Ally is the best.

Sent by Sharon Hughes

It's so easy! Ally does all the hard work to your spec. Runs really smoothly. I've recommended her to lots of my friends.

Sent by Adam Ware

This is the second time using Ally to book our holiday, and both times she has gone above and beyond for us to make it as painless as possible. if we could give a higher score we would.

Sent by Mike & Carol Stonier

Thank you Ally for booking our amazing holiday in Cancun, Mexico. It certainly lived up to our expectations, and more! The private transfers you organized from the airport to the hotel and back were very welcome – we were whisked off in a nice big air-conditioned car quickly and efficiently instead of standing around waiting for a transfer bus. The hotel you recommended to us was perfect and I would highly recommend it to anyone else wishing to head to that area. Your attention to detail when it came to our holiday, from all the communications, printing of tickets, hand written luggage labels and checking on us while we were there after we had a tropical storm – is all part of an amazing personal service you provide to your customers. You even had a bounty of patience with us while we were looking at numerous quotes and couldn’t make up our mind! I will definitely book with you again and as always, will sing your praises to my friends and family. Love the Stonier Family

Sent by Les Starling

Used Ally for quite a few years now and every holiday has been excellent. She has got to know what we like and never disappoints, any requests or adjustments is never to much trouble and she always delivers. I like the little touches like I have a Birthday card from her while I'm away at the destination on the day. We always do a 2-3 destination holiday over a 2 week period and she organises all transfers, pick ups everything so it is totally hassle free. I would totally recommend Ally and I would never use anyone else.

Sent by Helen Steel

I love asking Ally to sort out our holiday. I do not have time to look through numerous websites and she has offered us great deals in amazing places. I have already recommended her to all my family and friends.

Sent by Jean David

It's always a pleasure to use Ally as she is very accommodating, even if we change our minds. So much more pleasant than using a travel agent and much more friendly.

Sent by Avril Coulton

She has helped us with so many holidays and nothing is too much trouble for her. I have recommended Ally to many of my friends. A fantastic Travel Counsellor.

Sent by Sue Farmer

Ally helped a nervous first time on their own traveller book a holiday that I plan to use to refill an empty emotional bank account. Ally was pleasant, helpful and professional.

Sent by Steven Boothman

Ally - you make selecting and booking a holiday a pleasurable experience, and your guidance has given us the holiday it promised.

Sent by Deb Empson

Ally, just wanted to thank you for helping us arrange one of our most memorable holidays ever. It was reassuring to know that we had your details should we have needed them. The pack was great that contained all the relevant holiday information. I certainly won't hesitate to recommend you to friends and family.

Sent by Amanda Griffin

Ally Case couldn't be more helpful! She takes the hassle out of travel so we can just enjoy our holiday!

Sent by Maria James

Ally is so friendly and really helpful and found a solution to our problem we had with hotel rooms. Fab service.

Sent by Deborah Viney

Ally Case has been terrific in personalising our holiday to suit our needs. Always happy to answer any questions we have no matter how simple. We would definitely recommend her services (and have done!).

Sent by Lisa Honeybun

I always recommend Ally to friends when talking about holidays as we have only had good experiences of using her service! Thanks Ally! It's always a pleasure x

Sent by Stuart Morgan

Brilliant service so far with our first time with Ally, I'm sure we will be back for more holiday help in the future!

Sent by Keith Cummings

Ally was always very prompt to respond to any queries and took the time to totally understand our needs. She certainly provided us with with the best deal, catering to our needs 100%. I will continue to recommend her services.

Sent by Neil Leat

Ally Case has been superb, she has really taken the hassle out of booking a holiday. She has also assisted with subsequent questions. I have already recommended her services to my in laws.

Sent by Anita Renyard

Ally was extremely patient and looked at various alternatives for our trip until we landed on the final choice - thanks for all your help!

Sent by David & Myra Burge

Always first class, and has guided us in our holiday programmes so that we have been aware of the best options available.

Sent by Christopher Amey

Ally helped us with booking a holiday last may . She provided us with a number of options and helped us to decide which one suited us best at the time . We had a great time and everything was perfect including her recommendations. That's why we've used her again to book this short break just before Christmas which we hope will be magical for our 5 year old.

Sent by Jenny Palmer

Ally Case was very helpful, patient and understanding of our requirements. Thank you so much for all your time and effort Ally, it's much appreciated. Many thanks Glen, Jen, Ella & Ava xxxx

Sent by Clare Rowles

Patient, thorough and informative. I will definitely look to Ally next time I'm looking to take a trip.

Sent by Amanda Hamblen

Ally was very helpful and informative, especially with New York with regard to the best area to stay in. She also gave us some tips on the best way to travel from the airport to the hotel due to her own experiences. Ally found us the best deal for our entire trip and was very competitive with our other quotes. Thanks

Sent by Stephanie Laws

Ally has been very helpful in sourcing our 2017 holiday and giving us good insight. I would highly recommend to family and friends. Thank you Ally.

Sent by Malcolm Martineau

I have recommended Ally to my family and friends as I have always found Ally to be helpful, knowledgeable and vitally very patient with me. Thank you Ally.

Sent by Stephen Topping

My wife and I plus our extended family have all used Ally's services and have on every occasion have been very happy with the both the service and the holiday(s) that resulted. Ally is friendly, knowledgeable and has the added bonus of being rapid with her responses.

Sent by Susan Davies

Thank you Ally for a brilliant service. You anticipated most of our questions and everything was booked in super quick time. Thank you so much for making booking a holiday such a stress free pleasure. I have already recommended you to friends and family.

Sent by Jo Moss

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say mum and dad thoroughly enjoyed their cruise. They had the most amazing time despite being a little nervous of it when I dropped them off! They wanted me to pass on their thanks to you for taking the time with me to arrange the perfect holiday.

Sent by Steven Boothman

Seeking and receiving advise can be daunting, particularly when made in connection with activities with which one is unfamiliar. Ally steered me through that process in a friendly and efficient manner for which I am grateful. Her professionalism should be adopted by all who purport to offer similar services.

Sent by Tracey Collins

Excellent help and service considering it was all very last minute for me. It couldn't have happened without your help so thanks a million Ally & Sadie. It was a wonderful holiday and hotel superb.

Sent by Ade Holloway

Ally is always very helpful, very efficient and very polite. Always replies to e-mails and phone calls by return. 10/10 all round!

Sent by Emma Knight

Just wanted to say thank you for all your help in booking our holiday! We had the most amazing time and wouldn't have been able to do it without your help, so thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

Sent by Emma Martineau

Fantastic attention to detail. What's really important to me is that she's got to know me, my likes and dislikes and so she ventures an opinion whilst most others will say 'it's up to you'.

Sent by Janine Sawyer

This is the second holiday that we have booked with Ally. This is a testament in itself. Ally has again found us the right holiday at a better price than the high street Travel Agent's.

Sent by Kirsty Evers-Buckland

Always an amazing service. Ally always gets straight back to you. We are so excited about our holiday.

Sent by John & Elsi Smith

We've booked at least 3 hols through Ally, all been first class. Elsie and John

Sent by Alexia Browning

Ally really persevered with finding a holiday to fit our requirements and she did an excellent job.

Sent by Karen Clayton

Very helpful, there is a group of us traveling and not all at the same time, Ally made this complicated process very easy.

Sent by Les Starling

Ally takes all the hassle out of booking a holiday, we tell her where, when and how and she does the rest. I always suggest Ally when talking holidays with friends and family.

Sent by Viv Du Toit

Ally is so helpful and patient I had to change my dates as I didn't look at my calendar within 15 minutes all sorted and not a word of complaint from Ally, she is fabulous!

Sent by Lisa Honeybun

This is the third holiday I have booked with ally and I recommend her to friends/family and colleagues because she is so helpful. Ally is honest throughout the process.

Sent by Matthew McGivney

Ally has been fantastic from start to finish (booking). From helping choosing our Honeymoon destination to planning the finer details such as excursions and airport lounges. Always willing to refine things to suit budget and needs. This was a special holiday for my partner and I so we were desperate to get it right! I feel extremely confident thanks to Ally that we have achieved this, so much so I will be going back to Ally for future holidays :)

Sent by Scarlett Elliott

I couldn't have asked for a better service when organising a large family holiday. Ally gave great recommendations and was always prompt with her very helpful replies. Needless to say we're all booked up for next year!

Sent by Kay Hirst

We have now used Ally Case on several occasions and always found her to be very friendly, knowledgeable and efficient.

Sent by Wynne Davies

Ally is a great person to book through, she gets exactly what's requested. Also giving alternatives and suggestions. This trip was all about location in Costa Teguise as my relatives are going at the same time staying in a time share. She recommended a hotel near to the timeshare but also on the beach. Thanks Ally you're a great agent and we look forward to booking with you again soon.

Sent by Sarah Harrison

As a busy working mum, having Ally manage all my holiday requirements has made planning family breaks so much easier. I no longer have to spend hours in a travel agent or online to book a holiday and any queries I have are immediately dealt with. Fantastic service, thank you!

Sent by Isobel Ross

Ally is friendly, efficient, prompt and helpful! I have recommended her already!

Sent by Isobel Ross

Ally is friendly, efficient, prompt and helpful! I have recommended her already!

Sent by Janine Sawyer

Ally has been fantastic. Very efficient, speedy in her responses and very knowledgeable.

Sent by Paula Thompson

Ally really took the time to understand what we were looking for and as we have recently had a horrid time, she managed to take all the stress away and find us our perfect holiday. I would highly recommend Ally to anyone.

Sent by Becka Cackett

I wanted to get in touch since the moment we got home to say a massive thank you to you for so many elements! We had just the most amazing time from start to finish and the wedding was just all I dreamed of and more! Everything just ran like clockwork from start to finish. We loved all of the hotels and locations, which I can’t thank you enough for all your recommendations, and it was so kind of you to organise little notes from yourself in the hotels and what a lovely surprise after a long hot day of traipsing round Hong Kong to return to our delicious bottle of white wine! It was so sweet of you and really made us feel exceptionally special! As did my first piece of post to Mr & Mrs Cackett welcoming us home? We were just bowled over by the whole experience and have absolutely loved working with you and really do look forward to doing so again in the future.

Sent by Brian & Kay Hirst

Hi Ally, thank you so much for organising such a memorable and wonderful holiday for us and Lynsey. Vietnam and Cambodia are truly amazing countries - lots of people have asked us what our favourite thing was but really that is such a difficult question to answer as we had so many different experiences which we shall never forget for all sorts of reasons - the total mayhem of the motorbikes and scooters in Hanoi - the beautiful Japanese Covered Bridge in Hoi An - the Chu Chi tunnels in Ho Chi Minh City - the sadness of the Killing Fields near Phnom Penh and the absolute splendor of Angkor Wat and Angkor Tom. Many thanks once again Ally - a holiday never to be forgotten.

Sent by Joy Devine

Just got back from an excellent holiday. We had given Ally a difficult task of finding us a holiday with very little notice and on a budget. She was 100% correct with her suggestion. The peace of mind knowing that Ally really does know her job was so reassuring and meant that our holiday started the moment we left our front door. I can't recommend Ally highly enough.

Sent by Lorraine Hewitt

Ally is a pleasure to deal with, she is always so helpful and knowledgeable and really saves me lots of time when sorting my travel arrangements. I have a very busy life and simply don't have the time to research the best deals and locations to suit my needs. I have recommended Ally as an exceptional Travel Counsellor to several of my contacts/friends all of which have been delighted with her support. Many thanks

Sent by Leslie Starling

We love the service we receive from Ally, we email her with what we location, what we want from the holiday and star ratings from the accommodations, private transfers everything. She sends us a couple of recommendations, check them over reply and she does the rest. It's an excellent service all documentation required sent to our home. If there's something we're not happy with we text Ally and she sorts it. We will never use any one else and we often recommend her to friends. Never had a bad holiday yet and she takes out all the hard work of either trawling through the internet or sat in a travel agents for hours. Thank You Ally xx

Sent by Salle McKerl

Thank you Ally for all your work in finding us a holiday so quickly with no fuss. You listened to our requirements and tailored the research far better than any other service I have used before. I have recommended you to many friends already, and would definitely use your services again.

Sent by Stephen Topping

Ally came highly recommended to me and she did not disappoint, and I have recommended her services to 2 other people already.

Sent by Nicky Donnelly

Ally is brilliant! She gets it just right every time. I have already recommended her to family and friends.

Sent by Samantha Pain

Great service listened to requirements and great communication, resulting in the perfect booking.

Sent by Paula Lamberio

I received excellent service from Ally. Thank you so much for your commitment and expertise! I was recommended by a colleague and will definitely recommend the use of your very professional and efficient services.

Sent by Andrew Mason

Faultless! We would recommend to all…

Sent by Avril Coulton

I have already recommended Ally to friends. She is on the ball with regards what is out there and she is the most patient and helpful person with regards to holiday destinations and bookings. Her knowledge is invaluable to us when we are contemplating a new destination. Well done Ally.

Sent by Sonja Sparrow

Very efficient, fast and nothing is too much trouble for Ally to deal with. She's a star .

Sent by Viv Du Toit

Ally's patience was commendable and taking time to look at other options - nothing was too much trouble. I will refer all friends and business colleagues to Ally, thank you. I can sleep knowing my holiday was booked professionally with no fuss.

Sent by Jon Hennessey

Just wanted to thank you for arranging our holiday to Kefelonia. White Rocks Hotel was fabulous and had everything we needed to enjoy a great break away. The food was really really good and the staff were always very helpful, we even got upgrade to a bungalow halfway through the week which gave an amazing view of the sea. Thanks again for your help - we will definitely use your skills again.

Sent by Julie Browne

Thanks so much Ally for organising our holiday! We all had the most fabulous time, the cruise was brilliant, the ports were amazing and Venice was everything we dreamed it would be and more! One of my best holidays. Even the weather was perfect! Thanks so much for everything.

Sent by Patrick Donnelly

Ally, superb job you did on arranging the complexities of our holiday. The itinerary you composed slotted together seamlessly. I look forward to our next collaboration very soon. Thank you very much and once again well done.

Sent by Chelcie Hunt

Had a wonderful holiday and already recommended Ally to many people. Will definitely be using her for any future holidays, as using her was very quick and hassle free.

Sent by Diane Crocker

Brilliant service, very quick and great advice given. I have never booked a holiday before and Ally made it very painless.

Sent by Helen Steel

Ally has been amazing and we have already recommended her to friends. Can't wait for our holiday!

Sent by Claire Fox

I have already recommended Ally Case to some friends and colleagues...she was very friendly, helpful and organised. I am chuffed to bits with my holiday booking to New York and will definitely be using Ally again in the future.

Sent by Melissa Fripp

Really happy thank you, Ally couldn't have tried any harder to meet our needs and keep us informed. It was all booked and organised so quickly and painlessly. Just got to wait 11 months now till we go!

Sent by Leslie Starling

As a store manager for a large food retailer I am very aware of the importance of giving and receiving great customer service. The service that I received from Ally was exceptional. After my initial contact with Ally my holiday was arranged and booked within two days. The personal service given to arranging this trip was fantastic with every little detail looked at. Some examples of this would be the flight times especially the flight into Vegas that would give us the opportunity to see the strip lit up in all it's glory!! Along with the hotels recommended in both New York and Vegas. I will most certainly be contacting Ally again this year to arrange my Summer holiday and will definitely recommend her to anyone I know who is looking for this type of service. A very satisfied customer.

Sent by David & Myra Burge

Ally's attention to detail is impressive, as is the determination she demonstrates to overcome issues and deliver the 'ideal/best' package. Ally has offered us a very individual package holiday which has met all our expectations.

Sent by Amy Smoker

Ally has been so helpful in finding our perfect holiday to America. She has made the booking process really smooth and very personal, we felt like we actually mattered and were not just a number or commission to the agents! She is available at any time and always replies so quickly to any query!! Thank u so much Ally.

Sent by Diane Padfield

Ally, thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job organising our family trip to New York. Living in Australia I didn't realise you could do this so easily, not only did you find us the best deal, you did this so quickly. I will pass your details to everyone I know that are thinking of travelling. Thanks again.

Sent by Anthony Gnapp

I was advised to speak to Ally about arranging a holiday, and I am so glad I did. Ally could not have been more helpful if she tried, giving me plenty of options and taking care of everything. I am more than happy with her service and will definitely be using her services again for my next trip. I will also be more than happy to recommend her to anyone that asks :)

Sent by Kerry Meyer

Very friendly, helpful and informative. Ally went out of her way to help us with a group booking.

Sent by Lorraine Hewitt

This is the first time that I have used Ally Case and I have been really impressed with her service and knowledge of our destination, as well as the surrounding areas. She responded quickly to my request and chose a holiday that fit my criteria. I have since had a few questions about our accommodation and the destination and she has answered them quickly and efficiently, nothing is too much trouble. I have since recommended her to others and would not hesitate in doing so again. Thanks Ally, will be in touch!

Sent by Pat Warmer

Of course we would recommend Ally to all our family and friends! We will never book a holiday or hotel without her again. She is so knowledgeable, doesn't mind the endless questions and is always honest and friendly. She is THE BEST!

Sent by Avril Coulton

We have used Ally several times and no matter how picky we are she is always so helpful and looks up one holiday and then we end up going on another – brilliant.

Sent by Norman & Carol Willes

A big 'thank you' to Ally! Nothing is too much trouble and she comes up with the 'goods' every time! We have booked several times with Ally now, and will use her again in the near future. We recommend her to everyone we know too!

Sent by Christopher David

Ally was great, we asked her to find us a cheap holiday in Greece and she came up trumps. We will definitely recommend her.

Sent by Eileen Slamaker

I am so pleased with the friendly service Ally gave me, nothing was too much trouble. I will definitely ask Ally for help with my next holiday in September!

Sent by Sophie White

Ally has been wonderful through the process of booking this trip. She's really informative and has done her very best to find the right choices for us. I will definitely recommend her.

Sent by David Smith

It was great to talk to someone who was interested and genuinely wanted to help. No hard sell, just finding the best way to meet our requirements.

Sent by Brian Dudley

From the first moment I spoke with Ally, I knew she was a ten. That's about it really!

Sent by Louise Klata

I was provided all relevant detail in a timely and professional manner. Picking my holiday destination along with who to fly with and where to stay was a massive decision, one which was made with minimal stress or worry having the support of Ally to research and put forward appropriate recommendations allowing me to make my own informed choice.

Sent by Julie Cleaver

Ally Case did an excellent job in securing our preferred hotel in Mayrohofen for our Xmas ski break in 2013 - whilst negotiating extra time for our booking and also continuing to look for extra accommodation for other interested guests. Thank You.

Sent by Lee Zurtis

A big thanks to Ally for getting me the best times and fares on my flight, she was very very helpful and kept me updated at all times. I will be recommending her to others. Thanks Ally you are a star

Sent by Trevor Knight

I would highly reccemend Ally to all my family and my friends, Ally was very helpful and answered all our queries very quickly and we will be using her again. Many thanks.